Friday, May 11, 2012

Sailor Nails

Did some sailor nails on acrylic extensions recently :)
I love acrylic extensions, super fuss free!

I got the design from google while I was looking at marine / sailor nails and I thought it'd be fun and easy to do :)

You can get a box of these acrylic nails at $2 from any branch of Daiso!

These nails come in a couple of sizes in the pack, so make sure you choose the ones that fit your nails best before painting on them :)


Because I don't want the nails extensions to move around when I paint them,
and neither do I want to dirty my table / my own fingers if I were to hold them with my hands while painting them,

I'm using this canvas board (you can also use Styrofoam or any Tupperware box etc)
and poking Pushpins through it.

I managed to keep the nails onto the pushpins by using blue tag (or white tag) so I can easily remove them from the pushpins once they're dried.
Plus, I can leave the nails aside to dry and continue typing and doing my stuff without worrying that I will ruin the nails, compared to if I'd painted on my own nails instead :p

I've painted 2 of the nails black (was suppose to be navy blue but I didn't have that shade)
and the rest white!

And then I've prepared a thin brush to paint the details onto the nails

Starting with the anchor cause it's the hardest to draw!
Also, I'm working with the white nail polish first and darkest coloured nail polish last so that it'll be easy to just wipe the white off and it won't contaminate the colours of my design!

One little circle

One line down and a huuuuge smile across at the bottom,

Two arrows at the ends of the smile and a short line across the center of the loooong vertical line

Finished with the anchor! :D

Now for the "sailor uniform" nails, just two stripes across...

And then 2 small dots of a contrasting colour on top of it!

The white nails had this strip of black on the tip of it (think french manicure) and I did it with the usual black nail polish's brush
cause it's at the tip so it kinda doesn't matter if you screw that up a bit hahah

Easy right?
And then just finish it off with a top coat and leave it to dry overnight.

I only used these 4 colours, which are quite common and most people have them I guess
So you won't have to buy anything if you're painting them on your own nails :)

You can also replace the "dots" (buttons on the uniform) with blings!
But I kinda felt like using bronze nail polish was easier :p

In order to attach the acrylic nails onto your own nails, use the nail glue (also $2 at Daiso). It will last you for like 2 to 3 days if you're careful with it!

And to remove, use the nail extensions remover (also $2 at Daiso) :)
Easy right?

The result:

Hope you girls will try this out too!
it's really easy and looks super pretty! :)

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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