Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lao Act Cute LOL

From my previous KPP inspired make up tutorial, I promised a video tutorial for the hair I did on my wig, so here it is! :)

I learned how to do the hairstyle from this girl on youtube and I found her tutorial really useful
but you really have to trial and error at the start cause I fumbled a lot too :p

So here are the camwhoring shots!
It's more like an excuse to lao act cute again hahah
forgive me, really, i'm not usually like this lol!

And i downloaded those doodle/japanese brushes (via google) to decorate my photos to suit the whole act cute thing. one of the rare times i'm going to need them i guess :(

by the way, the moo moo print backdrop is my mummy's new shower curtain HAHAH and she asked me to take pictures with it before she use it so I was like sure why not!
i love my mum she's damn cool and always thinks of me when she buys stuff!! ^~^

All the clothes I'm wearing in this post is from
I love Jipaban because they ALWAYS have new updates!!!! :)

I love this combination!
Gold tip shirt and crochet black shorts!

I can haz heart shapes in my eyes lol

I got this navy striped dress from
and I added my own fake collar and red school tie (my bf's)!
I think the whole get up looks kinda nice if i do say so myself :D

Floral tube from
but the most awkward thing about wearing a tube and camwhoring is looking like you're naked hahah

NAKEDDDDDDD.......... not!

And this has got to be my favourite from all the Jipaban clothes!!! :)
Leopard heart crop top!

And I think i look less act cute in these few pictures so I look a bit more like my usual self i think :X
plus the lighting screwed up a bit so i look kinda tan.. and it's not a bad look actually lol
maybe i should go tanning and look like that hahahah

or maybe not~

And if you didn't read the above clearly,
in all the above pictures I was wearing a WIG.
I still look like this....... ikr. STILL the same, how boring :(

But wait!!!!!!!
There's a new look in my next post :p
Do look out for it!

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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