Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jipaban #2


I'm one of those people who can't live without the Internet.
I need to use my computer/phone EVERY SINGLE DAY even when I'm on my bed preparing to sleep
and I'm always looking for fun things to do while online!

(Denyz Ragged Denim top from

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube..... and the most exciting of all...
All these amazing clothes that will potentially make us look gorgeous too - just a click away!!!

(A collage of some of my favourite apparels from + my old hair heheh!)

And because I'm online every single day, I LOVE websites that update very often (or even better, daily!)
so that I can bookmark them and always check back on them for new updates!

But such websites are extremely hard to find.
Even my favourite bloggers and youtubers need at least a one or two day break before a new update (cause honestly it isn't easy at all to blog/make videos),
what more online shops which will need more time to launch ENTIRE collections - from sourcing for designs to photoshoots to measurements to editting etc!

I have come with good news in this blogpost! ;)

Because Jipaban, one of my all time favourite websites ever, will be getting NEW ARRIVALS everyday!!!!

So now whenever I'm in the mood for shopping online, I can always count on Jipaban to have new designs for me to choose from!
How awesome is that!!!

Look forward to a fashionably brand new day ahead when you shop with Jipaban!
Every week, from Monday to Thursday, a collection is launched from our various local brands right here at Jipaban.

Start the fantastic week with Monday and beat the Monday blues with maryjulian.
maryjulian by Jade Seah carries clothes that every girl can fall in love with!
It's one of my personal favourite labels at Jipaban actually!
Their Denyz Ragged Denim top was sooo comfortable and yet stylish at the same time!
It has such a flattering cut it makes you look a lot more slender than you are ;)

Kickoff Tuesday with Smitten for cute and fun outfits! :D

I love this pair of Betsy Polka Dottie Shorts a whole lot because it's by far the most perfect fit of high waist shorts for me!
Girls who are exactly UK6, hurry grab this pair of shorts now!!!
Check out The Smitten Girl's video too! :)

On Wednesday, turn heads in the office with trendy outfits from DressDownFriday!
Whoever said OLs wore boring clothes obviously needs to check out DDF :D

Lastly, Thursday’s launch with Accessori will complete each day’s look with the perfect accessories!
Accessories are like the frostings and decorations on top of cupcakes - without them to spice things up, no matter how good the cake itself tastes, the cupcake will still look bland and unexciting.
Accessori carries rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even stuff for your hair!

And like they always say, Thank God It's Friday!
Now there's one more thing to be thankful about - SALESSSSSSSSS :)
On Fridays, you can expect beautiful dresses, tops, shoes etc as low as $7 added onto this sales section of Jipaban!
No wonder everybody loves Fridays! :D

So do remember to bookmark and look out for their updates at 12PM everyday!

Have a fantastic week ahead and don’t forget to dress well on the weekends too! :)

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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