Sunday, July 8, 2012

Breakfast at KFC

At KFC Breakfast with the boyfriend the other day :)
I personally prefer KFC's breakfast more than macs' heheh!

They have some pretty kickass waffles, the kind that goes awesome with ice cream omgggg

We also ordered the a.m. Twister...
which I didn't have time to take a good picture of it cause my first reaction was to eat it as quick as I could cause it smelt and tasted really good hahaha

i got this Hello Kitty top from H&M because.....
I AM A STALKER MUAHAHAH cause Xiaxue wore it in this post so I also want to buy :X
And at H&M while I was getting it, I saw 2 other girls trying on the same hello kitty top too
so I guess we're all xiaxue's readers/stalkers lol~~~

my boyfriend doesn't like this top though :(

Damn proud of my nails which I did by myself the other day so I nail-whored (??) more than I camwhored in the end hahaha

On the bus back to baby's place! :)

Eye make up for the day!

nails nails nails!
plus a bit of my outfit :D

Alright, thanks for reading!
Love you all! :)

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