Monday, June 11, 2012

Postcard wall

Had some me-time today!!! :D
I love me-times cause I get to do whatever I want!!!

Because a part of my room wall looked too plain and boring and ugly and dirty...............
I decided to pimp it up!
With these super pretty postcards I got from Jipaban! :)

Price range is about $10 for a whole lot of them with all sorts of different pictures on them!
No repeats in my stacks which is why it's super worth it! :D

One of the ones I chose is the Scenic Postcard Pack (Paris)
This is your regular sized postcards and I love how they have pictures of not only the scenery but also food (like macarons) and shops with super cute layouts!!!!

The next one I chose was the Exotic Mini Postcard Set (Green)
I chose this because of the mini envelops that came along with it! TOO CUTE!!!!
If someone handed me a note in this tiny envelop I'd totally melt XD
And from the thickness of the box you can tell that there are a lot of cards in it so you're definitely getting more than you paid for :)

Alright, this is my wall before!
Plain and boring yes I know :(

And no pictures of after yet.... cause I'm not done pasting and decorating my entire wall,
But here is my wall half-way done!!! :D

I pasted them up with blue tag so you can easily move them around or remove them if you paste them wrongly!


it's not complete yet but it looks so good already!!! XD
Can't wait till it's done! :)

I love you Jipaban!!! :)
Thank you for selling these postcards so affordably I've been looking for them for the longest time!

Anyway, I took these pictures for ShopSkinned's advertorial (on my side bar) last night! :)
So do check them out~~

And I got the silver-plated hair cuff from, whose banner is on my side bar too!!! :)
I also have a gold one hehehe!

Thinking of getting something done to my hair but I'm not sure what yet!
We'll see!!! :)

By the way, FashionHooks x I-Babydoll will be having a June Sales event VERY SOON!!!
Price list stated below!

This is your one chance to grab all those awesome clothes, cosmetics and contact lens INSTOCKS at super low prices!!! :D

Do RSVP now if you'll be going!!!

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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