Thursday, May 17, 2012

Imperial Restaurant

While shopping, at Vivo, my mum and I randomly went into this restaurant to eat! :)

It's right beside DAISO and we've always seen it around but never went in before,
but it was pretty empty at like 4pm the other day so yup! :)

I like the place cause it's kinda like east meets west sort of...

and it was quite a nice relaxing chill out place!

Imperial Restaurant
#03-08, Lobby G VivoCity.
Take the lift to level 3 from Lobby G or escalator from level 2 cinema,
beside DAISO

Not too sure about the price range.. about $20 per person approximately I guess?
But I was lazy and my mum and I shared the 1 pax meal (which had super a lot of dishes so we both shared!) which cost $30 if I didn't remember wrongly.

Damn bloated after that lol!

Check out the design of the place, damn pretty!

XLBs b; ehehehe i love food!!!

I'm not exactly a desserts person...
I will eat sweet stuff whenever I want to and not necessarily only after meals so I could have done perfectly well without this strawberry pudding anyway but this was still kinda nice :)

Hehe alright thanks for reading, love you all!

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