Saturday, June 2, 2012

Soft and pretty hair

I think my hair's been bleached massively about.. 5 or 6 times in total?
And trust me when I say that I didn't even know if I could call my hair 'hair' anymore, LOL!

I do go for treatments at Bugis Essensuals whenever I head down to the saloon to dye / cut my hair,
but as my hair stylist Wayne from Bugis Essensuals said,
I still have to be more hardworking on a daily basis!

So today I will share with you guys what I do to make my hair less grassy/dry/frizzy! :)
Now my hair is way softer than before, thank goodness lol!

I will wash my hair and use shampoo and conditioner once a day / every 2 days just like everyone else,
but I will also put on a hair mask once a week! :)


This Essential Ultra Honey & Shea Butter Intense Hair Mask is the one I use cause I've read good reviews about it! :)

After washing my hair, I'll pat it until it's slightly damp and sweep them to one side of my shoulder
(towel underneath to prevent my clothes from getting wet!)

Then I will take a generous amount of the hair mask and apply it on the bottom section of my hair, from shoulder length down.
The roots and upper section of my hair isn't THAT dry so I don't apply it up there just in case it's too oily.
Prepare some tissue paper beside you cause it might get kinda messy haha!

To prevent the hair mask (it will feel sticky and oily, it's normal) from messing up my clothes / towel and everything else, I will quickly tuck all my hair into a shower cap!

And this is me without make up hahahaha I AM SO FURRY LOL JK

Alright, now this step is completely optional but since my aunt gave it to me I'd better make good use of it :)
My aunt bought this mini hair steamer thingy which is suppose to help hair products or hair dye or whatever react faster/better from the heat it produces.
So what I will do is to wear this funny looking thing over the shower cap I have on
(so I won't dirty it and won't have to wash it lol lazyyyyy)

Comes with a drawstring to fit any head size!

Plug it into a power source and turn up the temperature :)


And an hour later, rinse off the hair mask, apply hair serum (any brand) and blow my hair dry!
At this point, it will feel extremely soft and manageable! ^~^

Even if you don't have that hair steamer thing, it's really okay!
I just use mine because I don't want to let it go to waste since my aunt gave it to me~
With the shower cap alone it will trap the heat from your head (I think) and work the same.
Or, if you're extremely kiasu, leave the hair mask on for a longer time! :)

Hope this post helps!!

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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