Monday, August 20, 2012

Quick Update

Sorry for the lack of updates recently sweethearts!

I haven't been feeling well so I was highly unproductive, sorry! :(

But now I'm feeling a lot better already so I'm hoping to get more updates up so this space won't be so dead :)

I didn't take much pictures cause I looked quite awful the past few days when I was unwell
but thankfully iPhone's front camera and filters conceals all of that!
So here are some pictures from my instagram (@pxdkitty)

Went shopping with my boyfriend despite being sick, lol!
Girlssss ;)

Bought this new backpack from TOPMAN to share with my boyfriend!
It's my birthday month so I got a 20% off, awesome!

I haven't mentioned this yet, but
Martin and I randomly went to this fancy looking restaurant before the NDP NE show I blogged about previously to fill our tummies! :)
We didn't intend to stay for too long initially cause we just needed to grab a quick bite before the parade began,
but after we entered the shop, its stunning interior totally won us over.

The Cookie Museum
Esplanade Mall
T: +65 6333 1965

Opening Hours
Mon-Thu, Sun (12pm-10pm)
Sat (12pm-10.30pm)

Last order:
9.30pm (Sun - Thu)
10.30pm (Fri & Sat)

I had no idea it was called The Cookie Museum until I googled it when I got home..
I guess that explains why we ordered everything except for their cookies!
Wish we had tried them cause their food was really good :)

Martin's Spicy Salmon... something (I forgot the actual name of it)
He thinks it's too spicy but I loved it!
I love everything spicy because I think it adds on an even more satisfying kick to having nice tasting food.

My mushroom soup!
It was velvety, flavourful, there were generous chunks of juicy mushrooms in it, and the crunchy croutons complemented the soup perfectly.
Possibly one of the best mushroom soups I've ever had!
Also, the waitress told me they only serve a limited number of bowls of these every day!
Guess I was lucky ;)

Some pictures of us while eating!
Wish we could have stayed for longer cause the ambiance, the lighting and the decor of the place was too pretty to not camwhore with
but we didn't want to miss the parade either..

Maybe next time! :)

My love and best friend :)

Try to ignore my awkward hand posture.. I couldn't resist the nice lighting lol!

Went to my grandmother's place for her birthday dinner the other day :)

Here's my outfit of the day!

Bag, feather necklace and my new favourite heels from

These were surprisingly comfortable,
didn't give me any problems which all of my other heels did!
Maybe it's a sign to switch loyalties from my wedges!

I was only told it was going to be a celebration for my grandmother's birthday,
but they surprised me with a birthday cake for me!! :')
If you've read my previous birthday post, this year's birthday has definitely been my best birthday ever!

And not forgetting my super adorable niece who's the apple of everyone's eyes now hehe!
It's hard not to dote on such a sweet face! :)

Hahaha she can't speak yet but judging from her expression,
I'd imagine her saying this...
"hurhur, you all don't try to bluff me hor I know one"


Thanks for reading! :)

I should be updating a longer post sometime soon!

Till then,
Love you all!

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