Sunday, September 23, 2012


I know this post is about camwhores (myself included), but I'm going to try my very best to resist all temptations of posting up my own camwhore shots!
Reason being that in the next few posts, you'll probably see my face so much you may not wish to come back to my blog anytime soon :/

If you really hate my face, you've been warned lol!

So anyway, I decided to write this post because I've been camwhoring so much lately even I am quite sick of it,
but I just can't help doing it!

I think it's getting kind of out of hand because I take about 200 to 300 pictures of myself on average (on my iPhone plus my camera) whenever I have make up on. (statistics exclude pictures of things around me, food, scenery and other people)
You can imagine how much of a headache I go through everyday just trying to sift out the better pictures of myself (and other pictures) and edit them T~T

There was once my brother told me he took lots of pictures of himself and jokingly said that he loves himself too much,
so I looked through his iPhone gallery... there was only about 6 pictures in one "series", which means all taken around the same timing with the same background/ similar poses.
Then I showed him my iPhone gallery and he went like "whoa!" and laughed at me.
In my iPhone gallery, there's always SCROLLABLE COLLAGES of my own face, probably about 40 at ONE GO :S
No picture to show because trust me, you won't want me to post a screenshot of my phone gallery lol.
That's probably why I'm damn reluctant to show people my phone's pictures cause it's literally all just pictures of my face,
plus it's not usually all that nice but I'm too damn lazy to delete it.
If one day my phone gets stolen (choy choy touch wood), the thief may just die from laughing at the insane number of camwhore shots in my phone :S

Most people would think that people who camwhore a lot are super confident that we're extremely good-looking or self-obsessed, but I'm kind of getting the possibility that this isn't the case.
Well we're probably just self-obsessed and self-centered and think the world revolves around only us for taking so many pictures of ourselves,
but we're definitely not the most confident of people.

Hear me out!

I've been following celebrities (singers, actors, actresses etc) on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube (videos other people post up of them) and all, and I realised that they don't even have half as much self-taken shots as I do!
And I often tell myself "If I had Megan Fox's face or body, I'd be blowing up five 16GB memory cards per day from just taking pictures of myself!"
But that's not the case!

The truly super pretty girls / good-looking people in general tend to NOT camwhore much, or get tired of taking pictures of themselves easily
I'm guessing it's probably because their beauty comes so naturally they're so used to it
or maybe because other people are constantly taking pictures of them for them, they don't need to do it themselves!
Whenever I look good on a particular day, I'll spam pictures of myself like a mad bitch because it doesn't happen to me every day! T~T

And also, celebrities really DON'T GIVE A FLYING FUCK when people take ugly / bad-angled pictures of them.
I mean nobody likes having ugly pictures of themselves taken, but I'm just saying that these naturally gorgeous people don't mind them as much.

For me, I get SUPER BOTHERED by people posting pictures of me when I'm (in my own opinion) in not so nice clothes, not having make up on, not photoshopped, not smiling/posing properly, when my nose looks flat and wide, when my arms/thighs look huge, when my jaw looks a little fat, when my face looks chubby, when my eyes look extremely tired and small, and the list goes on.

So whenever I take pictures with someone, I'd usually go stalk their social platforms everyday until they post it up to see which picture they post of me and cross my fingers that it turns out pretty (to me).
And when the picture doesn't turn out ideally, I'd have this mentality:
"What is this bitch trying to do? Show everyone how truly ugly I am by posting up an ugly picture of me??? Friendship over!"
and get super pissed off :S
Now that I think of it, maybe not everyone has that evil intention (although there are some bitches like that out there),
and some people may honestly think I look alright/quite good in those pictures that's why they post them up,
but I just can't help getting all paranoid and feeling that way!

But in the case of celebrities, I see themselves posting (or maybe it's their managers or whoever posting on their behalves) not so flattering shots of themselves!
I mean I am in no position to judge any of the celebrities..
But I'm just saying that sometimes in those pictures they don't smile as prettily as they usually do (probably they weren't even ready for the photo), or they blinked in those pictures, or they're like at an awkward angle and all.
And still they post those pictures up!
It's almost as if they're like "Okay I need to post a picture up for my fans! *takes ONE shot, doesn't give a shit how it looks, posts it up anyway*"
Not that they hate their fans, but I'm guessing it's because they are CONFIDENT.
Kind of like.. They KNOW that they are gorgeous so a few ugly pictures don't mean a thing to them
cause those ugly pictures are just LIES because the TRUTH is that they are truly good-looking regardless of any negative comments they receive about their pictures.

But for camwhores like me, I need to use well-angled make up-ed and photoshopped pictures to convince others that I am quite good-looking after all despite them seeing how I really look in real life (not that I'm hideous okay, just not as nice looking as my pictures of course lol).
Whoop whoop, confession time hahaha!
Am I making any sense?

Plus paparazzis take pictures of them all the time, and if those celebrities were to be bothered by unglam shots (like I am) I think they'd probably kill themselves on the first day of fame.

I have no idea why I'm even posting this up
but I just suddenly realised that the REALLY REALLY pretty girls don't camwhore as much as I do and it hit me like
BAM! You're not that good-looking and confident as you thought you were O.O

But don't get me wrong!
I'm actually a lot more confident now than I was in the past when I struggled with horribly low self-esteem and call myself ugly everyday and cry about it (boohoo lol),
and have come to terms that I'm quite pleasant looking (at least got eyes got nose got mouth all, like you and you and you) but I'm probably just not pretty in everyone's eyes (otherwise I'd go be a top model or something)
and I respect people's different opinions and don't call them haters just for thinking I'm not pretty anymore hahah.

So this is just a random train of thoughts about excessive camwhoring that somehow manifested into this wordy blogpost..
Okay abrupt ending!

But if you have something to rant about camwhoring too please leave a comment I'd love to read it hahah!

Let me know if you guys agree with this perspective
or if it's just me thinking too much again because I think too much very often lol!

With all of that said,
here's a sneak preview of one out of the many camwhore shots for my next blogpost :P

Thank you for reading, love you all!


Niing said...

LOL I can totally relate to this post!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, i don't agree that really really pretty girls don't camwhore as much, although what do u mean by "much"? As compared to u (300 :O)? Then from what u've said, alot of people, be it average or pretty, don't actually camwhore as much as you lol.
Nah, but i've seen some really pretty girls (other than u ;)) camwhore alot. Well, it's the trend now isn't it? I don't think self-confidence has anything to do with it really. U can look at it both ways. The lower self-confidence part: Maybe u (think) don't look good all the time so u want to spam pics of urself when u do look good. There's nothing wrong with that. Just like when u see a really nice scenery that u don't get to see all the time and want to capture it.
The high self-confidence part: Orr, u may have so much confidence in ur own appearance u want to spam pictures all the time, whether with make-up on or not. Either way those are still camwhore shots.
So what i'm saying is, anybody who's daring enough to take pictures of themselves and post them up HAVE self-confidence. Maybe not as much as some people (and that's ok because we are who we are) but at least some self-love is there.
At the end of the day, what's important is that ur comfortable with urself.
(I don't know which celebs ur talking about but many Taiwanese celebs wouldn't want to be caught dead with an ugly picture. Not that they would have a choice with the paparrazi.)