Monday, August 6, 2012

Darlie - All Shiny White


What is the first and most important thing we all do every morning when we get up?
That's right, we brush our teeth! :D
But in order to clean our teeth perfectly, we must first get a good and effective toothpaste.

It's definitely no surprise that everyone wants white and shiny teeth
And with Darlie's All Shiny White toothpaste, we can now achieve it!

My personal experience with Darlie
My siblings and I have been using Darlie since I was a kid cause my mum likes the "taste" of it.
She says it doesn't taste artificial like some other brands she's tried and it also cleans teeth effectively, and therefore will be good for her children!
You know what they say, mums know best :D

And true enough, my teeth has always been clean (heheh let me brag a bit)!

I remember in secondary school, we all had this dentist who was really mean to everyone.
She'd always tell people they had gum disease or tooth decay or they should floss their teeth more often etc.
And one of my school senior told me that she and her classmates suffered the same fate as well and I should just try not to take the dentist's remarks to heart.

Hearing everyone else's experiences made me really paranoid about visiting the dentist initially.

But fortunately for me, THAT DENTIST LOVED ME LOL!!!!
She never had a problem with my teeth or my gums throughout my 4 years in sec school, AT ALL.
I never once got a "gum disease" comment from her or any other nasty remarks!
The only thing she asked me to do was to get braces done if I had wanted to, cause my teeth isn't super untidy but it wasn't the most perfect either.
BUT it was clean enough for her to love me and be really nice to me!!! :)

And guess what toothpaste I was using (and am still using)?

So technically, Darlie saved me from what could have been a harrowing experience at the dentist haha!

About Darlie All Shiny White Toothpaste
Darlie All Shiny White toothpastes contain an advanced whitening system specially designed for a shiny white smile.
They contain 50 million of SWA (Speedy Whitening Agent) whitening molecules which work to remove surface stains and whitens your teeth effectively.
Darlie All Shiny White is Singapore’s No. 1 Whitening Toothpaste offering 5 variants – Lime Mint, Apple Mint, Enamel Care, All Shiny White (Regular) & Mineral Salt at a recommended retail price of $3.15 only!

Be thrilled to purchase promotion packs of Darlie All Shiny White at an attractive offer price at all supermarkets, hypermarkets and medical pharmacies now! :D

Why should we smile, and why is smiling so important to us?
I've picked a few of my favourite quotes here to answer that question :p

“Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” ~ Mother Teresa

"People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile." ~ Lee Mildon

"A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks." ~ Charles Gordy

Super love the one about how people won't notice your ugly/old clothes as much if you smile at them LOLOL!
And if you guys noticed, I've been smiling a lot more lately (also partly due to my new hair colour and I can't act cool anymore haha),
and I realised that a beautiful smile starts with healthy teeth!

Take a look around you,
all these people with beautiful smiles, what is it that they have in common? :)
No matter if they have thin lips or thick lips, pale lips or reddish lips, big smiles or small smiles etc, the most important thing to an attractive smile is healthy and white teeth!

Darlie ALL STAR Smile Contest
Do you love smiling in pictures? Think you've got a beautiful smile?

How would you like to win a 2D1N Staycation at The Sentosa, A Beaufort Hotel, by just having clean teeth and a captivating smile? :D

Darlie is currently running the Darlie ALL STAR Smile Contest on Darlie Singapore Fanpage.
The contest period is from NOW till 13th September 2012!

Here are the few simple steps to qualify for the contest:

Step 1
Like Darlie Singapore Fanpage at

Step 2
Click on the Brighter Whiter ALL STAR Smile Search Application

Step 3
Click the SUBMIT Button at the top panel of the application

Fill in your details and submit your picture!

You will also get to choose a frame for your picture! :)
I personally love cosmic/stars/galaxy related stuff so I chose this frame!

And I'm done!

Step 4
Your submitted photo will be uploaded onto the PHOTO GALLERY (beside the SUBMIT button) for viewing and voting.
Give yourself 1 Vote and spread the words to your friends!
Attractive prizes await for both contestants and voters!

Do remember to check out which page your picture is on for your friends to vote for you easily!

I've also joined the contest and my picture is on PAGE 9! :D
So please do help vote for me or submit your own entry at
Each person gets to vote once every 24 hours to ensure the fairness of the contest,
so get your family/friends/loved ones to vote for you daily as well!

Darlie All Shiny White roadshow
Apart from the contest, there will also be TWO upcoming Darlie All Shiny White roadshows at the following convenient locations:

♥ 8th & 9th August: AMK Hub Xtra NTUC FairPrice (Entrance Area) 10am till 6pm

♥ 11th & 12th August: Nex Shopping Mall NTUC FairPrice (Entrance Area) 12pm till 8pm

Mark your calendars now and remember to drop by the NTUC FairPrice at AMK Hub and NTUC FairPrice at Nex Shopping Mall on the respective dates to catch Darlie All Shiny White booth with its attractive activities and FREEBIES!!!
With a minimum purchase of $8 worth of Darlie products, as long as it contains 1 All Shiny White item, you will get a free Whitening Kit worth $3!
Super worth it right? :D
And this free Whitening Kit in these promo sites is not available at other retail outlets!

In addition, you will also get to take part in a LUCKY DRAW to win attractive prizes WORTH $10,000 such as:
Spa Packages from Spa Botanica at The Sentosa, A Beaufort Hotel, $3000 worth of cash prizes from the Lucky Number component*, and 5 pairs of Sunsilk Academy Fantasia 2012 Finale Concert tickets.

*Lucky Number component
Are you feeling lucky? Love excitement and guessing games?
Then this super fun segment is for you!! :D
There is this Special Lucky Number component (bottom right) in the lucky draw form where you can shade your favourite 4 digits number to win some CASH PRIZES!

If your chosen set of numbers matches any of their 10 pre set numbers in the exact order, YOU WIN!
Each cash prize is worth $300, just by guessing 4 lucky numbers! :D
Sounds good, doesn't it? :)

If there happen to be 2 (or more) winners with the same shaded set of numbers (eg. both person shaded 1234), the prize amount of $300 will be shared equally among the winners with the same set of numbers.
i.e. If there are 2 winners, each winner will receive $150 each.

So if you're feeling lucky, why not give this lucky number component a try when you purchase $8 Worth of Darlie Product, with at least 1 Darlie All Shiny White toothpaste! :)

Spend $8 on a brand we can all trust + get shiny white teeth = Stand a chance to win SPA Packages, $3000 worth of cash prizes, and Sunsilk Academy Fantasia 2012 concert tickets!?


And here are two pictures of the booth at Serangoon Nex NTUC Fairprice, picture credit to Darlie Singapore Fanpage

This picture was captioned as "FREE Sensitive 60g toothpaste on site!"


I'll most likely be going to Serangoon Nex's NTUC Fairprice on the 11th or 12th August for the Darlie All Shiny White booth cause it's just an MRT ride away from my place!

Let's work hard together for our shiny white teeth :D

For more information on the Darlie All Shiny White roadshows and the Brighter Whiter All Star Search contest, please visit Darlie Singapore's Facebook page at:

Quick fact:

Did you know that bad oral hygiene can actually ruin relationships?

No matter if it's relationships with your friends or your loved ones, good oral hygiene is crucial!
We often speak to others at such close proximity and a clean fresh breath would definitely be appreciated!

Think of it this way, nobody likes standing close to a garbage can, much less speaking to it or even hugging it :X

Besides, having sparkly white teeth and a beautiful smile would boost your self-confidence too :)

So never neglect your oral hygiene!

And remember, it takes seventeen muscles to smile and forty-three muscles to frown!

Stay positive no matter what!
Keep smiling!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

Some outtakes for this post, mostly blurry but I still like them a lot cause my boyfriend and I had a lot of fun taking these pictures heheh!

My boyfriend was actually carrying me here but the camera was zoomed in too much and his efforts in carrying my entire weight was totally not shown... so we had to retake this shot LOL
Fun for me... not so fun for him :p