Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Loving Singapore: Our Nation, Our Home

Went to the NDP media briefing the other day! :)

Unlike what most people think, NDP isn't just only about the parade itself on 9th of August
(although we all love the parade a lot I know ^~^)
It's an entire process that takes a whole year to plan!!
And YOU can take part in these activities too!!! :)

For all the ongoing and upcoming NDP updates, rehearsals and more activities, please visit their website at:

Or, you can read on to find out! :D

By the way, I didn't manage to wake up as early as I wish I had to do my hair properly that day.
So here comes the lion's mane hahahah!!!
It's okay, to show my love for the Lion City!!!

Qiuqiu, Xiaxue, Maureen, Juli, Jayne and Gabby were there too! :D :D

I think NDP2012 is going to be one of the most exciting years for youths because they have so much activities lined up for us to take part in!!!!

Are you a hardcore user of Instagram like I am?
(abrupt self promotion, please follow me on Instagram at @pxdkitty hahaha)

If yes, you will HAVE TO take part in the Instagram photo Contest!
I love contests!!!!! :)

From end March to early July 2012, participants can capture photographs that express this year’s NDP theme “Loving Singapore, Our Home”, and post them on the NDP 2012 official website.
Attractive prizes will be given to the winning participants, and the winning photos will also be displayed during NDP road shows, on the NDP 2012 website!

The ongoing contest (Contest 4) is from 16th June to 1st July 2o12!
And the theme is My Favourite Hangout!
Best part is, a favourite hangout would be different for everyone!
For me, I would most likely post a picture of my room, or maybe Cineleisure's lift cause our poster is in it, or MBS' Sky Park cause the view is amaaaazing, or Universal Studios Singapore, or some of my favourite eating places, or maybe..... omg there's so many I can't decide!!! :D

It's just quite a waste that many of us are too caught up with our hectic lives to realise how beautiful our country is.
So this is a perfect opportunity to start appreciating Singapore's beauty and sharing it with everyone else through the Instagram photo Contest! :)

I can't wait to find my favourite picture to upload!!

And of course, we will all have a chance to win prizes!!! ^~^
At the end of each theme, a panel of judges will select the best photos as winners, and they will stand a chance to win NDP preview tickets and other goodies!!!

The prizes are meant as surprises but I'm secretly hoping it's like iPad2, cool cameras or something hahaha!
Like so that we can further develop our photography skills and post more awesome pictures in future? ;)

For more contest details or if you'd like to take part in it, do visit their page at:

May the best picture win!! :D

Another one of the activities I find most exciting would be the Building a Loving SG Project!

It's going to be made up of close to 200,000 LEGO® bricks and LEGO minifigures and over 500 volunteers to re-create a Marina Bay Floating Platform replica depicting the National Day Parade!
And you can be a part of this and get a customised minifigure to sit on the mini floating platform too! :P
More details here:

Check out all these LEGO® body parts!

Us customising our minifigures!!!

Look at my totally act cool man lol!
They have more feminine figures but it wasn't ready yet that day,
But you girls will be able to get it! :D

Mine has shades cause it's a diva wannabe, a cap cause it's having a bad hair day, red teeshirt and white pants to show its patriotism!

But in the end, one of the in-charge handed us these singlets with stars on it and we all chose the girlier starry tank tops instead hahah!

Looks super realistic!

Our minifigures look like they're doing the kallang wave!

If I didn't remember wrongly, from left to right:
Juli's, Xiaxue's, Qiuqiu's, Maureen's and mine!

Look it even has a flight of stairs so cute!!!!!
My boyfriend would be so excited if he sees these hahaha he loves LEGO®!

We took pictures and posed like our minifigures hahah I should have brought my shades along then it'll look more similar :p

So heartwarming to see so many people who volunteered to be a part of this project!!! :)

And if you want to participate in NDP 2012 at a more personal level,
feel free to submit a video recording of you singing the national anthem Majulah Singapura. These video clips will be spliced together to form Singapore’s first virtual choir, which will premiere during the NDP on 9th August 2012.

It's called the LovingSG: One Heart, One Voice project! :)

Super exciting!!!!
I love how it's so fun and convenient for us all to take part in this! :) :)
I'm totally going to submit mine with my PINK WALLS!!!! WOOHOO :p
More details here:

They also will set up booths for people to record on the spot if you don't want to submit a video!
So do watch out for the dates & locations for it on their website!

juli, qiuqiu and xiaxue had their individual ones recorded while the rest of us did like a group singing video cause we shy~~~ :p

They also have this cute game on Facebook called the Lion City game!
You can find it here:

It's extremely cute and you can level up and get better buildings and get more points and money haha!!

They even have MBS and the merlion :O
Then you can customise your own city~~

They have a lot of other fun activities as well apart from those I've mentioned above!
To name a few, they have a FOOD TRAIL :D heritage trail, roadshows and more :)

So show your love for your nation and be a part of these activities too!!!
To check out all the activities you and I can take part in, do click on:

For more details, check out NDP 2012's
Facebook page:

Totally stoked for NDP2012! :) :) :)

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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