Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Twinkle Make Up Tutorial

I chanced upon SNSD's sub unit TTS' new single, Twinkle's music video the other day and was drawn to this girl's make up!!
I was never really good at remembering their members' names but I specially went to search through the comments on YouTube to see what this girl's name is!
Heheh turns out her name is Tiffany! :)

So today, I'll be showing you guys a tutorial on how to achieve this look!
To be honest, because I'm very used to thick make up,
I think this look is really wearable and I'd totally do this make up for partying!

Watch my video!! :)

Products used:

Random brand Kohl Eye Pencil
NYX Eyeshadow 12 GOLDEN
Palty Gold Gel Eyeliner
Dollywink Black Liquid Eyeliner
ZA Impact Lash Mascara (LONG)
Dollywink False Eyelashes No.2 (Sweet Girly)
SweetTalk Eyelash Glue
Fake Swarovski Crystals

This is the first look Tiffany appeared in in the music video (embedded below)
And this is my take on her look :)
Wearing a (Gold) Glitterati Sequinned Top from Jipaban!

And then I also liked the look where Tiffany had the red detachable collar
so I DIYed my own fake collar and put on clip-on bangs hahah!
Make up's still the same though!

For those of you who've never heard of this song before,
Hahah so here it is! :)
I think the entire song, music video, outfits and everything was amazing!!

Thanks for reading, love you all!
~*~*~Twinkle twinkle~*~*~

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Anonymous said...

whats your hair color in the video? damn pretty :)