Monday, June 4, 2012

Prettier toilets please

[extremely belated post]
Here are two of my many dates with babylove Peishi :)

Actually we chose to go to Vivo cause I saw Qiuqiu tweet that she was going to Vivo with her boyfriend (or fiance hehehe), and I told Peishi
"Let's go Vivo and stalk Qiuqiu!"

HAHAHAHA please don't judge me!

And then the whole time we were are Vivo, Peishi kept cheating my feelings when she shouted
"OMG Qiuqiu!!!"
And I was like "Where??!!!"

And then turns out she was bluffing me :(
WAHLAOOOO like that lah babylove.......

In case you were wondering, stalking mission failed we didn't manage to see her there at all :X

But anyway, we had dinner at the Japanese Gourmet Town! :)

Japanese Gourmet Town at Vivocity
1 HarbourFront Walk, #01-157/158 Vivocity, Singapore
Tel: +65 6224 9690
Opening Hours
Daily: 11.30am – 10.00pm

Japanese Gourmet Town has 3 restaurants under one roof so you get to mix and match which Japanese food you want to eat :)
We ordered a ramen set from Ajisen Ramen each.
If you're getting a set meal, per person would be about $15 to $20 including service charge and GST :)

Peishi's side dish!

My spicy cha siew ramen! b;

Peishi's seafood ramen... I think that's what it's called :X

The gyoza we shared :)

Some days later we went to Bugis street to shop!!! :)
I actually spent quite a lot of money buying crap I didn't need although I told Peishi I would try not to spend so much...... erps :/

Didn't take a picture of my loot though!
Nothing much except some nail polish and nail stuff, a tank top, a new pair of aviators... can't remember what else but shouldn't be important else I will blog about it sooner or later lol.

Camwhoring on the stairs cause we were eating I Love Taimei and couldn't take the MRT until we're done eating :)

Check out me hiding behind Peishi and ACTING TINY HAHAHAHAH
Cause I always look so humongous bongous beside her... let me act small for once lah! :P

Picture credit to Peishi's blog :)

And then we went to H&M to shop and fooled around with the kids' clothes for quite some time cause we could fit in them
(seriously it's like ang moh kids at 13 are super fashionable AND TALL already.... T~T)

Then to Javier's at Cineleisure to have the Fill-E-Plate for dinner!
Basically, you pay $11.90 and you get to fill an entire plate with any sides you'd like including
mashed potatoes, wedges, potato salad, pan fried mushrooms, watermelon, onion rings, fried rice etc.

On hindsight, I guess a smart way to make your food the most presentable and palatable would be to PLAN FIRST what you'd like to take and then place those soggy sauce-y ones at the bottom and the fried and non-soggy ones at the top.

We shared a plate and ours was just totally unplanned and we took whatever we wanted in no particular order and it turned out quite gross....... LOL
Like our watermelon had a bit of gravy here and there, the rice turned all mushy.... :S

But the food was quite nice imo,
Just probably we made it look quite gross with all the stacking and mixing of gravies, oops!

Another picture of my and my little dollyish-looking babylove :)
Alright lah no more acting tiny, this one is to scale hahah
Yes, I am usually THIS much bigger sized than her! :X

Camwhoring in the toilet.... photobombed by toilet bowls HAHAHA

Okay, they really need to make prettier toilet bowls for the ladies' room
so that girls can camwhore with the mirror with a more pleasant looking backdrop!!!

Here's a swirly border to keep your attention away from the ugly toilet bowl in the background....
but you probably know it's there already :X

Heheh thanks for reading!
Love you all!

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