Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Twelve Cupcakes

Today I'll be sharing with you guys one of my favourite cupcake stores ever....... Twelve Cupcakes! :)

You can check out their different branches at their website!

Twelve Cupcakes

The one I went to was at Millennia Walk :)

A random pretty little store I saw along the way~

Ahhhh, nothing more comforting than seeing trays of these little sugary delights in front of your eyes ;)

But so many flavors to pick from, which is my favorite? :)

Salted Caramel!!
The other flavors I've tried are yummy too, but personally I think the salted caramel cupcakes are unparalleled! xD
Which is why whenever I go there, I'll usually buy entire boxes of salted caramel home LOL! :p
Sorry, other flavors heheh I'm biased!

And some random camwhores in the toilet hahah oops :X

Alright, I promise better pictures soon! I hope :X

After all these pictures of cupcakes.... I hope your sweet tooth is calling! ^~^

Love you all, thanks for reading!

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