Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MIYOC (Orchard Central) Storewide Sale



Girls have this special ability to never get enough of clothes, accessories, shoes & bags
and it's almost like we literally apply Pokemon's Gotta Catch 'Em All slogan to shopping!

But hey, shopping makes us happy and shopping is cheaper than visiting a therapist when we are upset/stressed, isn't it? :)

Speed shopping at MIYOC cause I was afraid someone else would get all MY nice clothes :p

Basically, there are two types of shoppers.
The lazy shoppers and the smart shoppers.
Smart shoppers are people who will source out the cheapest and most gorgeous pieces they can find,
while lazy shoppers are people who will just walk into any store/click on website and pay exorbitant prices (okay, maybe not so expensive..) for whatever is available without choosing carefully (aka waste money)!

And, the smart shoppers will mark the following dates in this blogpost on their calendars! ;)
Because this weekend, MIYOC will be having their first MEGA SALES for all their brands at Orchard Central!

The event will be on
31th Aug - 2nd Sept (THIS FRIDAY till Sunday)
12 - 9pm @ MIYOC Orchard Central #05-12

What can you expect?
Lots of apparels, all bags and shoes at discounted pricing!!
Prices may go as low as $5 OMG!!!! O.O

BRAND NEW apparels from a renowned shop with awesome designs at $5?!
I must be dreaming, but I hope I won't wake up till I lay my hands on those apparels!!!

**please note that there will be no trying of clothes for this sales period

Here's a list of all the brands that will be participating in the Mega Sale!
Spot your favourite labels?
Me too! Now you know where to go this weekend! :)

MIYOC at Orchard Central!

And there's also a newly opened MIYOC at JCUBE, three times the size of the one at OC, for girls who are staying in the West! :)

But for this weekend, remember go to the one at Orchard Central first cause the mega sales will be at their OC branch only! :)

Jesus saves, I spend :p

Also, Like & Share their event post and you could be one of the 2 lucky winners to walk away with a FREE galaxy tote bag sponsored by Twistpolka!
Share this post now! :)

Hopefully I'll see you girls at the Storewide Sale this weekend at Orchard Central!
Happy shopping!

I ♥ MIYOC candy! So cute!!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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