Monday, August 13, 2012

Belated Birthday Post

In a blink of an eye......... I am now 22 years old! (ready to be married off hahah)

When I was younger, I always thought that being a 20 year old would feel extremely different
and I would somehow magically be granted with great wisdom which I've never had much of or some crazily gorgeous and feminine features that all matured women would have!

And I've always heard people saying 女大十八变 and I really was looking forward to my turn...

But even 2 years after I've passed 20 years old, I realised that nothing much changed :/
No super gorgeous classy woman face nor hot smexy body overnight..

If anything changed, it'd just be me piling up more make up than ever and spending more hours on styling my hair.
And also the fact that now I get called "old" more often by younger cousins and some other people -.-


Hahahah okay so girls, please don't look forward to growing up so quickly cause you'll live to regret it!

p.s. this isn't my dog, i koped this picture from tumblr cause it was too cute!

Alright nevermind that!

The main point of this whole blog post is about my birthday celebration!!!! :)
(please don't expect anything super kickass or some crazy party)

I've never really been much of a birthday party type of person..
Cause I feel like if someone really cares about me or loves me, he/she would treat me well on every other day of the year and maybe surprise me with little gifts, and not just on my birthday.

I have friends who always have birthday parties at clubs or rent chalets or whatnots and even yatches..
But that's totally not my kinda thing.

Just personal preference I guess..

Cause I don't want to get super busy preparing my own decorations like a dog on my birthday (I'd rather sleep),
I don't like to trouble my family and friends to organize some huge thing for me on my birthday,
I don't want to CLEAN UP when people throw up from drinking too much on my birthday,
and I don't want to spend so much money booking some place to watch people grind each other on my birthday
and the list goes on.


So for me, I choose to have dinner with my family every birthday
cause they are the people I hold most close to heart, and definitely the people I want to spend my important day with :)

All of my past birthdays were great, but this year was particularly awesome! :)

Probably because I was DAMN BUSY on my birthday and I didn't even know it came so soon
I didn't remember my birthday and didn't expect many people to remember it either
I wasn't expecting anything out of it honestly (I slept till like 5pm on my birthday LOL)
so I got surprised at every single little thing!

No expectations = no disappointments = only surprises = super happy and thankful for everything!!!! :)

Surprise number 1

Jayne, Huixian and Peishi SURPRISED ME!!!!

You can read Peishi's full blogpost HERE but I'm going to kapo some pictures from her heheh :p

Story goes like this..

Huixian told me to meet her and Jayne on the 2nd of August the week before to catch up (my bday is on the 6th so it wasn't THAT close),
and told me Peishi couldn't make it cause of school and that was set.

But on that day itself I woke super late and was scared that I couldn't make it on time, and told them how about we meet another day

And then Huixian told me that IT IS IMPORTANT.

Apart from being our friends, Huixian and Jayne are also our managers for Churpchurp and Nuffnang respectively and that period of time I was working on my first advertorial ever so I was kinda freaking out thinking it was blog-related

Kind of like "omg shit did I do something wrong am I going to get scolded?"

So I RUSHED DOWN with Martin to meet them, with HIDEOUS CLIPPED UP HAIR and some substandard make up
and looking extremely shabby............

And when I got there........ :')

I got a super rich and yummy chocolate cake from awfully chocolate from Nuffnang & Churpchurp and a VS Vanilla Body Spray (I love the smell of vanilla makes me feel like a walking cupcake) from Peishi!

And because I told Huixian and Jayne prior to the meeting that I wanted to treat the both of them to dinner,
I treated all of them to JPOT at Vivocity heheh! ^~^


I was totally not camera ready, not in the mood of snapping pictures nor getting my picture taken etc so I'm so sorry all the pictures are from Peishi's blog! :/

Maybe I'll blog about JPOT the next time I go there, k? :)

LOL look at this, I totally wasn't kidding when I said fugly clipped up hair (you know those obasan big black hair clips?)
I usually never allow myself to look this tardy when I go out but I guess it can't be helped hahah

But nevertheless, it was a really fun night catching up with all of them!! :)
Thank you all so much for the surprise heheh! :D

This photo we really look like mother and daughter fml OBASAN CLIP LOL
(but I secretly love it and I use the clip all the time at home)
22 years old means must stress me to be a mother so quickly already right? T~T

Huixian and Jayne :)

And I mentioned above that Martin was with us during dinner right? :)
Before we started eating, he left the restaurant for 10 minutes and when he came back he told me he went to shit and I was totally unsuspecting.

Surprise number 2!

When we left the restaurant, Martin pulled out a little Love & Co. box and gave it to me



I said it out loud by the way... super buay paiseh :p
All Martin did was laugh at me
and then I opened it and it was a heart-shaped necklace -.-



But it's super pretty and I have it on every day :')

Martin is one of those people in my life who deserves an entire blog post to himself, so I shall leave it for next time! :p

Felt super thankful for everything that happened even before my birthday officially started!!!

Surprise number 3!

Okay it was not really a surprise cause Martin told me about it but it was one of the things that made my birthday super kickass!

Martin took a few days off just to spend time with me before my birthday (cause he had outfield on the 6th)!!!
I really appreciate EVERY SINGLE DAY we get to spend together
which is why one long span of about 5 days together (which we mostly nua at home) gave me so much to be grateful for :')

And during one of those days, we took these pictures and I was genuinely super super happy my eyes couldn't even open to pose for pictures LOL

Also we were strolling around Ang Mo Kio and we chanced upon this random little bakery which I found macaroons selling at only 60cents each!
I'm not macaroon expert but this tasted good to me!!! :D
Another thing to be happy about!!!! Yay!

I don't exactly know where it's located at, but if I do find the exact address of it in future I'll let you guys know :)

Surprise number 4!

We had our usual family birthday dinner celebration before my actual birthday, because 6th was on a Monday so it was less convenient~

My sis found this buffet place called Melt - The World Cafe at Mandarin Oriental for us!
She said it was rated one of the favourite buffet places in Singapore or something along those lines :)

Oh look at the future husband who joined us for dinner lol! :p

Somehow I'm always not fully prepared on my most important days HAHAH
I woke up late again and didn't wash my hair that day and decided to curl it to pretend I actually did put in effort for my hair...
Ended up looking a little chao lao to me but still can pass right?

And because I was late, we arrived at Melt late and had only 2 hours for the buffet ohno!
So I chose to satisfy my tummy over my camera
...... sorry again for the lack of food pictures :X

But it's my birthday post so I can post anything I want right?? :D

And Melt gave us a little cake knowing it's my birthday yay! :)

I'm making a wish, looking extremely serene...

And then my brother and sister decides to go behind me and make funny faces and poses lol wts!!!
In the bottom right picture I'm actually peeking cause I could sense a lot of suspicious movements behind me HAHA

wahlao super disturb eh you guyssssssssssss

Daddy took this picture for us :')
My dad's a little camera shy so I don't usually post his pictures up~
hehe but he's the most awesome dad anyone can ever ask for!!!!!!!!

Actually my whole family is the best I can ever get and I will never trade them for anything/anyone :')
They're my best playmates ever, best friends, best siblings, best counselors, best pigging out kakhis etc!

My birthday present! :)
My mum and sister asked what I'd like for a gift and I thought for some time and said, "I want a pink hard disk".

Reason being I'm not really good at packing my room so I don't like having a lot of presents or unnecessary gifts or things lying around cause it's a waste of space
and I wanted something practical and meaningful.
So with the pink harddisk, I'm finally backing up all my precious family photos and also camwhore photos!!

Lil' bro and I!

And I think this year, my brother gave me one of the best presents ever!
He gave me 5 hours of his time and we had heart to heart talk
teared over crappy things, laughed over memories, bitched about people and talked about everything and anything :')

When I told my mum "I talk to didi for 5 hours last night" she was like "got so much things to talk about meh?" HAHA

I love him super dearly and no matter how old he is, in my eyes he'll always be my little brother :')

Martin and I laughing at The Reelity Showdown on ReelityTV cause I fell down from the pole~

Sis and I flicking our hair trying to act chio HAHAH


I've always been envious of my dajie cause she's really pretty EVEN WITHOUT MAKE UP! ^~^
She says she's too lazy to even apply anything on her face
but I think that's why god is fair, she doesn't need make up at all to look pretty! :)

Like that I also want to be lazy can? then god will make me prettier! :D

My dajie is extremely supportive, wise and smart and I am so damn thankful she's the dajie and not me :p

Lil bro acting all sentimental playing the piano HAHAH

Oops, but this dinner wasn't the end of my birthday celebration yet!!!!

Surprise number 5!

Qiuqiu (I'm a huge huge fan of hers) and a number of sweet and gorgeous people tweeted/ fb pm/ sms/ whatsapped me to wish me happy birthday! :')

I felt so super blessed!!!

Thank you so much for kind and nice people in the world!!!!

Surprise number 6

On exactly 12 midnight of my birthday, my sister brought this little tray of cute biscuits to my room when I totally didn't expect anything else anymore!!!! :')

It's such a simple and cute gesture but it made me so fkn happy!!

And I told my mummy that I needed toothpaste and she bought so many different colours for me and I thought it looked super pretty!!! :)

It's really all these little things that we often overlook and forget to appreciate that can makes us the happiest!

Surprise number 7

Alright, I know this blogpost is super naggy and long but this is the FINALE!!!!

On the night of my birthday...
out of no where,
my sis and mum suddenly took this cake box out of the fridge

just when I thought my birthday celebration was over
just when I thought I had already had a cute little simple birthday cake (at Melt)



They chose cupcakes because they know I like cupcakes a lot

And it was the PRETTIEST birthday cake I've ever ever ever ever had!!!!!
I've always seen other people's pretty cakes
but never would I have imagined myself ever having such an amazing cake which had EVERYTHING I loved in it!

It had a pretty chanel inspired bag fondant, make up made of fondant, necklaces, heels, chocolate which I LOVE, YUMMY CUPCAKES, IT HAD MY NAME SPELLED CORRECTLY ON IT,
and my favourite colour combination - pink, black and white/cream - just like my room!!!

:'D :'D :'D


omg *fans self*

I'm so happy I could EXPLODE from joy omg!!!

Please enjoy the cupcakes spam because it was my prettiest birthday cake ever so it deserves a lot of pictures taken of it haha!

I don't like how fondant in general tastes (although it looks super cute) but this chocolate cream was AWESOME

ohno now I want some more cupcakes!!!! *hungry*

My brother and I thought it was funny that I had "HELL" in my name so we intentionally shifted the cupcakes aside and took a picture of it lol

I am so thankful for everything and everyone I have right now and I feel extremely blessed!!
I think the best birthday wish I can ever make is for my loved ones to be happy and healthy with me! :')

And of course, I sincerely wish for all of you to be happy and healthy too!

Thank you for reading, I love you all!

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