Thursday, July 12, 2012

KPP Inspired Make Up Tutorial

So recently I've been fascinated by this girl
(actually a lot of people know her already, I'm just slow yes thank you)
called Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, but I have no idea how her name should be pronounced,
so I call her Curry hehehe AND I LOVE CURRY XD

Anyway, she's famous for her song Pon Pon Pon, but I LOVE this song of hers - Tsukematsukeru!
She's known for her quirky and cute and totally random stuff in her videos
like the enthusiastically dancing lions and vagina flower by her right in the video below HAHAH
and initially i found her videos strange... and then somehow it draws you to it and you find yourself raping the replay button cause you can't get enough of it :S


So anyway, I read the comments on youtube and people said the song is about EYELASHES and how much she likes wearing them etc...
and she did a collaboration with EYEMAZING!!
So I guess you know where this is heading.....
YES! KPP inspired make up tutorial, let's go! :)

The products I used!

I've blogged about most of them before so I won't name them out one by one.
But anyway, I think if you have any brand of product that is similar to what I used, you really don't have to buy the exact same one :)

Close up step by step eye make up tutorial! :)
This is after you're done with your usual foundation, drawing of brows, contouring etc!

Step One: Enlarging lens
Put on enlarging contact lens, preferable brown or black.
I think most Japanese girls loveeeeee contact lens so it is like a necessity if you're doing a look inspired by them :)
It helps with the whole doe eye effect!

Step Two: Brown Eyeshadow
I'm not sure if you can see clearly, but I've applied brown eyeshadow all over my top lid,
and also lined HALF of my lower eyelid.
For this cute/dolly look, I think black eyeliner would be too harsh for the lower eyelid so we'll skip that.

Step Three: Add Glitter
This is to help "open up" your eyes and make it appear bigger and brighter!
You can use any cream/white/light coloured shimmery eyeshadow to line the front half of your bottom eyelid.
But because I didn't have any of those, I combined my white NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil with cosmetic grade glitter (which is super fine).

Please DO NOT apply regular glitter near your eyes cause it will hurt like a bitch if it falls into your eyes :S

The cosmetic glitter and white eyeliner I used!

Step Four: Eyeliner & Mascara
Draw a thin line of eyeliner on your upper lid and extend it outwards at the end.
Make sure you draw them droopy (going downwards) and not like your usual winged upwards cat eye, otherwise it will look more sexy than cute/innocent.
I only applied mascara on my bottom lashes
cause I'm using falsies for the top anyway so I don't have the habit of applying mascara on my top lashes :p
But you can do so if you like :)

Final step!

Step Five: Falsies
Paste your falsies!
I'm using Eyemazing No.1 here cause that's the only set I have,
and plus KPP always wears pointy falsies! :)

For cheeks I suppose a cute pink blusher would go well with it,
and also a natural pink lipstick/gloss to give that pouty look!

And you're done!
Your eyes should now look similar to KPP's!

(Pic credit to google)

And KPP LOVES to make monkey faces hahaha i love her!

So here's me with a wig (i got it a year back I think)
with KPP inspired hair, KPP inspired make up and KPP inspired poses!
p.s. will share the hair tutorial video in my next post

This look is super different from how I usually do my make up cause mine is basically just eyeliner SPAM hahah
plus it's super lao act cute lah yes I am old shhhhhhhh let me act cute a bit more before i grow really really old :(

anyway i realised this style of make up somehow makes your eyes a whole lot bigger!
So if you're fond of rounder looking eyes, this style is for you :)

Floral tube top from :)

I really really like KPP cause she does whatever she likes and does whatever makes her happy,
even if it doesn't make sense and some people choose to insult the things she do.
Which is why I think she's really likable cause she's inspired me to just do whatever makes me happy too!
For example... stepping out of my comfort zone and doing my hair and make up like KPP just because I feel like it, though it's not my usual kind of style LOL.
Had a lot of fun though!!! :D

So anyway, do try this tutorial out and let me know what you think! :)
More camwhore pictures in the next blog post!

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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