Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Love yourself

Everyone really needs to love themselves more.
At least for today, fuck pessimism, fuck judgmental people, fuck negative criticisms, fuck haters
and just fucking love yourself more.

So here's my post dedicated to myself with only pictures of myself hahah
You can skip this post if you don't want/ don't like to see my face~~~

Dear self,

I know you were always insecure about your looks for YEARS in the past and had extremely low self-esteem... which pissed a lot of people off actually.
And I'm damn glad you changed, a lot.

I'm glad you made the right decision to give yourself a tight slap in the face and tell yourself to wake up from that self-pitying shit once and for all cause it ain't doing you good making you cry all the time.. and affecting others negatively too.

Spread positive vibes, not negative!

I'm glad you love yourself a whole lot more now :)

And even if you weren't born naturally drop dead gorgeous like some other girls, it's okay! :)
You were brave enough to undergo surgery to get the double eyelids you've always dreamed of (despite naysayers),
you have hands and make up brushes to better yourself with make up,
and even if the picture you took of yourself turned out horrible or you have an extremely gross outbreak, there is always PHOTOSHOP!!!! :P

And anyway, you don't have to look perfect cause nobody is!

Chin up!

The world certainly doesn't end just because you're not as pretty as others!
You have lots of things to be thankful for already!!!
A roof over your head, hot yummy soup to drink on a cold rainy day, a loving family who tolerates all your nonsense jokes, an awesome boyfriend & best friend, adorable friends whom you have crazy times with, good health, some biscuits by your table in case you get hungry while typing this.... :')
It's really more than enough.

So remember to love yourself more and stop comparing!!!!!

Yourself ^~^

Ahhh :')
I love myself so much more right now hehehe

And thank YOU for not closing the window even after knowing this post is just a meaningless camwhore post!
I LOVE YOU ALL! *kiss*

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, you're so right and you cheer me up.