Monday, September 17, 2012

Kitty Ears

This was me on a super grumpy day because of my cramps :(
Did my make up and changed into nice clothes and then.... my period came and I had to stay home!
Days like this I really hate being a girl!
But apart from that, being a girl is awesome cause I get way more different clothes than guys
and girls' clothes are cheaper hahah ;)

My Pearl Kitty Hairband is from NakedFlux!
Quote 'PXDKITTY' for FREE Normal Postage at

One day later...
Cramps are gone and out I go! :)

Couldn't get enough of this pair of kitty ears because it's TOO CUTE!!!
Plus it adequately covers up my boring hair :)
I love it!!
Now I'm hoping it won't break at the rate I'm exploiting it for everything
I'm wearing it when I'm out, I'm wearing it at home to keep my hair up and to remove my make up etc! :x

Some camwhoring pics ahead!
Took these before I went out for dinner with my family + my boyfriend :)

Smile a bit will die ah?

Wearing my black faux leather high waist shorts from an online shop some time back
and my new polkadot vintage looking shirt from
BlogShopping (Located at Far East Plaza Level 1, #01-34)

Will blog more about BlogShopping soon! :)

Yes, smile a bit will die.

Just kidding!!! :D :D


My sister introduced us to Long Phung, which serves indochinese / vietnamese food, because she said the restaurant received quite good reviews on HungryGoWhere, and she's also tried it before and thinks it's yummy!

Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant
Address: 159 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore

Tel: +65 9105 8519
Opening Hours
Daily: 1pm – 2am

Pretending to look at the menu..
Because my sister and mum were the ones who did the ordering and I was just like "anything anything~" :p

Here's Martin looking all buff and fit from all the army training now in case you all haven't seen his pictures for quite some time!
The Army transforms cute boys into hot men hahaha

I love my buff baby heheh! :)

Took more pictures while waiting for my food to be served.

Hanging my hairband around my neck the old school ahlian way lol!
I used to do this in secondary school a lot, with my cheap $2.90 pink / blue / brown hairbands cause I thought they looked like necklaces/ chokers hahah
I think it works pretty well with this kitty ears hairband!

Took 2 almost identical shots. Can't decide which one to post. It's okay, post both.

I also hate choosing between filters for my pictures. god dammit I can never decide which to use!!! :S
It's like one of the toughest decisions in a girls' life apart from what should I wear today, should I have another cupcake, do you think I should message him first etc.

The dishes at Long Phung are priced about $5 each to $10 each on the average and their portion's not too shabby.
When I say it's not too shabby it means it's probably quite a big portion, because I think I eat more than an average girl.
If you're into spicy and strong flavoured food, Long Phung's definitely for you!

So, what's yummy at Long Phung?

Rare Beef's Steak Noodle Soup!
This is a MUST TRY if you're going there!
Flavourful, salty, spicy (only if you add their awesome chilli), and the beef is extremely juicy and tender!
The pho goes really well with the strong flavoured soup which makes the entire dish even better :)

And I love how pho gets slurped into your mouth super easily!! b;

The Fried Quails at Long Phung aren't too bad!

If you've been to Hong Kong, you would most likely have tried fried pigeons
and fried pigeons taste amazing!
We ordered this hoping that it'd taste similar to the fried pigeons we ate in Hong Kong
but unfortunately it can't compare :(
Then again, quails are smaller than pigeons so the meat definitely wouldn't be as succulent
but nevertheless this dish was still quite alright!

If I haven't tried the real deal before, I'd be extremely happy with fried quails already! :)

Yummy fried chicken wings!
Nothing super special, but it still tasted good,
like our usual yummy fried chicken wings :)

Their seafood fried rice was damn fragrant because they intentionally burnt it a little while frying it
just as how the burnt part of claypot rice tastes better!
They were quite generous with the seafood (prawns & squids)
but I'd have gobbled down the rice even without the seafood all the same cause it was really good! :)
My only request is for there to be pineapple bits in it because I think it'd taste even better lol!

But when I told that to my sister, she told me having pineapples in it would be like Thai fried rice, but Long Phung is a Vietnamese restaurant.....
And I always get confused between the two T~T

Super cool metal coffee filter thingy for mummy's coffee!
I have no idea how that thing works either hahah

My sis told me their prawn rolls are really good but it's all sold out by the time we got there :(

All in all an interesting experience because dining there really didn't make me feel like I was still in Singapore!
Plus there were lots of foreigners of all nationalities dining there too :)
So if you're in the mood for exploring different parts of Singapore and trying out new cuisines,
do check out Long Phung! :)

But for me, I think I personally prefer Thai cuisine to Vietnamese food!
Let me go find some really nice Thai restaurants to share in the next few posts!! :)

Long Phung Vietnamese Restaurant
Address: 159 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore

Tel: +65 9105 8519
Opening Hours
Daily: 1pm – 2am

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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hey Im Vietnamese (: and it's the best Vietnamese place in Singapore!! xD