Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kozmik Attack Effect

Remember my post on Kozmik Attack (Cosmic / Ombre nails tutorial)? :)
A couple of people asked me how to do the effect of the banner so here's a tutorial for it!

For today's tutorial, I made this gif! :)

You ready?

Let's go!

Step 1:
PASTE the image you want to use onto Photoshop.
If you don't have Photoshop, try to buy it or download (the free 30 day trial)

Step 2:
Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool, trace out the area you'd like the cosmic effect to be.
This is way easier because the magnetic lasso tool actually "sticks" like a magnet to defined edges so it's easier to trace out the shapes.

One side done..

Both sides done!

Step 3:
Now hit DELETE!
This will form the opening for your cosmic backgrounds to peek out of it :)

Step 4:
Google some random cosmic images and paste them onto your picture
Notice the pink arrow that the cosmic image is on top of your face?
You're going to want to move that cosmic layer below your face.

Like so :)

Find a couple more different cosmic images and paste them.
Likewise, move the cosmic layers BELOW the layer with your face.

Step 5:
You might want to shift/resize (using Free Transform) the cosmic images to make sure the best bits of the cosmic image shows up in your final result.

Make sure the cosmic layers are below your face :)

Step 6:
Click on Windows ; Animation

Step 7:
Now this is how your Layers look like.
Notice all the "eyes" looking at you?

You're going to have to click on the eyes and make all the other cosmic layers hidden
EXCEPT the first cosmic layer (in my case, Layer 2).
This step is REALLY important!!!

Step 8:
Once you're done with the above, click on this post-it looking button to create more frames.
Create enough frames for the number of cosmic images you have.
More is better than less if you're not very sure how many frames to create cause you can always delete it later but adding more frames later on is WAY more complicated.. I shall not get into that.

Step 9:
This is the most confusing part so read carefully.
Match EVERY FRAME with a different cosmic layer.
To Frame 1, I "open the eyes" for cosmic Layer 2 (blue cosmic).

To Frame 4, I "open the eyes" for cosmic Layer 4 (brown cosmic).

To Frame 4, I "open the eyes" for cosmic Layer 3 (purple cosmic).

Step 10:
Great!!! :)
It's going to be real easy from here.
Select all the frames and then right click on the 0 sec and change it to 0.1, 0.2, 0.5 sec or whatever interval you'd like it to be.

I chose 0.2 here but in the end I changed it to 0.1 cause I wanted it to blink faster :)

Hit on this PLAY button to see how the .gif works and see if you like how fast/slow the image is moving.

Now click on File ; Save for Web & Devices and name your .GIF :)

I hope this tutorial has been helpful to you and feel free to explore with any images any shapes and any images!
You can even use floral designs if you're a fan of them instead of cosmic!

For my Kozmik Attack gif, I merely used the magnetic lasso tool on my lips just as I did for the shades in this tutorial :)
Same steps, just up to your imagination what you'd like to create.

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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