Thursday, August 9, 2012

Subway Beef Pastrami


We all know that feeling when it happens...

And then I ask myself,

That's when I realised....

That's right!
I can't get Subway's Beef Pastrami Sub off my mind!

I mean just look at this mouth-watering picture!
How can anyone resist this? :D

Do note that Subway's Beef Pastrami Sub is for a LIMITED TIME PERIOD only, and it's available only till 31st August!

And by applying my personal formula to happiness,

I made a trip to my nearest Subway branch at Ang Mo Kio Hub to satisfy my Beef Pastrami cravings! :D

Quick fact: I just did a rough count at the number of Subway branches from their website, and there are approximately 100 Subway branches all over different parts of Singapore!
An extremely impressive figure!

Being greeted by this poster got my taste buds excited - they've got what I'm looking for! ;)

The thing I love most about Subway is how they let you customize your entire meal!
I'm an extremely picky customer and I ALWAYS make special requests when I'm ordering food
so Subway's style of service is perfect for me! :p

Would you like a sub, salad or wrap?
Which type of bread?
Which size?
Which extras?
Which veggies?
Which sauce?
Make it a meal?

If I didn't remember wrongly, the first time I had a Subway sub when I was 16/17.
Back then, I was extremely noobish at placing orders and I would secretly worry about ordering it wrongly hahah!
But that was when I first fell in love with Subway's 6-inch Cold Cut Trio with Hearty Italian and Honey Mustard sauce and couldn't get enough of it!

Plus my junior college (Victoria JC) always had Subway delivery through our school councilors on certain days of the week so that love never faded! :D

Now, 5 years later, I'm a self-proclaimed professional customer of Subway! LOLOL
I am able to finish a footlong with much ease, not afraid of ordering wrongly anymore, and have fallen in love with other flavours such as Steak & Cheese, Meatball Marinara, Italian B.M.T. and more!

But for this trip to Subway, I'm looking for a very special and limited time only Beef Pastrami!

Whoaaa look at all their sandwiches... Food, glorious food!

For my bread choice, Hearty Italian has always been the favourite!
Probably because it's all crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside which makes it go perfect with almost everything!
I chose Honey Mustard sauce for my sandwich because it will add a subtle tinge of sweetness to the meat, yummy!

And I guess the whole anticipation for the Beef Pastrami prepped my stomach for a big meal - I ordered a footlong all for myself! :D

"I would like to add extra cheese and bacon please!"

And behold...
The Beef Pastrami Sub I've been hearing and seeing so much about on television, online via Facebook etc!

Doesn't it just look absolutely scrumptious and inviting? :D
And not to worry, this sub doesn't only look good, it tastes even better!

They totally weren't joking on the ads when they said the meat is "so succulent you can't get pastrami off your mind"!
I absolutely adore how the crispy bacon I added complemented the chewy and juicy beef pastrami perfectly.
Two different textures of two different meats, I get the best of both worlds all in one sub! Yay!

Also, the beef pastrami is slightly peppery and extremely flavourful - awesome for foodies like me who LOVE exciting food!

For me, I must always have an ice cold drink and chewy cookies to complete my meal! :)

Posing with my beef pastrami!

Hahahah I honestly didn't know I looked THIS happy when I took this picture!
I guess good food really makes me happy! :D

By the way, I requested for them to not cut the footlong into half cause I'm not sharing it with anyone
and it's quite shiok to eat the entire thing on its own! :p

And you have absolutely no idea how hard it is to not drool while holding this yummy sub on your hand for a picture but not being able to bite into it yet!

You know what? You all should challenge yourself! :p
Order a Subway's Beef Pastrami and camwhore with it and see how many pictures you can take before you give in to temptation and gobble up the entire thing hahah!

My record is 15 with Subway's Beef Pastrami sub, which is quite little considering that I usually take about 300 pictures on average per day! HAHAH please don't judge me!

"Omg I really want to eat it...."

"Can already? Last pic and I'm really going to eat it after this!!!"

And yes, after the pictures I devoured the entire footlong all by myself!
It was immensely gratifying and the savory taste of the beef pastrami is definitely unforgettable!
Craving satisfied! My tummy is happy, and so am I!

The sub was a mouthful of goodness in every bite!
In my opinion, the best part about the beef pastrami is its rich smoky flavour, the fragrance from the spices and herbs, the texture of the coarse black pepper that lightly coated the juicy full-flavoured meat.
It definitely left my tastebuds tingling and wanting for more!

As mentioned above, I've always loved the chewy texture of Subway's Cold Cut Trio and the rich flavour of their Beef Steak & Cheese.
And after trying the beef pastrami, I'd like to think of it as a perfect blend of texture and taste of my top two favourite flavours from Subway!

For people who aren't so fond of slightly spicy food, there's no need to worry because the crisp lettuce and veggies will help you cool down the heat! :)
Just request for more veggies for your sub and you're good to go!

And here are some pictures from my iPhone :p
Random, but I think girls are natural born photographers, we can do almost anything and take a picture while we're at it hahah!

Subway cookies are at the top of the list of my all time comfort food!
Sweet, chewy and everything a sweet tooth can ever ask for :)
I must always order two Chocolate Chip cookies whenever I order a sub because I can eat one after my meal, and keep one for later on in the day. LOL!

And finally, my verdict for this highly raved sandwich?
I can safely say that this is one sub I'd definitely recommend to everyone, especially the meat lovers like me.
You won't know the meaning of true indulgence until you've tried the Beef Pastrami Sub!

But do remember that Subway's Beef Pastrami Sub is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!
The offer will end on 31st August,
so don't miss out on it and regret only when it's gone!

Got Beef Pastrami on your mind too?
Grab one of these today at Subway!

Thank you for reading, love you all!


mellisa cynthia said...

i want it !!
omg :( if indonesia got this i will go there every week

Anonymous said...

omg, ur appetite is sure huge...
but u are so skinny.

Anonymous said...

is it a romper u r wearing? where did u buy it from?

▲V Δ L E R I E▲ said...

Hahahah, you sure are making me hungry as heck with these mouth-watering sandwiches .. :(

Anonymous said...

You look alot alot alot prettier with black hair!! :D <3 your new hairstyle btw! (:

Anonymous said...

Hey babe, may i know what app you use to edit the blush on your face? And is there any similiar online websites for photo editing?

Anonymous said...

omgsh rachel super chio!!!!
love all your photo's!!!
By the way what font did you use for your photo's it's super cute!!

Adam Mysteria said...

Wow i love subway too. Because of this blogpost im so gonna feast on this next week :D