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Visited CMYK the other day at Orchard Central :)

Although online shopping has its convenience, I think it's always good to shop at these trusty brick and mortar shops too!

With physical stores, there is never a worry about an item you like being sold out, wrongly mailed to you or being lost during postage as well! :)

181 Orchard Road
#05-10 Orchard Central
Singapore (238896)

You can also view their items online and order it at
Instagram: @shopCMYK

Mention that you are a reader of RACHELL's blog and get 10% discount on your purchases!

The CMYK shop sells their own brand of apparels and accessories, unlike those multi-label shops.
Some of the perks of this would be more a organized stock count and efficient self-collection service at their shop after you order online! :)
And not to worry, the designs available at CMYK is always updated frequently and quite massively too!
Extremely impressive!

Especially for girls who prefer checking out the quality and material of the products before making purchases rather than shopping online, CMYK would be an awesome place to shop at!
Location very conveniently at Orchard Central, just a few minutes walk away from Somerset MRT, it's definitely one of the shops I'll have to visit whenever I'm in town!

Here's one thing to take note of!

The layout of Orchard Central can get quite confusing sometimes
so if you're looking for CMYK, you will have to:

Take the lift/escalator up to the 5th floor
Walk up a small flight of stairs once you see CMYK's colourful shop sign! :)

It's almost like a level 5 1/2 instead of level 5 haha!

Personally, one of the greatest joys of shopping would be being greeted by all these gorgeous apparels.
I can't express how excited I am whenever a shop is well stocked up with 90% (or more) of things that I'd love to have in my wardrobe!

Check out all these beautiful visuals from their shop.
It's practically heaven on earth!
Not to mention the super cooperative soft glow from the sun flooding into the shop :p

What I find extremely commendable about CMYK is definitely their huge variety.
Most local brands usually only specialise in a few areas - apparels, shoes, bags or accessories.
But in CMYK's case, their products range from destroyed denim vests, tribal printed shorts, hot pink clutches, chunky silver bangles and even studded iPhone cases!
CMYK is one shop that you can literally visit for a top to toe makeover.

Girls, you'll know this feeling.
You get all dressed up, confidently step out of the house, and then half way through the day,
you suddenly regret wearing everything you chose to wear earlier!

If only I had worn something different
I shouldn't have worn this out
Omg my bag totally doesn't match with my clothes

Days like that, CMYK will always be there ;)

I also had a great time trying out many of CMYK's pieces that caught my eye!
Too many pretty clothes, only one of me!!! #firstworldproblems
How I wish I could just buy the entire store back, dump my bed and transform my room into a walk-in wardrobe lol!

My first pick was this expensive looking clutch (but it wasn't expensive, it just looks that way haha) because it matched the long black dress I was wearing

And then I changed into several other outfits, all of different styles and equally gorgeous!
I love how CMYK caters to girls of all different heights, shapes, styles and nobody's left out :)

Alright, I NEED to talk about this truly breathtaking piece!
It's cosmic printed, with unicorns on it, looks kinda magical and is sooo soft, made of high quality material!
Super dreamy, isn't it? :)
Not sure how many pieces of this they have left but I bet it's selling like hotcakes!

From my visit to CMYK, I also brought back a few other lovely items!

1. Galaxy White Horse Top
This top is totally for lazy days (and you'll still look good) when you just need something casual!
And it practically matches with all of my denim shorts, regardless of colour.
Definitely worth buying I'd say!

2. Studded iPhone case
I swear this is one of the prettiest iPhone cases I've ever seen!
Studded and it's leathery!
Couldn't resist changing my phone's cover immediately after getting this from CMYK :p

It's definitely made of extremely good material (no idea what it's called though lol, slightly cushy, feels like an office sofa!), not like our usual cheap rubbery casings!

3. Studded Bralet
I LOVE bralets and I think they're absolutely gorgeous
but I'm always extremely self conscious about wearing them out, so I paired this black studded piece with a blazer today!
Not too revealing, but I felt super good wearing it!

4. Cream Sheer Blazer
Blazers always brings your entire outfit to a whole new level of expensive looking haha!
There's just something about blazers that always make anyone look matured and chic.

Unlike other blazers, this one is slightly sheer, which makes it super comfortable even if you're wearing it outdoors.
It's available in Black and Cream at CMYK, and I heard from the shop owner that it's selling fast!
But after seeing the blazer's sleek cutting and quality material, that definitely doesn't come as a surprise :)

Overall, I had a wonderful experience with CMYK and would definitely recommend all of you to visit them at Orchard Central! :)

Of course, my favourite part of all about CMYK is the flexibility in their service!
If you would like to reserve an item that caught your eye on their Facebook page/ Instagram / Twitter, you can make the purchase online and then pick it up at the store or opt for it to be mailed!

You know what they say:
A girl can never have enough clothes/shoes/bags

Besides, an additional 10% discount code for shopping never hurts anyone ;)

Shop at CMYK now!

181 Orchard Road
#05-10 Orchard Central
Singapore (238896)

You can view their items online at
Instagram: @shopCMYK

Remember to mention that you are a reader of RACHELL's blog and get 10% discount on your purchases!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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