Thursday, September 27, 2012

Rainbow Cake in a Jar

I've been seeing these adorable looking cakes in jars and have wanted to try baking them for the longest time!
Not only do they look gorgeous,
they're super easy to make and can be conveniently transported or given as gifts or party favours
without fear of it toppling over in a box or getting squashed! :)

This post is extremely fresh
because I literally just made these cakes yesterday with my friend, Hannah (@withlovehannah)!
Wanted to post at a later date and continue with my WRWT (Where Rachell Went Today: Dempsey Hill) posts but I had quite a lot of comments on Twitter and Instagram asking me to do a post on these beautiful rainbow cakes,
so here goes! :D

The best tutorial I found online was this one!
It's quick, concise and also extremely easy to follow :)
We also based the cake batter's recipe exactly as she did in the video (not my usual cupcake recipe)
but we doubled the recipe to get more jars of cakes!

Best part about making cakes is that unlike macarons,
you don't have to be as precise with the mixing or getting worried about over mixing or which ingredient goes in first or last etc!
For me, I usually dump all the ingredients of my cakes/cupcakes into a mixing bowl and mix them all together without any particular order hahah
Doesn't take longer than 15 minutes to mix it!

The only troublesome part might be layering the jars with the different coloured batters,
but that's the most fun part because you can see the rainbow forming so it's worth it :D

So do give it a try because I think it's a super sweet and sincere gift idea,
and not to mention pocket-friendly too :p

Our messy workspace at Hannah's place hahah!
I feel so guilty that I'm always messing places up,
just like how my room is a perpetual warzone :x

But I did help her wash some of the bowls and all after we were done :D

We did rainbow cakes in jars and also non-bake cheesecakes!
Hannah was preparing the biscuit base of the cheesecake on the left!

Yay my first rainbow done!

In the video tutorial above, the person said to fill up to1/2 of the glass jar..
but I didn't know how to gauge so it went up to about 3/4 of the jar and I'm not able to remove the excess without messing the rainbow up so I left it alone lol!

You'll see the result later on hahah it's quite funny looking!

Looking like a rainbow sand bottle, damn pretty :D
Makes me happy just looking at it hahah

More jars of rainbow cakes waiting for their turn to be baked!

In case you were wondering, I got the jars from DAISO at $2 each.
It said WARNING: NON-HEAT RESISTANT on the stickers stuck to the jars
but I didn't want to pay $4.90 per glass jar from the supermarket so I took the risk and bought 10 DAISO glass jars.
Was super paranoid about it shattering while we baked it, and I kept checking on it once every few seconds
but thankfully nothing of the sort happened!
Our rainbow cakes are safe! woohoo! :)

But if you don't want to spend money on new jars,
you can use those empty glass jars used to store jams too!

Overflowing rainbow cake on the left (funny looking right lol like a ripe pimple with pus eww hahah),
topless rainbow cake on the right
cause I was so excited to try how the cake tastes like and ate its top before I could take a picture hahah!

This is how it looks like inside when you spoon the top off!

If you scoop deep enough,
you should see different rings of colours which will be really pretty!

You will need to spoon the top off to make space for the buttercream frosting for your cake,
but in our case, because we were so lazy, we used whipped cream instead hahah

And we later realised that whipped cream doesn't last like buttercream frosting does :/
After awhile it sort of melts into a very thin layer of milky substance which won't look as appealing if you're not serving the cakes immediately.
So don't be lazy!

You can top it off with rainbow sprinkles or even fresh fruits,
depending on your creativity!

We had 8 jars of rainbow cakes in total,
but I think if we used the big ones only instead, we should probably fill about 6 of it.

But I prefer the small ones because they look cuter and less overwhelming!
I'm eating a small jar now and it's so difficult to finish hahah
there's so much cake in it, it's almost like 4 cupcakes?
So it's best to share it with someone!

With the cute caps that came along with the empty glass bottles,
ready to make someone's day!

Hannah and I!
We both worked hard trying out the recipes for the first time! :)

And I tried to do a Hyuna inspired eye make up for her while waiting for our cakes to cool
because I think she resembles Hyuna haha!

Super proud of our rainbow cakes!
They're not perfect-looking all the time, but they're definitely eye-catchers.
How can anyone resist such an attractive looking cake? :D

Showing off my long but not so glamorous looking hair!
Didn't have time to curl it properly before I left the house cause I woke up late again :x

The non-bake cheesecake that Hannah made while I was making the rainbow cakes :D

There was too much biscuit crumbs
so we ended up with a cheesecake sandwiched in biscuit,
which honestly tastes really good because I like the biscuits more hahah!
I was just telling Hannah while she was making the cheesecake that I like cheesecakes with thick bases and restaurants don't usually serve that..
And coincidentally we had too much crumbs, so might as well stack it on top of the cheesecake lol!

Also, the whipped cream "died" while we were refrigerating the cheesecake though T~T
It sort of evaporated or melted and became a limpy white blob instead of a cute white puff hahaha
but luckily Hannah had some longans in the fridge which she used to cover up that spot :p

We had a big round cheese cake and a heart shaped one, and some other tiny tiny ones!

We also tried making a cheesecake in a jar (obsessed with jars!!!!)
but it was kind of troublesome cause you need to flatten the biscuit crumbs till the bottom of the jar,
which is more of a hassle than layering the rainbow coloured batter,
so we gave up and used the big metal tins for the cheesecake instead :D

But either way, now that I know that this jar doesn't explode in my oven,
I'm so going to try out red velvet cakes in a jar, coffee cakes in a jar, chocolate marble cake in a jar
and whatever else that can fit into it will be baked muahaha!

Remember to place water in the pan while baking the glass jars though (refer to YouTube tutorial above)!
Else if you forget that step and your jars explode in the oven really not my fault okay :S

That's it for this post :)
Have a beautiful day ahead sweethearts!

Love you all, thank you for reading!

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