Sunday, September 16, 2012

Jipaban's Next Day Delivery

Here's a peek of how my week kind of went last week :)
It was quite a busy week to be honest and I really couldn't wait for the weekends to come!!
I changed some of the details to suit this post though, cause my life isn't so super happening after all hahah!

All items including accessories shown are from :D
(except one pair of blue shades)


So the week starts out nice and positive, I've got quite a number of stuff to do and people to meet.
Busy but really happy! :)

Met up with Peishi, Huixian and Jayne on Tuesday to celebrate Huixian and Peishi's birthday!!! :)
Girls day out are always fun with lots of catching up to do!

Wore a romper to take some pictures for advertorials because they look good no matter what :)
Have got plenty of deadlines to meet..
Busy busy!

Getting slightly weary from the lack of sleep!
Need to head out urgently to run some errands and buy some necessities for my house...

Only to realise while I was out that I have an important event to attend the next day (Friday)
which I have to dress up in a specific colour code
*majorly panicking*

Have nothing suitable to wear for the event so I don't even have the mood to attend it at all :(
Should I attend it and wear something totally out of place?
Or should I just skip this really important (to me) event?

If only there was a way......

And a way there was!

So the event that I needed to attend was actually the NuffnangX event,
which I will blog about in detail in my later posts :)
We were told to dress in a Blue x White theme,
which are also the colours on the NuffnangX logo!
I guess it's probably to hype up the excitement at the event even more!

Initially, I didn't have anything suitable to wear and was panicking like I said above
(might have exaggerated a little though LOL)
but then I eventually managed to get the perfect Blue x White outfit in time for the NuffnangX event!

But how...?
Read on to find out!

Everyone was in Blue x White so I was super thankful that I stuck to the dress code
otherwise I might have felt quite out of place :)

My entire Blue x White outfit (including my heels and clutch) that came to my door step on the very last minute was only possible because of Jipaban! :)

It felt pretty much like a god-sent parcel the moment I received my clothes from Jipaban
because I was so desperately in need of something apt to wear for the event!

I know that many of us have busy schedules and want to balance our work/school with hanging out with friends as well as spending enough time with our family.. and also spending some me-time (like watching Running Man hahah)!
Sometimes it's simply impossible to fork out hours of our time, especially on a hectic week, just to shop for clothes or even gifts for important dates/events.

But thankfully, Jipaban now does next day delivery! :D
You can get the gorgeous clothes and awesome gifts (gadgets, novelty items, books, movies and many more) you need for events, even at the very last minute!

With just an additional $4.90, you will receive your items the next working day.
What’s even better is that with every $100 spent, you will get FREE next day delivery!
This is perfect for people with busy schedules, or for those who forgot to shop for an important event (*guilty*)
and urgently need to get some new clothes or even gifts (for birthdays, anniversaries etc) ASAP!!

For non-Singaporeans, I've good news for you too! :)
Jipaban also ships internationally YAY!!
So no matter which country you're from, shop at Jipaban now! :D

Thankfully, everything went well and here's how my week turned out eventually! :)

And once the important event was over,
I could finally breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy the rest of my weekends!!

So thanks again to Jipaban for helping me dress up appropriately for the event!! :)
And now knowing that Jipaban does next day delivery is going to be a huge help for me in future!
Especially when I'm the kind who would rather hang out at home in front of my computer all day instead of stepping out.... oops! :p

Online shopping at Jipaban and next day deliveries all the way!!

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