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Rachel K Event

So honoured to have been invited to Rachel K's new skincare line's launch the other day, hosted by Angelique Teo! :)

It was held at The Spaboutique
Was my first time there and it was such a beautiful place! :D

My plus one for the event was Priyanka, whom I've known for 4 years and who has been there for me all along!
Although we're not like super close or meet all the time, just a simple text from time to time is good enough :D
Thank you for everything babe, hehe love you!

We arrived surprisingly early that day (cause I'm usually late for almost everything), and we took the chance to speak to Rachel's mother a little!
I need to emphasize on how FLAWLESS and radiant her mum's skin was!
And also she was super supportive of her daughter's cosmetics line which I thought was super sweet :)

And this table packed with goodie bags totally caught our attention!
I mean, who doesn't like free stuff? :p
Plus, even if they just gave any sample size product from Rachel K cosmetics or new skincare range, it would be more than good enough! :D

But............ the goodie bag was..................... even moreeeeeeee awesomeeeeeeee than we expected!!!!
(but no pictures YET, do read on if you want to see what's inside!)

Random chio picture I took of Qiuqiu while she wasn't looking :x

There were also canapes served to us but we were quite shy to eat them cause it was quite an atas event and everyone was really like doing PR and socialising haha
but in the end we decided to heck it and ate quite a few! :p

A picture with Qiuqiu, Michelle (Qiuqiu's plus one), Priyanka, Erica, and some other media friends (I'm so sorry I'm horrible at remembering names!!) :D

My Black Thigh Cut Dress is from :)

When everyone arrived, the event officially started and we were introduced to some background information about Rachel K's cosmetics.

Some background information
Rachel Kum, Miss Singapore Universe 2009, is also an entrepreneur and co-founder of Rachel K cosmetics.

Rachel Kum's passion for all things creative and natural has been a lifelong commitment...Her own experience with skin and makeup and working with women whose careers depended on good complexion has allowed her to see how skin image not only threatens careers but can also destroy self confidence." (via

After two years of dedicated researching, testing and refining mineral makeup, Rachel believes she has found the optimal product in her Rachel K cosmetics range.

Before writing this post, I googled quite a bit about Rachel K cosmetics because I definitely would want to blog about things that I really believe in before I share it with you guys.
And the reviews I've read about this make up line so far are all positive and full of praise!
To add on, many stunning beauty queens from all over the world swear by their make up as well!
Tell me how not to be swayed?? Haha!

One of the most popular products and most raved item from the Rachel K cosmetics range would be the CC cream.
It is essentially a much-improved and refined version of BB cream developed in Japan and Korea, where the people are known for their dewy and flawless skins!

While BB cream was manufactured primarily as a skincare product, CC cream (Colour Control Cream) was developed to retain all the skincare benefits of BB cream with added nourishing ingredients and the additional aim to provide more effective skin coverage. CC cream is the newest miracle beauty product available in a limited market, and was formulated with technology originating in industry-leader Japan and further developed in Korea.

And I also got this from the Rachel K cosmetics website:

CC cream guarantees!
• Less oily
• More whitening effect
• More brightening effect
• Better coverage
• No breakouts
• More moisturizing
• More long lasting
• Better stability

It really shows how much pride they take in their items and it makes me love to believe in their products as well :)

I read that Rachel K cosmetics are also suitable for sensitive skin so no need to worry! :)

Can't wait to try them out myself!

After which, Angelique proceeded to talk about the new Rachel K SEE THE DIFFERENCE Skin Care line, which is the highlight of the launch event!

Angelique also shared about her own experience recently with Rachel K products, and she said they worked well for her too! :)
I was soooo stoked and totally can't wait to purchase some Rachel K products ASAP and use them immediately haha!
I want pretty skin too~~

Everyone listening intently :)

Then, they had a live demonstration on a model using the following Rachel K products:

Radiance Illuminator Collagen + Lotus Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask
Intense Booster
Youth Spell
Youth Eye Complex
CC Cream
CC Pressed Powder

The make up artist was Sarah Chaudhry, one of Singapore's most renowned make up gurus on YouTube!

The mask they first demonstrated on the model is like a transparent sheet of jelly and it contours to suit the curves of your face!
And it looks extremely hydrating!
I think I have combination skin (dry on the outside, oily on the inside) and will totally need this mask!!

Followed by the Intense Booster, Youth Spell, and Youth Eye Complex..

And finishing off by just applying a thin layer of the CC cream and pressed powder!
The model's skin instantly looks super radiant and flawless, not cakey at all!
I'd be sooo proud to strut around with such light make up IF I one day achieve near perfect skin!!! :) Please please let the day come soon!

While waiting for the model to have her make up done, we all mingled for awhile more!

A picture of Priyanka and I with Rachel
It was my first time seeing her and my first impression was like, "Whoa, no wonder she's a beauty queen!"
Beauty, class, confidence, an extremely pleasant accent and that captivating aura that will turn heads - she had it all!
Plus her dress was gorgeous! :D

Alvin taking a picture of Qiuqiu and Rachel
both also very pretty!

Before the event came to a conclusion, they also held a mini lucky draw and the 3 winners whose names were drawn would get some spa treatments from The Spaboutique using Rachel K products!

And here are the 3 lucky winners!

And they even got to wear a beauty queen crown for the picture!!!

Initially when we first saw Rachel place that dazzling crown on the first winner's head, everyone got really really excited and we were like "THE WINNERS GET TO KEEP THE CROWNS?!"

And Qiuqiu was super cute she asked me how many winners are there cause she was excited too hehehe XD

I love Qiuqiu, she's super nice and friendly and just seeing her makes me happy!
I've met her a few times thanks to Nuffnang now, but every time feels as exciting as the first time I'm seeing her hahah
don't judge me cause everyone has their fan girl momentssss
Priyanka was also telling me she felt like she was dreaming when Qiuqiu spoke to us :'D

Thank you Qiuqiu for being so nice to everyone! :) Hao ren you hao bao!!

Hehe sorry for digressing :X

Anyway, turns out the crown was only for picture taking purposes, but GOOD ENOUGH!!!
How often do even you get to wear a beauty queen's crown?

And one of the winners was Qiuqiu's friend!

Congratulations to all the winners!! :D

With that, the event came to an end and we all collected a goodie bag (are you excited about what's inside yet???? keep reading~) and headed home!

An extremely fulfilling day of learning new stuff about skincare, seeing sooo many gorgeous people, having nice food to eat, being at a splendid location and meeting some of my favourite people ever!!! :)

Thank you so much for inviting us to your new skincare launch, Rachel K cosmetics! :)

About the New Rachel K SEE THE DIFFERENCE Skin Care line
After Rachel K cosmetics have established a reputable and esteemed brand name for themselves, they have now gone a step further and ventured into a new skin care line called SEE THE DIFFERENCE.

What makes SEE THE DIFFERENCE so special?
prized and expensive Swiss Apple Stem Cell extract is one of the star ingredients in the new Rachel K SEE THE DIFFERENCE Skin Care Line.
Apart from that, the entire line is made from rare, highly prized natural ingredients, and uses bleeding edge technology to achieve beautiful results fast, without damaging skin, and infusing skin with the ability to renew itself.

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for........


Unlike the sample sized products we were expecting to receive,
Rachel K cosmetics have extremely generously provided all of us with FULL SIZE products from the new Rachel K SEE THE DIFFERENCE skin care line and their cosmetics line, namely:

CC Cream
CC Pressed Powder
Intense Booster
Youth Spell
Youth Eye Complex
Stem Cell Purifying Cleansing Gel
Midnight Miracle
Radiance Illuminator Collagen + Lotus Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask (not in picture)

It's good to start having a good skincare routine from a young age because prevention is always better than cure!
And I heard that some people start around 18 and I'm 22~
so I'd better start now! :)

I'm actually most excited to try out Rachel K's CC Cream because like I said above, it's been so highly raved by many people!

And since I've benefited from this event in many ways,
I want to be able to spread the joy with you all too!!

I will be trying out these Rachel K products (faithfully I hope) for a few weeks
and then do an update post on my skin's condition! :)

If it works well for me, I will buy one or two Rachel K products for a giveaway :)
Cause I can't give you guys the used ones that'll be kinda gross hahah
It's been long since I had a giveaway anyway! ^~^

Do watch this space, especially for girls and boys (fyi, I think it's totally okay for guys to use make up cause everyone wants to look good!) with combination skin type like me,
cause I think my review will be the most applicable to you! :)

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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