Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Marina Bay Sands

My mum booked a room at MBS the other day and I went over to accompany her and my grandma for awhile :)

Took the MRT to Bayfront and was greeted by this sight the moment I tapped out!
Soooo pretty :D

I saw this boat ride thingy at Venetian Hotel (Macau) before and didn't get to take it,
so maybe one day I'll take it at MBS instead! :p
Close enough!

I also went to the SkyPark for the first time!!! :)
But when I went there it was around evening so it was kind of really crowded and I'm not a fan of crowded places :(

Touristy photo..
Hi this is me at Marina Bay Sands SkyPark ^~^v

I felt abit paiseh carrying my huuuge fake Chanel printed canvas tote bag walking amongst all the real deals LOL
But the price of my bag is like 1/10000 of their Chanel bags, forgiven!!!! :D

Failed attempts at taking pictures of my outfit of the day :X

Look at the number of people there, omg sdhfskjdhfksjdf I tried to stand in the middle of nowhere so there weren't anyone around me
hahah I think I'm demophobic or something.

And then dinner time!! :)
Had international buffet at Rise Lounge (at the lobby)!
It cost about $68 (not inclusive of GST & service charge) per person.

And I actually went to Google it and found this deal you guys might be interested in for Mother's Day:

Mother's Day Buffet
Sunday, 13 May 2012
Join us for a special Mother’s Day buffet for lunch and dinner offered at $88++ for adults and $44++ for children. Or, for $108++ imbibe in free flow champagne, house wines, beer, and soft drinks with your buffet.

Regarding my previous post on Twelve Cupcakes,
there were people who actually thought it was an advertorial, but it isn't.
Just to clear up, I think it's polite if I share things/places that I have tried/liked on my blog
and not leave you guys with just the pictures and selfishly not tell you where it is located at/where I got it from.

Sorry if the posts sound a lot like advertorials when I share the addresses/websites of the places but I believe this is for the benefit of people who are interested to try out the food/services/visit the places I blog about.

In future, look out for the labels at the bottom of each post to find out if it is sponsored or not :)

Anyway I never understood the deal with dipping strawberries in chocolate.
I never liked strawberries
(except the ones from Greenberry farm in Japan cause those were sweet)
cause they are all extremely sour and dipping them into sweet chocolate would be a waste of the chocolate's sweetness!
I'd much rather dip bananas into chocolates cause that would do the chocolate fondue more justice :X
But anyway I can't deny that strawberries do look pretty in pictures.... so I guess they're forgiven too.

Mine mine all mine!
The fresh oysters at Rise was SOOOOO FRESH AND GOOD, it was actually SWEET (think yummy sweet prawns kind of sweet) even without the lemon and Tabasco sauce!


k I'm back with a bucket of drool hahaha

I took all of these for myself
(not exactly sure what I took or what I was eating, but I just tried to take one of everything that appealed to me)

Plus 3 FULL PLATES of desserts afterwards
(a big slice of carrot cake, marshmallows dipped in chocolate, bread & butter pudding, biscuit dipped in chocolate, random pretty tarts which didn't taste as pretty as it looked, more random pretty tarts which tasted quite alright, some jelly, some more cakes which just looked pretty and I took them to try, some chocolate thing but it had peanuts in it and I don't really like nuts in my chocolate cakes)

Desserts wise, I love carrot cakes and bread & butter pudding!
Everything else just looks really glamorous and pretty but tastes... alright.

As in they don't taste bad, but I just really like carrot cakes and bread & butter pudding and I guess my heart's too small to love any other desserts hahah!
Unless it's salted caramel cakes/cupcakes b:

And in case you were wondering where all the sudden camwhoring shots popped out from
(previous post and probably next few blog posts),
it's taken in MBS's hotel room toilet HAHAHA

This is why you should never leave a girl in a pretty toilet with a charged up camera and a high capacity memory card........ :D

Love you all, thank you for reading!! :)

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