Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fabric Magic

Remember in my previous post I bought patterned fabrics from DAISO? :)

Unfortunately, it wasn't for sewing cause I have no idea how to work that damned machine without fusing my fingers into the cloth hahah

kidding i'm just too lazy to learn how to use it :X

Anyway, today is another EXTREMELY EASY PEASY DIY!!! :)

It involves FABRIC and some ~*+*~MAGIC~*+*~


Read on and I hope this will give you guys some inspirations,
especially for those who want to revamp your rooms! :)

Alright, check out this unappealing table.

It's about 15 to 20 years old?
A hand-me-down from my elder sister!
Splintered at the edges from all the moving around with scotch tapes barely holding it in place,
been burnt by incense when my mum used it for praying and several other less visible damages...

But anyway, because I'm damn cheapskate and can't be bothered to buy another table,
cause in that case I must throw this table away....

And it isn't as easy to rid yourself of furniture as you think.
For bigger furnitures like tables and cupboards you actually have to PAY people to chuck it away for you.
Too much work for me man.

Here's what I did instead! :)

2 easy steps!

Get a patterned fabric (preferably cheap... like from DAISO hahah) larger than your old ugly bruised & battered table's dimentions

Throw the fabric over the table




Hahahaha crazily easy, isn't it?
And even if the sides just drape off unevenly it still looks alright to me! :)

But if you're anal about it you could probably table it down to the underside of the table for a neater look?

Now you got yourself a "new" table to prettify your room and you saved yourself a whole bunch of $$!
Give yourself a pat on the back!

I got this polkadot cloth from SPOTLIGHT.. can't remember how much I got it for though!

See how much prettier my stuff looks with the patterned cloth? :D

And if you're sick of the polkadot patterns (or if the cloth gets dirty and you need to wash it),
you can always change it with another design of fabric for a different style!!!! :)

And when you take pictures, it will appear like you have a new table ALL THE TIME

This floral cloth was from DAISO by the way! $2 only!!! :)

What inspired me to do this?
Some years ago my mum asked me if I still wanted to keep this table which my sis didn't want,
and I couldn't bear to throw this table away (yes I'm a cheapskate hahah)
and I had some extra cloth lying around (which I used to use when I set up booths at flea markets)
and POOF, they made a baby!!! :)

Fabrics are actually really flexible and you can do a lot of stuff with them!

Paste a floral cloth over your laptop? Liz Liza inspired laptop skin!
Paste a furry hot pink cloth over your boring old school file? Makes you excited for school!
Cut cosmic / aztec/ floral fabrics up and stitch patches of them onto your shorts? Half cosmic/ aztec/ floral high waist shorts!

And there are so much more you can do with them!!!!

Do let me know if you guys'd like more ideas on easy DIY with fabric and I'd be glad to share! :)

So don't bother spending so much unnecessary $$$ on things you don't need!

Save them and buy the things that you NEED instead,
like new clothes from Jipaban!!! :p

I'm not usually a fan of floral prints cause I'm always under the impression that I have to behave really demure with it (which I fail terribly at) but I really can't resist this jumpsuit!!! :D :D :D

And fyeah the pants are long and makes ANYONE look taller!!!

I really hope this DIY post inspired you! :)
Time to add a little magic to those pretty fabrics!

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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Lauria said...

I don't get it about the floral cloth on the laptop ...?

You've got really good idea, I love the way you make with you cake tray !