Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cine days

Went to Cineleisure with my boyfriend recently on two separate days,
and already Cineleisure feels like a whole new place!

The shops at Cineleisure are always updating and there seems to always be an endless number of things to see,
which is a major plus point because it feels like a fresh new experience everytime I step in there.

My outfit of the day!

Dug out some of my old clothes like this oversized cream knitted top, my grey high waist shorts and also a random bowler hat which I've only worn once since I bought it.
Decided to give my old clothes a second life by mixing and matching them differently.
Otherwise I would usually get bored of my clothes after wearing them once and leave them untouched for forever :/

Wearing headpieces are fun only when you have them on to camwhore at home.
The moment you step out of the house, BAM! Tons of stares from passersby.

But I guess it's because Singapore's weather isn't really hat-friendly,
especially if you're wearing them just for vanity purposes and not really to shield yourself from the sun!
Still, I decided that my neglected bowler hat's feelings were more important than judgmental stares from random strangers whom I'll probably never see again,
and so I insistently wore my hat out that day! :)

We went to Sticky to get some candy because it has somehow become a must for us to buy a bag of Sticky everytime we step into Cineleisure,
but I honestly have no idea why!

We decided to explore some different flavours and bought Lemon Barley and Acid Rocks.
Omg. The Acid Rocks are farrrrr more lethal than its name suggests.
It's coated with this white powder which I thought would be sour, and then the rest of the candy would be sweet


It was crazily sour inside and out (salivating from just typing this cause I can still imagine the acid rocks in my mouth),
like the extremely sour outer part of Warheads, except the ENTIRE candy tastes like that!

Wish I'd discovered this flavour earlier because it is definitely good for students who have problems staying awake during lectures.
It's almost impossible to fall asleep with the acid rock in your mouth lol!

But I still like it because it gives me the kicks trying to bear with the sourness and competing with my boyfriend to see who can hold a giant acid rock in their mouth for the longest without spitting it out :p

Shopping time!
Felt like pampering myself and buying a ton of clothes and gave myself countless reasons on why I deserve to get new stuff:

Because I was sick so I was quite poor thing
Because I need a new skirt to match my new top
Because I haven't bought a backpack in awhile
Because I need a new blazer just in case
Because my sister is overseas and I'm not
etc etc

It's a girl thing!

We also went into Rockstar by soon lee and was amused by their items as usual!

They always have the quirkiest items and I personally think they are awesome as gifts for friends!

Check out these Chemistry set look alike things
They're actually shower gels, hand soaps and what not! :D

Us staring at the moss hahah

Rainbow coloured pouches!

And then we went to the arcade and went into the neoprint booth because I wanted to take neoprints
but sadly we needed the timezone card for it and we were sooo lazy to top it up
and so I whipped out my camera and we'll just have to make do with the green screen I guess!

And then we went to catch Paranorman because Martin wanted to watch a ghost movie but I didn't want anything too scary hahah
that was our compromise :p

Chain necklace from http://www.jipaban.com/ :)

Waited at the side of level 6 and watched a ton of other movie trailers while waiting for our movie to start

And I really can't wait to watch Hotel Transylvania!!!!
I love cartoon movies and the trailer looked so good already omg :D

Apart from shopping, we also went to play darts at Cineleisure's level 9 cause we wanted to kill some time before watching another movie, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

The darts machine was only $2 for 2 players and the game lasted way longer than those arcade games, super worth it lol!!

Martin kept hitting the bullseye
which was annoying because I didn't only lose to him like mad, my darts BOUNCED OFF the dartboard hahaha

I bet the couple beside us with their baby was secretly laughing at me fail at darts
cause they played after us and were REALLY ACCURATE, damn!

But alright, although I lost terribly to Martin
(he had 377 at this point and I had 546 - the smaller the score the better)
it was still really fun and I had cheap thrills whenever my dart didn't fly off the board HAHA!

Happiness comes from content :p

Alright, that's it for this post :)

Thanks for reading, love you all!

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