Friday, August 24, 2012

Cathay Motion Picture 2012 Competition

Are you an aspiring filmmaker or know of anyone who loves to act, shoot, edit or make their own videos and short films?
Would you love to see your production on the big screen?

I know I would!!!!

IF I could star in or direct any movies, these would kind of be what it'd look like.... :p

A romance comedy that will make everyone laugh their butts off but at the same time go "awww"!

A movie with lots of special effects, cool make up, DRAGONS, awesome story line and make people really wish that such a planet actually exists...

A vampire-related movie, cause everyone secretly wants to be a vampire hahaha!

My main point is, the whole idea of being able to CREATE YOUR OWN FILM
and a chance for it to be shown to the world is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity!!!! :D

If you're getting excited already,
the Cathay Motion Picture 2012 Competition is just for you!!

As Cathay Organisation turns 77 this year, they want to celebrate filmmaking and support homegrown talent.
Cathay will be challenging film enthusiasts to produce a motion picture based on the theme “Celebrate” - within 77 hours.

Winners will be selected by a distinguished panel of seven judges, which includes household names such as
actor Adrian Pang and director Boo Junfeng. There is also a sharing session for all selected teams by five acclaimed local directors, including Jack Neo and Ken Kwek.

There is up to S$30,000 worth of cash and prizes up for grabs!!!
Shortlisted teams will also receive an exclusive invite to the Awards Night gala.

What are you waiting for?! Join NOW and show the world what you are capable of!!!
Registration closes on 31st August 2012!

Register to participate in the Cathay Motion Picture 2012 Competition now!

How to join:

1. Head over to
2. Like the page for more information!
3. Register for the competition!

I personally am super psyched about this competition and love the idea of this event
because it will help promote our local and international, budding and also professional film producers and showcase their talents to the public!

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your hard work being appreciated and acknowledged by others!

And especially for aspiring young film makers, actors/actresses, music producers etc - this is your one chance to make it big!
Plus all the amazing prizes that comes along with it!!! :D

Register now and good luck to everyone who's taking part in this
I really can't wait to see the awesome films that will be made through this competition!

Love you all, thanks for reading!

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