Sunday, May 20, 2012


Cosmic designs... what better way to catch people's attention apart from this? :)

I found this sort of easy galaxy nail tutorial (if you have the right colours) on YouTube which I personally love!
You may already know that I'm an extremely LAZY person,
so I usually would skip any difficult or tedious tutorials cause I simply can't be bothered hahah!
So you can be assured this tutorial I found is quite straight forward :D

The result of my nails don't look very pretty nor very similar to the tutorial though.....
cause I didn't have the right colours of nail polish for this tutorial (and I didn't want to buy them) cause I'm usually damn lazy and would just go with plain black nail polish by itself :X

But, it's still passable overall I guess LOL!
Hopefully your nails will turn out way prettier than mine!

(i tried man.... i really tried LOL)

Also, if you like the sponge-ing technique and are able to do it well (I sucked so bad at it I was laughing at myself),
you might want to try out these ombre nails as well!
The results are super pretty!
I tried these on my fake nails and I FAILED
so I shall forever not have any ombre nails but I guess I can live with that as long as I have my galaxy nails HAHAHA

Enjoy! :)

Love you all!

By the way, because many of you have asked,
my new contact lens are from

They have super a lot of gorgeous designs and you'll definitely be spoilt for choice!

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