Thursday, September 20, 2012

Making Macarons..

Macarons - delicious little pretty treats that every girl loves!

(These delightful macarons are from a shop called Bakery in Genting!)

Up till now, I haven't met anyone who actually hates macarons.
They're sweet, they're brightly coloured, they're gorgeous..
Only problem is that they usually go at about $1 or more each at patisseries, disappear real quick in just a bite, and so it may be quite painful for most of us to splurge on :(

So why are these tiny little cookies so expensive?
I've watched numerous tutorials on YouTube and searched for French macaron recipes over and over,
and my first reaction to them was:
All the ingredients used are so affordable and easily available to all of us, and there aren't that many steps involved..
so what's the deal in charging them so expensively?

Click here for Martha Stewart's French Macaron Recipe:

So this amateur baker, who doesn't give a damn if she's using a dough hook to mix a cake batter or if baking powder works the same as baking soda and use them interchangeably,
have over-confidently decided that she would be able to make macarons easily...

And I chose to make baby blue and light pink macarons cause they're the prettiest!


Today, I finally realise why in the world would such tiny pretty patties cost you a dollar or more each :S

Macarons may seem easy to make, but in actuality, they fail super easily.

Even many experienced bakers mention on their websites and blogs that they often make mistakes with their macarons as well. (so I'm forgiven hahah)

This post won't be a tutorial because I've posted a YouTube French Macaron tutorial and website for French Macaron recipe above,
but I just want to rant about my frustrating experience with making macarons hahah!

These little buggers are the most temperamental and most troublesome things I've ever came across!
Even the most annoying of people I've met aren't as bad T~T

First of all, I can't seem to find almond powder anywhere in our local supermarkets
so I resorted to grounding my own in the food processor.
Sounds easy?

The sifting process is a pain in the ass
comparable to the excruciating pain in your asshole when you had too much spicy food and end up with non-stop diarrhea.
You need the almond meal to be super fine to get a non-lumpy consistency
and it's worse when the almonds have some (even if it's a bit) moisture in it because it becomes completely impossible to sift! UGHHH!

Secondly, I can't undermix it or it will become rough and ugly, and I can't overmix it or it will become too runny
like god dammit make up your mind little macarons!!!
It's either a hit at the PERFECT timing, or you'll miss it completely.
*pulls hair*
And if it's your first few tries, like mine, you're most likely to screw it up like mad unless you're some baking prodigy.

My undermixed macaron T~T

Thirdly, I have to bang the tray of piped macarons onto the table sufficiently to get all the air bubbles out.
Omfg you macarons are so fking sly and bitchy!!!!! :@
And the worst part is that you'll almost never know when there are still air bubbles stuck in them because it always looks so smooth and peaceful on the surface.
Can't remember how many times I've been tricked by batches of smooth-looking macarons which ended up like our Chinese huat go (发糕)!

My heart breaks a little everytime my macaron cracks... :(

Fourthly, it's almost like a MUST for macarons to have "feet".
These are the little ruffled layers of skirts that appear under the macarons (not only are they bitchy, they are also extremely vain omg)
and nobody likes foot-less handicapped macarons T~T
And to get these feet, you need to let your piped out and BANGED/SLAMMED (I got so frustrated in the process of making them, I literally slammed the macarons on my table like I was trying to kill someone) macarons SIT for about a really long time.
This creates a shiny layer of shell outside the macarons so when you bake them, the shell remains shiny while the bottom part rises and forms the skirts/feet.
For my case, it takes about AN HOUR OR MORE.
I'm the extremely impatient sort and waiting a god damned hour for something I want to eat right now?!!!!!
Okay but I still have to wait for it in the end because the macarons kept threatening me that they will end up feetless and ugly T~T
I am so completely under the control of these evil little rainbow babies as I let them twist me around their little fingers... or feet.

The "foot" of my macarons aren't really puffy and ideal.. but not bad for an amateur I guess :/

Sigh sigh sigh!!!

Nevertheless, despite all of those nerve-racking obstacles, the feeling of getting a perfectly round and smooth macaroon, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside with perfect little feet is amazing! :D

Here's what my end product after 3 tries looks like!

I took the easy way out and used Nutella as the filling because after failing so many times,
I really can't be arsed to wash my mixer and whip up some fancy buttercream for my substandard macarons.
But the good news is, Nutella tastes good with anything! :)

Of course, these macarons are the prettiest of the lot!
I obviously had more success with the baby blue ones compared to the pink ones :S
And if you noticed, there are tons more of the not so pretty ones in the backdrop..

And the hopelessly hideous looking ones get to be in the Bowl of Failures lol!!

But no matter how ugly it looks,
they still taste pretty good and will still be edible, so no worries there.
It's just the outer appearance that you need to be concerned about.

Mmm.. nutella macaron, super yummy! :D

It's harsh and cruel in the macaron world.. you either be perfect, or be rejected.

So glad that I'm not a macaron and I don't have to be perfect hahaha!

So do try out the French Macaron recipe I've linked to above and let me know how your macarons turn out!

I really hope you all have better luck with it than I did cause mine was frustrating as ffff!!! LOL

I think it'll make a wonderful gift for special dates or for birthdays etc :)
And if a guy can make perfect macarons for the girl of his dreams......... SO ROMANTIC!!

Or you can just take the easy way out, save yourselves the hassle and buy them from shops $$$$$

But still, I think trying to make it on your own ONCE is a good (more like frustrating / annoying / hair-pulling) experience! :D

Alright, see you in the next post! :)
Thank you for reading, love you all!

*insert random picture of me from my instagram* :D

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it's ur first time making macarons, i believe ur skills will improve.