Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Black or white

Bought takeaways from Chomp chomp (at Serangoon Gardens) with baby the other day! b;

I looooove chomp chomp and i used to go there a lot when I was younger for supper (my parents let us sleep really late since young lol)
but somehow it seems to be getting more and more cramped as I grew older...
or did I just grow a lot bigger? :/

so we bought takeaways and ate at home! :)

Oh gawd, just looking at this picture... drool in my mouth maintain please :S

Sambal stingray :D :D :D
best thing everrrrr!!!!

and char kway teow zomg too good!!! :)
i don't care how fattening or unhealthy this is, it's damn good and i ate it consecutively for two days~~~

want some? ^~^

oops black roots :X
Not sure what to do with my hair though!
i'm having some mental trauma from the bleach previously so i'm letting my scalp rest for now~

random pic of my old black hair.. i'm honestly contemplating going back to black hair
but that means i won't be able to get light colored hair for a very long time in future already! :/

gahhhh, girls and their hair #firstworldproblem

bahaha anyway baby thinks he's a walrus lol


Anyway here's my outfit of the day! :)

Perry Polka Black Top from Jipaban
Basic denim high waist shorts
Black Aviators
H&M Inspired wedges (the one i exploit all the time since few years back lol)
Black oversized tote bag

I would say this is an extremely lazy get up, but it works.
As in it would seem to others like I actually put some thought into dressing up..... but actually it's just the Polka dot top LOL!

If I'd worn a plain black top instead the whole outfit would have looked sooooo much duller.

So yay for lazy days with polka dot prints! ^~^

Thanks for reading, love you all! :)

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