Thursday, September 13, 2012

Petite Fairies

If someone asked me what my style was, I would totally not know how to answer
because I never liked limiting myself to just one style or listening to one genre of music and all.
I'm guessing it's because I am greedy hahah!

Why force yourself to just wear one style of clothes when you can dress up differently every single day
and have all sorts of pretty clothes in your wardrobe? :)

Treat everyday like a dress up party, except that you get to decide what the theme is!

I'll usually wear whatever I feel like wearing that day depending on my mood.
For today, I'm feeling quite nua so I'm going for something super comfortable, casual and young (I may be old but sometimes I like to act young lol)!

And nothing screams of youth more than light coloured clothes!
So for all you young girls out there, throw out all your black clothes and wear more bright coloured stuff :)
Appreciate your youth while you still have it!

I'm wearing a white long sleeved wolf top I bought from Japan and a pair of Cream Crochet Shorts from PetiteFairies!
Quote PXDKITTYxPF to enjoy $1 off each item purchased! :D

What can you expect from PetiteFairies?
Only the prettiest, cutest and most wearable apparels around!
Denim shirts, floral prints, tribal prints, crochet shorts - the kind of shop you'll enter and go "OMG I want everything!"

PetiteFairies' apparels are definitely suitable for everyone because you can never go wrong with their designs! :)

This is the fourth pair of crochet shorts I have so far
and the ONLY pair that actually fits me perfectly because the waist size is small enough and the back part has a stretchy elastic band to fit more sizes :)
Thank you Kaylene, owner of, for being wise in the selection of your apparels' cuttings!

For me, first impression counts a lot!
And if the first item I receive from a shop has awesome cutting, chances are that their other apparels would be of flattering cutting too because it shows how meticulous the shop owner is in ensuring that every piece fits their customers well :)

Quoted from PetiteFairies' website,
"Bringing in what I love and hope you girls will love it too. Every girl deserves to dress beautifully."
Well said! :)

PetiteFairies has an ongoing Facebook Like and Share Giveaway for EVERY collection launched!
Do check out their Facebook Page for more information:

Do also remember to join their Mailing List because mailing listees will get a promo code from PetiteFairies for each collection!
Smart shoppers, you know what to do!! ;)
Quote PXDKITTYxPF to enjoy $1 off each item purchased! :D

And if you're not a fan of postages, don't worry!
Parcel collection is now available @ Blogshop Empire, #01-102 Far East Plaza! :) Yay!!

Have fun shopping at PetiteFairies!
Quote PXDKITTYxPF to enjoy $1 off each item purchased! :D


Girls, do also check out their Instagram for sweet pictures like this! :)
Instagram: @petitefairies

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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