Sunday, September 9, 2012

Jipaban Lookbook #1

This is my first time doing a magazine style (sort of) post, so please be lenient with me! :)
Wanted to try out something different apart from the usual snap and upload OOTD pictures.
Lots of inspirations from various magazines such as Vivi, Cleo,
and also one of my favourite bloggers ever - Yutaki!

Hope you'll like it!

Jipaban is one of my all time favourite online boutiques ever.
Not only do they have new updates every day of the week,
they have designs that cater to a wide range of styles
which is really awesome because it's always fun to step out of your comfort zone and experiment with a fresh new style :)

So today, I'll be using apparels, bags and shoes from Jipaban, top-to-toe, to show you guys some of the ways I like to mix and match their clothes!

Look #1 is the sweet girl next door look, or I'd like to call it the Korean girl look!
I realised that many of the matured Korean girls (in dramas and in pictures) are always dressed in button shirts.
I'm guessing it's probably because you can never be too overdressed or underdressed in shirts like this
so they're suitable in almost every occasion!
This makes it one of the "safe" clothes you can wear
especially if you're uncertain about how formal an event is going to be.
Also, light pinks exude an exceptionally sweet vibe so it'll be perfect for dates with that special someone ;)

If you like Look #1, all the items are from

Look #2 is the sweet and classy look!
Using the same polkadot flirty skirt from look #1, just by changing the shirt alone to one with long sleeves and pleats,
a more classy look is achieved.
Clothes that are versatile are the absolute best for mixing and matching.
That way, you won't have to spend so much money buying new clothes all the time,
and yet you can still look like you're wearing a completely different outfit!

If you like Look #2, all the items are from

Look #3, the pseudo preppy look, is my favourite look out of this entire lookbook actually!
Mainly because it's not like my usual style (mainly black and white.. kinda boring I know),
so the sudden cheery colours on me seems like a fresh new look!
If you're guilty of sticking to black and white too much like me,
it's time for us to step out of our comfort zones! :)

If you like Look #3, all the items are from

Look #4 is like a sleeker version of Look #2.
It is a lot more formal, less sweet looking, and also obviously screams "I know my trends" with the eye-catching thigh-cut skirt.
Again, you can see that the same white long sleeve pleated top is worn,
and by just changing a skirt, you have a whole new outfit! :)

Try it for yourself!
Go to your wardrobe, take out a few sets of tops and bottoms, mix and match them randomly
there are endless possibilities for you to uncover!

I also really taken a liking to this quilted bag in moss,
so I guess you may see it really often in my future blogposts haha!
I have quite a number of black bags (what's new..) already,
so the new addition of these coloured bags to my gloomy collection are definitely most welcomed!

If you like Look #4, all the items are from

Look #5, black x white, is something I'd wear quite often!
Black and white clothes are absolute necessities in everyone's wardrobes
and especially when it has comfortable cuttings like this dress below :)
I like the look of bodycon dresses but sometimes tight fitting dresses can get a little inconvenient
(eg. at buffets..)
So I'm really loving this dress, and I've also worn it in one of my previous blogposts!
I think I'll wear it out again sometime soon and hopefully you guys won't remember that I've worn it before

If you like Look #5, all the items are from

Look #6 is the strong female!
Not strong as in physically, but like a woman who is independent :)
First of all, nude gives off a very matured vibe,
which works in your favour if you're looking to attract MEN, not BOYS.
Also, the unique sleeves of the dress reminds me of those chunky metal arm cuffs,
which reminds me of Xena, and therefore strong and independent woman hahah!

If you like Look #6, all the items are from

And that's it for the looks,
hopefully it'll inspire some of you to express yourselves better through fashion! :)
The looks in this post isn't exhaustive and there are many more styles I'd like to try and blog about in future.

Do let me know if you guys liked this lookbook and would like to see more of them,
or if you'd prefer my usual OOTD posts instead :)

I'd really like to thank Jipaban for all their amazing apparels, bags, shoes and accessories
which actually inspired me a lot because all of their items are so gorgeous!

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Anyway, here are some camwhore pictures I took
plus a few famous fashion-related quotes from some of the biggest fashion icons out there!

Thank you for reading!
Love you all! :)

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