Friday, July 6, 2012

High Society

After the Avatar flea in my previous post, baby and I went to get a pair of shoes from him at J shoes before we headed to MBS to find my family!

We went to High Society at MBS for dessert!

Such a classy place with wonderful ambiance,
but unfortunately..... I was in teeshirt and shorts and looking extremely out of place T~T

forgive me, I totally had no idea we were going to MBS prior to this~~

High Society
B2-43, Canal Level
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
+65 6688 7522
Sunday to Thursday: 10am - 11pm
Friday and Saturday: 10am - 1am

The cupcakes were quite pricey, but for the ambiance and location, it's quite expected.

I didn't pay much attention to this cupcake and thought it was just some regular chocolate frosted cupcake initially..
Until the man at the counter said that the cupcake was shimmery
and I took a second glance

It had metallic red shimmers along the sides of the chocolate frosting omg
that was when I KNEW I had to get it at that instant!
hahaha easily cheated :X

I think it's called chocolate raspberry cupcake or something, no idea i just like the shimmer :p

my bro ordered this!
I think this was Strawberry shortcake

Not sure what this was anymore... but it was the best out of all the desserts we ordered!
(although it isn't as pretty)
i'm horrible at remembering names so please don't ask me what it's called hahah

some macaroon with raspberries and sweet cream in the center
the rose petal super chio!
and my boyfriend pretended to be a rabbit and ate it hahah

Red velvet

Peppermint chocolate cupcake
this one tasted like magnum peppermint chocolate ice cream, DAMN NICE b;

some pictures of us before we eat and get chocolate and cream all over our mouths hahah

here i am acting all shu nu (feminine) cross legged and all, but i look kinda weird.
i never like to smile for pictures cause i always think i look better when I don't smile.
but then again when someone takes a picture of me and I don't know how else to pose, I smile....
and then I look awkward :S

I hope I'll get to go back there some day soon in more appropriate clothes HAHAHA

Thanks for reading!

Love you all!

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