Thursday, August 9, 2012

NDP2012 - NE Show

After months of preparation and hardwork, the National Day Parade (sort of, cause it's the NE show hehe!) we've all been looking for is finally here! :D

But before we watched the parade, Zoe, Juli and and I got to go backstage to check out some final preparations by the parade participants thanks to Nuffnang! :)

Zoe and I camwhoring before Juli arrived :p
Look at Zoe clad in super patriotic colours!
Totally regretted not wearing my red spaghetti top that day as well haha

Us with Juli x4! :)

Because we're girls and since Juli is a beauty/make up guru,
we decided to check out some of the participants' make up and take some pictures with them! :D
Make up is crucial for any form of performance because it greatly enhances the expressions of the actor/actress and helps with portraying the role they are acting as.

I love to look at make up (its pretty packaging and vibrant colours etc) / people doing make up!
I'm not sure if it's a girls thing but there's just something therapeutic about it :)
Probably because I'm personally super reliant on make up to boost my confidence so the mere sight of it makes me feel happy hahah!

Cosmoprof is the main in-charge of the participants' make up!

But probably due to time constraints and there being too many participants around (it's a good thjng to know so many people are taking part in this!!), some of the dancers decided to do their own make up or get their friends to do it for them.
I must say their skills are quite impressive haha!
When I was their age I only knew how to use a lipstick..... and sadly I didn't know how to apply it nicely lol!

This reminded me of the time when I took part in NDP in 2004 with my secondary school (Cedar Girls') and all of us were touching up our lipsticks and glitter for one another,
while excitedly waiting for our turn to perform hehe!
Those were some awesome memories ^~^

These are the girls who will be doing the water dance!
I love their costume!!!
So flowy and dreamy, like water fairies :D

They were kind of shy but we managed to ask some of them for a picture ^~^

The lighting was pretty that day so we decided to get a full body shot each :p
My polkadot top is from
Studded shots are from

And then comes our favourite make up look of the day - the Butterflies! :D

If you've read my previous post on the NDP media briefing, you'll know about the butterflies as part of the parade :)
They are actually NS men who've been chosen to take part in NDP and they have the coolest make up ever!
It reminds me of some fancy masquerade make up, with lots of eye-catching colours and blending involved, a job best done by professionals heheh

He gets a cute little bow hair patch! I also want haha!

Wahhh I wish he had the full costume with the wings and all for this picture, that'd have been awesome!
I love the butterfly costume the most out of the entire parade :)

We also saw lots of soldiers looking extremely smart in their uniforms, cool hiphop dancers and other performers all hyped up for the big show! :) :)
We could feel the whole excitement even before the parade started!

And there was a milo truck there for everyone! :)
Milo trucks are totally god-sent because it always reminds me of us completing cross country in secondary school hahah!

Cheers for milo! :)

And not forgetting the Old Chang Kee squids and Curry Time's curry buns they were giving out!
Super yummy!

And then... for the moment we've all been waiting for!!!
Noel's appearance!
Hahaha just kidding :p
I meant THE NDP2012 PARADE!!! (actually we were watching one of the NE shows, not the actual parade yet)

Noel appeared just in time for the parade and we all met up with our family/boyfriend/friend to be seated for the show :)

Many thanks to Noel's girlfriend for helping us take this picture :D

These men on stilts are also NS men :)
Super proud of our nation's soldiers to serve our country in so many different ways, because my boyfriend signed on in the army as well and he tells me all about it! :)

Super happy and excited face HEHEHE! :D
I haven't watched the parade live since Primary 5!
Watching it on TV is nice too, but being at the floating platform amplifies the whole National Day mood soooo much more!

I asked my sister and boyfriend along to watch the parade with me! :)

The seats were filled way before the show even started and the excitement of the audience was truly overwhelming!
I haven't felt this alive since idk when!
And I was so absorbed in the parade I didn't even take pictures of the fun-pack hahah

I only took one picture with the Singapore flag from the fun-pack and couldn't keep my eyes off the parade :D

The pre-parade show comprised of the Red Lions Freefall Display, School Display Band and an Integrated Precision Drill and Motorcycle Performance.
A total of 32 contingents with the SAF Colours Party were at the parade!

This part of the show was my boyfriend's favourite!!!!
Cause he's currently serving the army and he understands the hard work and dedication each soldier have to put in for the drills to be successful and look neat! :)

This part was so cool cause the soldiers were marching to the song Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO!!! :D
Definitely caught everyone's attention there!

The motorcycle performance by the MP was spectacular as well!
They had this pyramid formation on moving motorcycles, difficulty level x99999!
I was once a cheerleader before (looong ago) and balancing on top of a pyramid isn't as easy as it looks already, what more on moving vehicle!
Serious respect!

And the Red Lions' Freefall display!
Super impressive and skilful!
If I didn't remember wrongly, the emcee said that one of the Red Lions did like 5000 plus jumps before O.O

At this part, the emcees got all of us to go "Ohhhhhhhhhh YEAH" when their feet touched the ground hehe!


Look at how disciplined the soldiers are :D
You can tell that a lot of hard work and sweat has been put into this :')
Damn touched!

I can't remember when was this but everyone stood up and LOOK AT THIS LITTLE BOY OMG :D
Super adorable and respectful!!!
He'll grow up to be a fine young man hehe!

The best part about having NDP held at the floating platform is that we can watch the Land, Air and Sea display all in one location, which made the entire parade so much more breathtaking!

They even formed a heartshape in the water hehehe SO PRETTY!

I'm not sure if you can see from this picture, but the Sky Park at MBS was FILLED with people watching the parade the whole time.
Such a heartwarming sight!

The clappers they gave which had lights in them! :)

Extravagant fireworks display!
Just for the NE show, the fireworks were soooo amazing already!
Now I totally can't wait for the actual show!!!! :D

I think that this year's show is really refreshing and symbolic!
There is basically 3 parts to the performance - Reflection of Our Identity, Reflection of Our Spirit and Reflection of Our Love.

Reflection of Our Identity
This was portrayed by dancers of different ethnicity coming together to put up a spectacular and beautiful performance. It is a reflection of Singapore's diverse ethnicities and cultures and how we have embraced a common identify, co-existin in harmony, as one people.

Reflection of Our Spirit
Our young nation has been through many challenges (like the SARS epidemic, global recession etc) but it is our indomitable spirit to overcome these obstacles that must us who we are today.
Performances like the rowing of dragon boats to the rallying drum beats symbolises the unity of our actions and strength, and how our nation works together as one to triumph over any difficulties!

Singapore is beautiful! :D

Reflection of Our Love
Our love for the country and our fellow Singaporeans is what unites us as a nation. This segment of the parade reflects how our love and commitment can transform Singapore into the Garden City that we all desire!
And this is the part of the show where all the gorgeous butterflies, flowers and water dancers appear, also my favourite part of the show!!! :)

Brilliant fireworks that added so much colour to our already pretty city night sky!
And some of them even looked like heartshapes!

This is why you HAVE TO catch the actual parade on 9th August else you will be missing out on so much awesomeness ^~^

And then the grand finale,
Loving Singapore, Our Home
where we all came together to sing this year's NDP theme song - "Love at First Light" and many other songs like "Count on me, Singapore" "We are Singapore" etc!!! :)
So glad that everyone sang along to celebrate Singapore's independence, our love for our home and our fellow Singaporeans! :)

To end off, they showed the digital choir I blogged about previously where everyone who submitted a video of them singing the National Anthem will be put together!!!

And guess what?
I had blonde hair when we recorded this that's why I guess it was easier to spot us hehe :p
So if you did submit yours, please do keep a lookout for your videos! :D
Feels awesome to be able to do a part for NDP ^~^

And that was the end of the parade but you could sense that NO ONE wanted to leave haha!
The parade was soooo good we wanted more XD
Guess we'll have to wait for 9th August then! :)

Many people texted in after the parade to show their love for Singapore and to praise everyone's efforts to make this day possible! :D

Singapore has come a long way and I think we are the true epitome of how size doesn't matter :)
We may be small but we have big dreams and strong determination!
We should all learn to appreciate what we have and strive to work hard and contribute more for our nation so that together we can move forward!

I love Singapore, am very thankful that I grew up here,
and I will make this place my kids' home and my grandkids' home as well!

I shall end off this entry with my favourite picture of all!


By the way, for more NDP2012 updates, activities and behind the scene videos and pictures, do check out:

Also, they have a link for us to add Singapore Flag badges to our Facebook display pictures to show our pride for our country!

Thank you all for reading, love you all! :)


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too bad u don't have a picture, i wanted to know what's in the fun pack.

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So happy to spend the afternoon with you and Zoe!! All that giggling and camwhoring and our MILO SECRET. LOL!!!

Jm said...

Hey i love this blog post! I am one of the motivators! Really glad that you enjoyed the show and you love Singapore so much! :D