Friday, June 8, 2012

Wii at Cine

Played Wii at E2Max at level 9 at Cineleisure the other day with Peishi and Noah :)

It's $21 for an hour for 2 controllers and we'll be given a room for it, so cool!

Choosing the Wii game we'd like to play~

Bruh with the controllers!

To the room!!!! :)

We got the Mage room!

And then we started playing the games and among them there was one called SWORDPLAY.....

Each player has a light saber looking thing and you try to smack each other off the ring

And Noah was horrible at that game LOL,
kena thrashed by both of us hahah!

Table tennis :)

Actually it's quite obvious why he lose lor!
You see the pictures I took,
Peishi move so fast like flash and Noah was just standing there... hahah!

Now who says that boys are always better at games? ;)

I'm selling some of my brand new/ preloved items at
Feel free to nego if you have ibanking/ able to make payment asap cause time is money hahah jk
Just that I feel like people who really want something will usually be willing to pay faster
so that means they really like it and they deserve the item at a cheap price more? :)
Not sure if it makes sense.... but yeah :) negotiable although the items are actually quite cheap alr! ^~^

Thanks for reading, love you all!!

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