Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sticks and stones

Today..... I used my new eyebrow pencil from I-Babydoll which I got at their sales event :)
I've been plucking my own brows recently ever since I stopped going for facial and I think I screwed them up quite a bit hahah but I'm too lazy to head out WITHOUT make up to get them plucked D;

I think I'm an extremely lazy person that I actually grew to LOVE my black roots so that I don't have to bleach them again LOL
Not any time soon I guess.
So if my black roots bother you.... learn to love it cause it's here to stay HEHEH :D

Alright, here are some pictures of Rachell the loner!
There will be more lonely days to come, and I could probably get used to it :)
I've officially taken #foreveralone to a new level
I am my own best friend and I take my own pictures for myself in public where passersby give me weird stares cause of my mother-big eyecatching tripod stand yay!

Let's hope the pictures are worth it!

Outfit of the day:
Black headband
Rowayn Aztec Top from SMITTEN (you can find them at
Brown flats from BlogShopping (FEP)

Love you all, thanks for reading! :)

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