Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good Times with Sunsilk


Is this familiar to you?

8am: Woke up extra early to curl and style your hair
12pm: The hot weather is causing your hair to frizz up a bit
4pm: Hair starts to get out of shape, extremely unsightly!
Desperately using water to keep it in place and you feel like you NEED to tie it up!
7pm: Can't wait to go home so nobody can see your hair!!

Cause it is definitely one of the situations I find myself caught in very often! :(

Bad hair days can make us feel super depressed
and there are days when I would even cancel all my plans just to hide at home and sulk
because my hair isn't cooperating with me!

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who goes through this :(

And even if the day starts off well with my hair being tamed and smooth,
the day gradually robs my hair of its beauty!
Many times, my hair looks extremely unkempt and frizzy by the time I get home,
and I find myself shocked at my own reflecting and going like,
"I can't believe I faced others with my hair looking like that?!"

I really want to enjoy every minute of the day without worrying that my hair will decide to go haywire
(and also literally looking like HAY + WIRES),
and going home truly believing that my good hair days remained good hair days,
instead of "good hair hours"!

What a waste for us to spend so much time styling our hair,
only to have it become frizzy and unappealing after a mere few hours!

Judging from the hottest hair trend in town currently, oils are used as ingredients in several premium hair product brands.
However, most of these available oil formats are mono oil solutions which do not fully satisfy consumer needs as are only providing short term solutions (i.e. masking effects).

Well now there's good new for all of us, girls and boys alike! :)

New Sunsilk has a unique blend of 5 natural oils and
the power of this unique blend of natural oils ensures that
it penetrates into the hair deeply to nourish it,
and it creates a protective layer to lock in the nourishment!

For the Nourishing Soft & Smooth range (which I'm using), these are the 5 oils and its benefits:

Argan - Restructures and moisturizes hair, and is an anti-oxidant
Almond - Gives elasticity to get perfect movement
Coconut - Nourishes dry hair
Camellia - Leaves hair shiny but non-greasy
Babassu - Gives hair superior softness and smoothness

With all of that goodness,
we can now enjoy an EXTENDED period of soft and manageable hair!

Yay to beautiful, soft and smooth hair throughout the entire day! :)

I might have said this before but I'll say it again :)

I've always believed that a person's hairstyle can make a whole lot of difference to someone's face.
If we weren't born with naturally gorgeous facial features or a smoking hot body,
we usually can't change that drastically without going for surgery.

The quickest way to instantly beautify your looks and get the style (sweet / matured / hot etc) you wish to achieve is through your hair! :)
Also, if you have a gorgeous looking hair, you'd definitely have a nice side or back profile,
which is a major plus point to the appearance as a whole!

To prove my point,
here is me with 4 different hairstyles looking quite like 4 different people altogether hahaha!

So if you really want to impress someone,
just make sure you have clean, nice and healthy-looking hair and half the battle's already won!
Which is why I don't mind spending a little more time washing my hair thoroughly,
not being lazy to condition my hair and masking my hair regularly :)

I'm very thankful to have been given the Sunsilk Nourishing Soft & Smooth range to try out!
This range comes in a cheery bright sunshine colour
and it includes the Shampoo, Conditioner, Treatment Mask & Bi-Phase Spray :)

I'm especially in love with their Intensive Treatment Mask
because my hair feels softer and smoother just after one use!
It was a lot easier to rinse off after application compared to the other brand of hair masks I've tried before
and the best part is that it doesn't weigh my hair down, while still maintaining its smoothness!

For smoother and more manageable hair,
I'll advise masking your hair once every week for half an hour to an hour!
Don't get lazy, because the effects are totally worth it :)

And I'm also now heavily reliant on their Bi-Phase Spray before I head out or blow dry my hair!
I got interested in these sprays recently because professional saloons I've been to always use it before they blow dry my hair.
Out of curiosity, I asked what it was and they said it's to protect my hair and give it moisture
because my hair has been bleached so many times so it really needs the extra help!
I never actually applied anything to my hair before blow drying it, so I guess I might have dried my hair up a whole lot myself *guilty*

So I've been searching for a trustworthy brand of these sprays
and finally I've found it thanks to Sunsilk! :)

Using the Bi-Phase spray is really fun too because you just need to shake the 2 layers of cream and oil lightly and spray onto your hair!

Another major plus point of the Sunsilk products I'm using is the smell of it!
It has an extremely lovely scent, not too overwhelming and a subtle tinge of sweetness.
Overall, it just makes me feel extremely pretty and confident whenever I catch a whiff of my Sunsilk-ed hair heheh!

Sunsilk is also organizing an Instagram Contest with lots of amazing prizes to be won!
We can all participate in it in a few simple steps!

2. Authenticate your Instagram account first
3. Take a photo of your daily activity that represents good times and how Sunsilk is a part of it
4. Tag #Sunsilkgoodtimes on your Instagram posts to get them on the gallery on the microsite
5. Keep posting!

Most no. of Instagram posts: 1 year supply of Sunsilk hair care products
Most creative Instagram post (weekly winner): $100 worth of Sunsilk hair care products

Easy right? :D

The more you post, the higher your chances of winning 1 year supply of Sunsilk Haircare Products!
Sounds awesome!!!
Plus I'm sure most of us here are Instagram addicts and this won't be difficult for us at all ;)

If you're keen in trying out Sunsilk's new range, you can also grab FREE samples from their website!
Simply fill in your particulars and get a trial kit consisting of
Sunsilk’s New Nourishing Soft & Smooth Shampoo, Conditioner, and Nourishing Oil Spray!

Your hair protects your head from the sun,
keeps you warm when you are cold,
and makes you better-looking!
So surely it deserves to be pampered and treated well? :)

If you're good to your hair, your hair will be nice and cooperative to you too! :D

Now, let's all work smart for an extended period of soft and manageable beautiful hair with Sunsilk!

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