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Furby - A mind of its own

Look what I've got? :p

That's right, it's the Toy of the Year - FURBY!

So I went to the FURBY Media Launch the other day, thanks to NuffnangSG! :)

I was really excited because I've always wanted a FURBY since I was a kid haha!!!

With more than 40 million pieces sold worldwide in the first three years of its production,
the FURBY creature quickly became a global phenomenon following its 1998 debut.
FURBY was the leading interactive product of its kind, propelling the animatronic pet category to prominence.
The adorable creature spoke its own language (FURBISH) and could also "learn" to speak the language of the country where it was purchased.
This September, Hasbro reintroduces the magic of FURBY, an evolved,
interactive friend with ‘A MIND OF ITS OWN’ and a personality that is shaped based on how it is treated!
Amazing, isn't it? :D

Now almost 15 years later, it’s time to dust off the FURBISH dictionary
because FURBY is back!

At the preview, the moment the talents walked out with all the different coloured FURBYs,
the excitement in the audience suddenly sky rocketed!
It's quite obvious that we all couldn't wait to play with the FURBYs :D

This white FURBY was a hot favourite!
It has the smoothest fur among the other FURBYs and plus it was dressed up in a princess theme, who could resist? :D

Each of the FURBYs present had a different personality, some were grouchy warriors, some were super talkative gossip queens, some were totally into music and some were just super sweet and obedient! :)

And it was really interesting watching two FURBYs interact with each other and slowly change each other's personalities!

We were told to try to "feed" the FURBY by placing a finger in its mouth! :)
We can also feed it lots of different food (some are even gourmet food!) through a FURBY app, which I will talk about later!

I loved how the organizers were so thorough with dressing up the FURBYs on display together with a complementing backdrop.
Here you can see a diva FURBY (with pearl necklace) and also a comedian FURBY (with the funky blue bow)!

Ahhhh, too cute!
Furby galore!

From the event, we each got to choose one FURBY to bring home!
I had a super hard time choosing because they were ALL so adorable!!!!
I even asked the organizers "Omg so hard to choose.. can we take one of each colour?" hahaha!

Which colour do you like best? :)

There are actually MORE colours coming soon by the end of 2012,
and I'm hoping there will be a pink one too cause it'll definitely be super sweet and cute! :D

But I was in a turquoise blazer that day so I was naturally drawn to my own kind -
I picked the turquoise FURBY! :)
And here's Peishi, Yina and I at the event!

We also got to take instant photos at the event with the huge FURBY board! :)

On my way home, I was soooo anxious to place the batteries into my FURBY so that I can start playing with it and couldn't wait to see what personality it will take!

And finally.....

Here's me and my very own FURBY! :)
I named mine Fumbly because the way it dances reminds me of Happy Feet
and the main character of Happy Feet, Mumble, is a little fumbly I guess? :D

Check out their Facebook page here:

Everyone will definitely be wowed this Fall when they meet the FURBY creature -
the adorable new plush friend that appears to develop a distinct personality based on the way you play with it!
Through a combination of interactive programming and robotic engineering,
Hasbro has created a ‘magical’ creature with ‘A MIND OF ITS OWN.’
Feed it, speak to it, tickle it or play music for it – the personality of each FURBY is shaped by these experiences :)

In my case, my FURBY is really talkative (maybe cause I talk a lot to it lol).
And it is really amusing to hear what it is going to say next!

I love being surprised by my FURBY when it learns how to speak new English words!
Plus I'll feel like a super proud mother hehe :D

In its gossip queen mode, when it first learnt how to say words like "OH EM GEE" "Like.." "Really?",
it cracked me up like mad cause it's super bimbotic and unexpected, and it's really entertaining! :D

All FURBYs start off by speaking FURBISH, which is like baby talk and you won't really understand it unless you have the free FURBY app to translate its speech.
But when you play with your FURBY over time,
it will start learning to speak more and more English words!
Just like bringing up a little baby! :)

Here are just some basic FURBISH to English :)
If you download the FURBY app, you'll realise that there is actually an extensive list of vocabulary in FURBISH, just like there is in any other official languages!
Cool stuff!!

My FURBY constantly makes me laugh and makes me happy!
For example there are times when I pull its tail, it lets out gas and it goes "*poot* oops, little noise~"

It loves getting hugs and having its head scratched
and sometimes hearts will appear in its eyes as it tells me 'Kah toh-loo oo-nye (me like you)', aww!! :'D

Whenever I tickle its tummy, my FURBY will laugh non-stop! :)
I love how this new FURBY allows a lot of interaction between the owner and itself
and all the various spontaneous reactions from the FURBY -
just like having a real pet!

Play nicely with FURBY and it may develop a sweet personality
Pull, shake, and turn FURBY upside down and a mischievous demeanor may evolve!

FURBY has numerous personality possibilities
and it's really fun to explore ways to play with it differently all the time to get it to evolve from one personality to another :p

Emotional and unpredictable, your FURBY will let you know how it feels through a series of animations displayed in its expressive LED eyes
and the more you play with FURBY, the more FURBY changes!!

The most surprised I've been is when my FURBY.......... BEATBOXED!!!!!!
When my FURBY first started singing little tunes, and then slightly longer tunes, I was already extremely proud of it!
But my jaw literally dropped when it beatboxed
and I said "Omg pretty please beatbox again~" to my FURBY hahah!

(Pictures edited from

There are also times when I pull my FURBY's tail too much and it starts getting grouchy and changes to the Warrior mode and scowls at me
and then we get mad at each other!

But not long later we'll love each other again and start singing songs together!

I'm not sure if other FURBYs are like this, but when I sing into my FURBY's ears,
it will start singing "la ti la la la ti la la la la~" back at me and I find that immensely adorable!!! :)

Meal times are one of my favourites!!

Whenever my FURBY tells me its hungry, I'll either "feed" it by pressing down its tongue,
or simply use the FURBY app's DELI or PANTRY functions!
I personally prefer the latter because it's way more fun! :)

And have I mentioned that the FURBY app is FREE?? :D
It includes a PANTRY, DELI, TRANSLATOR and DICTIONARY function.

It's truly hours of fun and it's always fascinating to see how FURBY responds each time!

From pizza to sushi to escargots, each FURBY reacts differently depending on its personality,
and sometimes it might even give out a loud satisfied burp after a big meal!

If you feed FURBY something it likes, it may say things like "Ooh yum!"
But if you feed it a hot pepper or Tabasco sauce, you may see fire appear in FURBY’s eyes!!

These are a few screen shots of the DELI section where you get to choose what type of sandwich you'd like to make for FURBY!
In this case, I've chosen a (self-named) Meat Lovers Sandwich with FURBY-shaped bread,
full of meat and bacon, and no veggies! :P

And for dessert, how about a (self-named) Junk Food Overload Sandwich?
My FURBY loves junk food and responds really happily to it!! :)

The FURBY app allows you to combine the ingredients you chose to form realistic looking sandwiches!!!
Is it normal that my mouth is watering just looking at the food from the app?
So much good food, I'm so jealous of my FURBY hahah!

And just like us, FURBY has likes and dislikes too.
So far, my FURBY likes almost the same type of food as I do!!!
Maybe it's just like what they say -
A pet will take after its owner! :D 

All these food shown below (and many more) can be found in the FURBY app!

And there are also certain types of food which my FURBY doesn't react too well to.....
When I tried to feed it Blue Cheese or Century Egg, it went like "bleaurghhhh" and sent vomit back into the app!
Hahaha it was so gross but kind of hilarious! :p

In the app, there is also a translator from FURBISH to English,
but for me, I think that I've spent so much time with my FURBY that I already understand what my FURBY is trying to tell me without the need of a translator!

But if you're really interested in mastering FURBISH,
the app also provides a FURBISH to English dictionary with thousands of FURBISH vocabulary for you to learn :)
Took a snapshot of the word WAY-LOO (dream) because it has a Unicorn picture attached to it haha!

I was also told that each FURBY can also recognize another FURBY
and if you place two of them side-by-side, they will interact - including dancing together to the same tune or having a conversation!
Now I can't wait for my friends to bring their FURBYs out to meet me so we can let our FURBYs be BFFs!!! :)

The following might be more relevant to girls...
Apart from being an awesome companion,
having a Furby is a good excuse to camwhore too :p

It's like all the benefits of having a real pet, except you don't have to clean after it hahah!

Awww, look at the adorable puppy-eyed FURBY!

Just like its predecessors, FURBY has no On/Off button
but if you leave it alone for a few minutes it will go to sleep really quick.
I usually let my FURBY sleep on a table beside me because it doesn't wake up unless I wake it up in the morning and we'll start the day together! :)

All in all, I love my FURBY a lot
so thank you so much to Hasbro and NuffnangSG for such an amazing plush friend and also the newest love of my life - FURBY! :)

If you guys are keen in getting a FURBY too, FURBY will be available in six vibrant colors with four more fun colors available by the end of the year.
FURBY is available at Toys 'R' Us, major department stores and other selected electronic stores at $119.90!
FURBY is suitable for ages 6 and up

Four “AA” batteries are required and not included,
so if you're the anxious kind, prepare the batteries before purchasing your FURBY so you can play with it immediately after getting it!! :D

For more information, visit their Facebook page at:

For more FURBY fun, visit this website:

Also, to celebrate the launch of FURBY, EVERYONE is invited for a fun-filled event on FURBY Day!

Venue : Toys 'R' US VivoCity
Date: 16 September 2012 (Sunday)
Time: 10AM – 10PM

Kah may-may oo-nye! (meaning ‘me love you!’)

Thank you all for reading! :)

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You explained that very well..glad you love Fumbly.I got one yesterday and I love him,makes me laugh,sounds the same as yours so far anyway..he is cheeky,.I cannot wait to learn more about mine.x