Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NDP Media Preview #2

Recently #ILoveSingaporeBecause trended on Twitter, and if I didn't remember wrongly, it was Billy (aka @Blackalogy) who started it :)

But I think when it was trending, I was super lost in lalaland cause I was dead tired lol!

So now I want to share a bit of my love for Singapore with you guys too!

(p.s. new hairstyle! will blog about it soon!)


I grew up safely and well here

This is the place where all my most important and precious memories happened

This is where my family and friends are

I can never get enough of Singapore's wide variety of food, and even when I'm in some other awesome country for holiday, I will always always ALWAYS miss our food!

I can go out in the middle of the night for supper without the fear of being dragged into a dark alley and mugged or killed

We don't have earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes..... and snow. But we have snow city!!!!! :p

Although our weather isn't suitable for trenchcoats or furcoats or whatever, we can always blast our aircon and wear them indoors for photoshoots LOL

We are really an epitome of the phrase "size doesn't matter", because we are small but impressive in many ways!

Also...... because Singapore's birthday is near mine *ahem mine is on 6th August ahem* XD

And the list goes on!!!! :)

If you'd like to, you can spread your love for Singapore by sharing about #NDP2012 as well!

Speaking of which, I went to the NDP 2012's media preview the other day held at Gardens by the Bay with Noel (thanks to Nuffnang ^~^) and it was such an exciting day!

Gardens by the Bay is really pretty by the way and everyone should go check it out!
I think it'll be good for photoshoots and romantic enough for dates, especially at night when the gorgeous lights are all switched on!

Am hoping to go back there again soon with my boyfriend! :)

Please be very envious, because these colourful flowers get to stay in an air conditioned environment 24/7!!!!
Better life than you and I right hahah!
That's why they say only beautiful people (or flowers in this case) get all the good stuff! :p

I was so attracted to these pretty ceiling lights!
Wish I could have them in my room too so I'll always go to bed looking at them and wake up happy :D

Super yummy!
There were actually more food but we all attacked the food faster than I could snap the pictures so the trays look kind of messed up, lol!!!
Oops, but we were hungry, forgive us~

Sharon Au and Joakim emceeing!
They will be two of the few emcees for NDP 2012 too along with Gurmit Singh and a few others if I didn't remember wrongly! :D

Sharon Au is so skinny and pretty in real life!!! *starstrucked*

And then we watched a sneak preview of the performances which will be on on NDP 2012!
It was amazing, I had goosebumps watching it and I was super touched!

So please remember to tune in to the parade on 9th August okay!!!!
Because the performers, make up artists, costume designers and everyone else have put in tremendous efforts to make this all possible, to ensure exciting and engaging performances for every Singaporean for NDP 2012 :)

And one of the most exciting parts of National Day,
the theme song - Love at First Light sung by Olivia Ong and Natanya Tan!

When Olivia stepped out I was totally mesmerized (no homo lol) because she had that aura and grace... whoaaa!
And Natanya is pure cuteness, like a little angel!

So do check out the NDP 2012 Theme Song - Love at First Light and give it a THUMBS UP!!!!

There are quite a number of dislikes for the video which I really do not understand.

I read some of the comments, and most were negative and cynical towards EVERYTHING in the video
from the lack of "Singapore" being used in the lyrics,
to the way Natanya doesn't sound as good as Olivia (bitch please, she's amazing for a 7 year old)
to the non-memorable lyrics/melody (which I do not agree, I've been humming this song to myself)
to how much they want catchy songs like "Count on me Singapore" and "Home" back

I agree that "Home" is one of the all time best songs for NDP, but if we were to have "Home" every single year or something similar, you'll eventually get bored of it and complain AGAIN!

It's like buying an album of your favourite artist, there will be a best song, and there will be less favourite songs, but they're all good as long as you love the singer! :)

So whichever NDP year, whichever theme song it is, appreciate the efforts being put in and realise that it's all done in effort to celebrate our nation's birthday and spread the love for Singapore! :)

And actually I personally like this year's song and think it sounds kind of like a sweet Disney song! ^~^

Enjoy the video!

Commendable performers who put in countless weekends to rehearse!
And also the "butterflies"!
Do you know how heavy those gorgeous looking wings are? About 30 to 40kg, the weight of an army field pack.
Serious respect!

And to end of this post, here's Noel and I on the NDP red carpet!!!!
LOL actually only the organizers who were going to be interviewed are suppose to stand there but we snuck 2 quick pictures before they started interviewing :p

"hurry take hurry take the picture" LOL

And that's it for the NDP media preview! :)
For more updates on NDP 2012 and the activities you can participate in,
do check out

I love my Singapore! ^~^

Shoes of the day:
Brown Suede T-bar wedges from

Thank you TrendyNista for the super comfortable wedges to help me last through the entire day! :)

And some random visuals I took at Greenwich V after the media preview!

Am sooooo going to try these Barbie brand make up some day!
The packaging is too adorable!

Thanks for reading, love you all!


YingYing said...

Love your wedge shoes!! CUTE :)

Anonymous said...

Your article make me wanna visit your country.

I'm studying chinese, so 2 years ago i had visit around Beijing. I don't really know about Singapour, does it look like in China ?

lwcrulz said...

hahaha i love you too xD