Sunday, June 17, 2012


BlogShopping has officially become one of my all time favourite places to shop at Far East Plaza!!!!
Read on and you'll find out why ;)

Far East Plaza Level 1 #01-34

And remember to go during this GSS period cause they are having $1 off all items!!!

First of all, it features all our favourite blogshops like WonderStellar, ButteredGun, WhatIsDope, EllySage, AshInCans, CherSamme, LastBusRide, MissMonday, OhSummer, HerWalkInCloset, TwistPolka & RoseArrk!

That means we can buy the designs of all these labels all at one place!
And no need for mailing too, how awesome is that!!! :)
Plus Far East Plaza is a super convenient location for all of us, alrightttttt!!! :D

Secondly, BlogShopping carries all the exclusive & pre-launch items from all these online boutiques!
I'm sick of waiting for my invoice during a collection launch and getting disappointed when what I want is sold out!!
That's why BlogShopping is perfect for me!!!! :)


Sign up for BlogShopping's memembership card at $10 for 1 year and get 10% off your first purchase, 5% all year round & 10% off your entire birthday month!!!

They have new arrivals weekly amounting to 250 pieces of clothings, shoes & bags,
so make it a habit to visit them often so as not to miss out on these hot new designs!! :)

Also, for all those who stay at the west, there's a new outlet coming your way at Jem #04-07 (Connected to Jurong East Mrt Station.)

Galaxy prints, florals, studs, wolf prints, leopard prints, wedges, and tons of other amazing pieces!
You'll definitely be amazed by the crazy selection available just as I was! Wooo!

Enjoy the pictures ;)

I also picked a few items from BlogShopping which I ADORE to share with you guys!!!! :)

1. Denim Spikey Collar Top from AshInCans

When I saw this top, it literally screamed out my name!!! :)
Looks like denim but it's of the perfect thickness, not too warm, and it has studs!!! omg love! :D

2. Skull Rose T from TheWhatIsDope

For days when you'd like to look fiercer to ward off all the evil bitches and hatersssss :p
heheh jk! I just think the rose is gorgeous!
Not many floral prints are as well printed and detailed as this!

3. Leopard Ripped Shorts from LastBusRide

After I wore this pair of shorts for the first time, I lived in it for the next few days (don't say I'm gross please hahah)
and I loved it even more when I saw RunwayDreamz with a 90% similar pair.... at x10 of the price of this shorts at BlogShopping LOL!!!
Need I say more? :p

4. Leopard Bucket Bag from ButteredGun

Prettiest leopard print bag I've ever laid my eyes on!
Even prettier than the inspired one if I do say so myself! :)
it looks classy, edgy, and is extremely durable!
During my recent shopping trip I filled up this bag to the maximum with all my contact lens solutions, shampoos, make up, wallet, etc etc
but it didn't break (thank god for good quality!!!) woohoo!!!

All in all, BlogShopping gave me one of the best shopping experiences I've ever had!
Will definitely go back to visit soon!
Wait for me, new arrivals!!!!!!!! XD

Far East Plaza Level 1 #01-34

And don't forget....... $1 OFF ALL ITEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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