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Resort World Genting

If you're following my Twitter or Instagram, you would know that I went on a 3D2N getaway to Genting with Sarah, Zoe and Yina recently, thanks to Resort World Genting and NuffnangSG! :)

My family used to visit Genting a lot when I was younger when my dad was less busy with work!
My parents would spontaneously book a short getaway for all of us and we would go to Genting on Fridays and return on Sundays, the best thing a primary school kid (me back then!!) could look forward to after a week of school!

Genting holds some of my fondest and also funniest memories and I'm super excited to be able to go back there again :)

The funniest memories... were actually really scary/sad for me back then when I was young, but I can't help but laugh at it now :p
Firstly, I dropped my tamagotchi into a toilet bowl while squatting down.... and so my tamagotchi drowned in my own pee T~T
And I also accidentally banged my head into something at the Theme Park and one of my milk teeth fell out and I went to Genting's denist hahaha!!! I was an extremely accident-prone kid back then LOL

Alright, enough of reminiscing and onto my latest Genting trip! :D

Day One

We went there via Five Stars coach at about 6am in the morning so everyone practically looked like crap without much make up and contact lens
cause we were told the ride was going to be about 6 hours so we wanted to be as comfortable as possible haha!

Look like crap but still must pull up hoodie and act cool ;)

When we got onto the coach, my jaw almost dropped!
It was sooooo spacious and luxurious!
Even before the trip started, it was good already - 6 hour ride on an extremely awesome coach that's almost as comfortable as my own bed!
Felt so super spoilt omg and of course thankful! :')

Knocked out almost completely except for the toilet breaks in between the ride :)
Until Zoe woke me up and told me we were reaching, and I couldn't sleep anymore cause I was overwhelmed by the excitement!!!
It's actually my first time ever travelling without my family fyi! :D

So fun to watch our coach and the other cars swerve round and round the bends like I was watching Initial D or something lol

Checking into our rooms!
The hotel we stayed in was First World hotel, Genting's trademark rainbow coloured hotel!! :)

Zoe played a major role in this trip because she became the unspoken tour guide for us and the other bloggers (and their plus ones) on this trip hahah
Everyone looked to her for instructions on when to check in, check out, which rooms they got etc although she wasn't actually suppose to be the tour guide :x
It just... kinda happened haha!

Before make up, we all looked disheveled, tired and super auntie.
(I don't want to post the pics hahah damn ugly!)
After make up, it's like on Pimp My Ride, we all came out of the rooms looking super zhng-ed and ten years younger hahah!

We first went into an optical shop cause Yina wanted to buy contact lens :)

And then we had lunch at Hainan Kitchen before we carried on with the exciting activities we'd planned!!! :)

I ordered the Grilled Salmon with Yoghurt and Mayonnaise sauce because it sounded a little exotic lol!

My grilled salmon and orange juice!
I don't really like to eat fruits and vegetables, so during the trip I tried to drink lots of fruit juice so I won't fall sick while eating all the indulgent but heaty food :p

The grilled salmon was crispy on the outside and really tender on the inside!!
And the yoghurt and mayonnaise sauce was really refreshing with bits of fruits on it, a good meal to start out a long day! :D

Zoe's Fish & Chips

Can't remember which one belongs to Yina and which belongs to Sarah :p
But one of it was chicken chop and the other was lamb chop (I think!!!)

We all took a bit of each others to try, EVERYTHING TASTED DELICIOUS!! :)
The meat was of high quality and the sauces complemented the meat well!
So glad we chose the right restaurant to dine at hehe!

Happy girls are happy!

Zoe and I :)

Sarah and I! :)

And because all 4 of us are hardcore instagrammers/tweeters, we went to look for a mobile shop to buy a SIM card with data plan so that we can share the internet connection! :)
It was quite cheap, 48RM for 1.5GB (more than enough) SHARED among the 4 of us, if I didn't remember wrongly!
For people who like to stay connected with the online world even when you're on a getaway in Genting, not to worry because the data plan's price is super reasonable!

Zoe, me, Yina and Sarah
Looking super pleased because we can now tweet and instagram every single thing we see at Genting hahah!

I guess you can really feel how hyped up we were cause we were taking pictures everywhere we went,
even when we're going down the escalator hahah
There's more where that came from but I didn't upload everything!
This entire post is only 25% of all the pictures I took during the 3 days though, HAHAH omg

We wanted to go to the Strawberry Farm and needed to take the cable car down YAY!!
The to and fro was 12RM per person!

I love cable car rides!!!!
ESPECIALLY in Genting when we're in the clouds and it's so cooling and peaceful :D

Okay, maybe not THAT peaceful because initially we were a bit scared hahaha
we may have screamed a bit like how we would on a roller coaster ride
but then in a few minutes we were all completely absorbed into camwhoring, again :p

For those who are afraid of heights, Genting's cable cars are extremely safe by the way!!
I would know best, because as a kid my siblings, cousins and I would INTENTIONALLY cause the cable car capsule to SHAKE violently (PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS!!!!!), but nothing happened hahaha
I'm sorry.... we were kids :S

And then we all decided not to waste the breathtaking view and took look-far-away-and-deep-in-thought shots!!!
Hahah if you go to Zoe's, Sarah's or Yina's blog, I think you'll see theirs too LOL!

Dried strawberries!
We took a sample of it to try, damn sweet and chewy! :)

Still in search of the strawberry farm :)
Thank god for direction signs!

Took this cute looking strawberry buggy to the strawberry farm!

Yay for the prettiest looking fruits around!

Entry is FREE!!! :)
And there's also a flower farm and mushroom farm for us to visit!

Initially we confidently thought this pinkish flower hanging above us were strawberry flowers... apparently not :x haha!

Grow, baby strawberry, grow! :D

Picking strawberries!
Actually I think we were more like posing with the strawberries than actually picking them haha
we kept looking for bigger and prettier ones to PRETEND to cut for pictures! :p

They have lots of strawberry-related products for sale like fresh strawberries, strawberry lollipops, strawberry juice, strawberry jam and many others!

Flower farm!
I'm actually not really a fan of flowers because I prefer things that can be eaten hahah!!
But I can't deny their flowers were all super pretty :)

I think I was more interested in this giant cabbage-looking thing
can eat one or not?

Pretending to smell the flowers~
but Yina said I look like I was just STARING at the flower instead hahah

Us under the pretty shelter! :)

And then we took a break at their little cafe which had more strawberry-related products!
Tried their recommended strawberry and honey drink. I think it was not bad, quite refreshing and sweet :)
Plus strawberry pastry and also chocolate coated strawberry!!!
Everything tastes better with chocolate :D

And then we went into the mushroom farm real quick
and because it was kind of dark so I didn't take much pictures of the place!
But the way they grow the mushrooms look kind of intriguing!

Also bought two packets of Wasabi flavoured Oyster Mushroom Chips home :D :D
I tried it already, it's really good!!! Better than the usual potato chips.
Should have bought more.... T_T

When we were done, we took the cable car back to our hotel and chanced upon S&M Shopping Centre
and they were selling ENLARGING CONTACT LENS! :)
The ones at the optical shop was about 14.2mm but these were a lot bigger in diameter!
Omg yay!
I love enlarging lens I think they make our eyes look more sparkly!

Yina and I both bought the Grey and Brown ones while Sarah bought a Brown one!

I can't wait to wear them out after I can throw away my current ones :)

We wanted a switch from our oriental lunch earlier that day and so we went to Bubbles & Bites for dinner!

The place was funky yet classy, and with a youthful vibe!
Even the staff was a lot more jovial :D

Gotta love the futuristic looking purple lights!

The menu!

I wasn't actually expecting much from their food though,
because I thought it might be one of those restaurants for young people to hang out, more about the ambiance and less about the food
but I was proven wrong - their food was AMAZING!

Wild mushrooms

Beef lasagna

Best I've had yet!
I've never tried baked mac & cheese before but it works!!!!
It tastes so much yummier than the usual ones I've had
Genius of a dish! :)

Squid Ink pasta with tomato sauce
This was the only dish I didn't LOVE because the tomato sauce overpowered the pasta and I'm not a fan of tomato based things lol
Plus one of the excitement of ordering squid ink pasta is seeing your teeth and lips turn black from consuming the dish, this pasta however didn't do that :(

Carnivore pizza!!!!
Yes, it's as good as it sounds, all for the meat lovers!
The pizza had a thin crispy base topped with generous amount of cheese and different types of meat!

Showing off our full table of food before eating!
We cleared almost everything in the end hahah
So glad that these girls can eat as much as I do, so I can eat as much as I want and not be judged :p

Our lemon curd tart!
The top white thing tastes like fluffy sweet marshmallow and the base was like a lemon tart, sort of!
Sarah, who is really good at baking and gives BAKING LESSONS, knew a lot more about the desserts
while the rest of us were just like "mmm, no idea what we're eating but it's nice!"

And after a long long day of activities, we went to M Spa for the massage we all needed really badly! :p

There are also gym facilities there for the guys in case they prefer to work out while their girlfriends enjoy a relaxing massage.
But I would choose the massage over gym any day haha!

Blurry camwhore shot, but still quite pretty so I'm posting it!

Soft lighting and relaxing ambiance! :)

They served us tea while we were waiting for our therapists to be ready~

Before we started the massage, they first "steam" our legs and gave us a brief shoulder massage
Super pampering for our tired legs which were all sore from an entire day of walking!

And then we were led into a room where we were told to change into disposable tube and underwear heheh
I WAS SO SHY because it was my first time doing a full body massage!!
I shared a room with Zoe, who is extremely experienced with going for spas and massage so she was like "don't need shy one!!" :p

But if you don't like to share a room with your mum/sister/friends, you can actually ask for single rooms to get your massage done! :)

We all did an hour of Marine Body Scrub (40 Min - RM210++) followed by an hour of massage.

This Marine Body Scrub gently eliminates dead cells and impurities in order to optimize the penetration of the active ingredients in subsequent treatments!
Just like how you’d usually exfoliate your face before applying a good mask :)
After the scrub, I was told to rinse my body to prepare for the next treatment and while in the shower, I could really feel the effects of it already!

My skin became brighter, softer and more supple!
I wish I could do this more regularly hehehe :p

Next, the 3 of them chose the Balinese Massage whereas I chose the Swedish Massage - mine being less intense cause I'm scared of pain lol!

But I felt like the Swedish one was the perfect amount of pressure for me already!

For the Swedish massage (60 Min - RM 218++), it was a soothing massage with firm, relaxing strokes.

I really liked the smell of the essential oil they used because it had a super calming effect on me - no stress, no worries, just pure relaxation and bliss!

This massage concentrated more on the back and relieves a lot of tight knots of tensions!

Definitely what I needed along with this super relaxing getaway trip at Genting :)

The Swedish Massage is highly recommended for first time spa guests (like me),
especially if you’re not used to massages!

But for Yina, Sarah and Zoe, they chose the Balinese Massage (60 Min - RM 218++)
which uses more firm strokes to relieve muscular strains, headaches and what not,
for a deeper and more therapeutic massage.

Maybe I should try that when I feel braver the next time I head over to Genting :D

The massage at M Spa was SOOOO GOOD that both Zoe and I fell asleep!
I kind of wished they would just lend us the room for the night and we can knock out there instead of going back to our hotel rooms to sleep haha!

And wait, before we leave, we get hot towels to freshen up, hot ginger tea and fresh fruits!
I love how their therapists are so sweet and thoughtful :D

After the massage, we can also use the spa facilities like Sauna Room or Steam Room!
How awesome is that!! :)

Us looking all happy and relaxed after the massage!!

But being girls, since our legs have had enough rest, we went shopping again!
And guess what we found at their Watsons?
Geo x Cheesie collaboration Rainbow Colour cosmetic lens!!! :)
I couldn't resist buying a pair because I've seen Cheesie instagram her wearing them before!
Even the packaging is so pretty!

I think our best buys in this entire trip would be contact lens hahah we spent more money on contact lens than anything else :p

There were lots of DollyWink and CandyDoll products sold too!
I wish I could buy them all home!!!

To end off our extremely packed and fruitful Day One, we had a ginormous prata each for supper! :)
I'm so thankful for their huge portions of prata!!!
Because some pratas I've had locally are so tiny.. like not filling haha!

Day Two

We woke up really early (at 730am) so as not to waste our Genting trip!!!
Basically we're super kiasu and want to try out everything and explore every part of Genting LOL

Had breakfast at Bakery, where everything tastes as good as it looks! :D
And for the 4 of us, this is extremely good news because we can take a ton of pictures of our pretty and also tasty breakfast!

The professional baker doing her thing and analyzing the pastries!

Me.. just posing with the bread and cakes acting pretty :D

My denim top is from Jipaban by the way!
My favourite top throughout the 3 days!

Not sure if this is gross to you all, but I wore the same jeans for the entire 3 days cause I was lazy to pack more stuff into my already huge luggage (full of skin care, make up, hair curler which I didn't use, mask, tissue packets and other kiasu stuff) so I only changed my tops,
but it's okay because Genting's temperature is SO jeans friendly!!! :)

For our breakfast alone to be this scrumptious, I really need to try not to count the calories we gained during the trip hahaha
But eating all these delicious and mouth-watering cakes, sandwiches and pastries at once - sheer happiness!

Oh and not forgetting the perfect camwhore lighting too!

The best part about taking the outdoor seat is that we get natural sunlight which is perfect for our pictures
and also because Genting's weather is soooo friendly for our make up and we won't ever be perspiring in between pictures hehe! :D

Sarah looking extra sweet in this picture! :D

More pictures of our food!
When we ordered them I guess we weren't really sure what they were either because there were simply too many varieties of each sandwich/cake/pastry!

I remember eating some cheese seafood sandwich (which was my favourite), almond croissant, carrot cake, macarons, brownie cheese cake, ham sandwich (??), donut, tiramisu and a few others!

I love the cheese seafood sandwich the most because it was the only savory one while the rest were sweet!
Plus it had huge chunks of fresh chewy prawns in it b;

Pretty macarons!
We all posted 4 different versions of our macarons on Instagram cause were talking about how macarons always make it to the Popular page and we wanted to try for ourselves.
Apparently all 4 didn't make it to the popular page, BUT our macaron pictures garnered the most Likes compared to our other instagram pictures of our faces/food lol!

So here's a quick tip:
If you want more Likes on Instagram, POST PICTURES OF MACARONS :p

And the macarons at Bakery got zhng one!
Look at all the raspberry and sparkly bits of decorations on top of them, so pretty!!

Camwhoring with macarons is a must!

While we were eating, we heard these loud vroom vroom sounds and saw a whole bunch of Lambos drive by
Might be some high class event or something I'm not sure, but wahhh super cool
There were so many different colours, kinda like Power Rangers hahah!

Headed straight for the Genting Outdoor Theme Park right after breakfast!

Excited people camwhoring on escalators again!

My touristy shot outside the theme park!

Prettiest ride ever!!!!
I think it's called the Flying Chair?
It's definitely one of the main attractions of the outdoor theme park with its kaleidoscopic colours
and it's extremely fun too!
Can feel the wind in your hair sort hahah!

We placed our bags in a locker in case they fell off the rides so we don't have much pictures of us on the rides, sorry! :(

And a few rides later, it was lunch time again, yay! :D

We ate at Happy Valley Seafood Restaurant :)

I'm amused by how our drinks lined up always somehow look like some alcoholic drinks but are actually really innocent apple and orange juices hahah!

Me again! :D

Yina and I

And lunch is served!
We ordered beansprouts, drunken prawn soup, beancurd and salted egg crabs!

The highlight would definitely be the salted egg crabs and the drunken prawn soup!

I love how fresh, sweet and juicy their seafood are, I can't get enough of it!

At the end when everyone was full there were still crabs and prawns left and I finished it HAHAHA
too good to be wasted!

And then we headed back to the theme park to take pictures! :)

All the giant soft toys hanging around were so super tempting but we were more concerned about how to bring them home (as if we confirm can win hahah), so we didn't try it in the end.
But when I posted a picture of this on my instagram, apparently a number of girls won them before, which means it should be quite easy right?

The next time I go over to Genting I MUST try this game!!

Our unanimously voted favourite ride ever - Flying Coaster!
We had to queue about half an hour for this ride, but it was SOOOO worth it!

We have to lie down flat like Superman on the ride and grab onto two metal handles (just imagine how Superman flies)
and the ride has an inverted part!!!!
Super thrilling and exciting!!!

At the start when the roller coaster was gaining height,
Zoe said to us, "Whose stupid idea was it to take this ride???" and we were all freaking out hahaha!

But at the end the ride wasn't that scary after all! It was just super exciting and damn fun!

Upside down "Superman"s!! :p

And spot our rainbow coloured hotel in the background! :)

Saw this random red bus at the theme park out of nowhere and I wanted to camwhore with it

The rest didn't want to take pictures with it so when I showed them this picture of me,
they said "It just looks like you're on a bus lor"
Okay, but I guess it doesn't look as exciting in pictures as it really is in real life!

Back indoors at the hotel :)

One of their huuuge toilets!
Mirrors are a girls' best friends :D

And then we had a short rest at our room before went for dinner!
Seize the daylight!!! For vain self-portraits :D

Check out Sarah lying down so sexily behind heheh :p

We had 2 joint rooms and I shared the room with Sarah
but we decided it was safer if 4 of us shared 2 beds cause girls always have to stick together,
like even when we go to the toilet and all hahah!
And anyway, it just proves that their single beds were more than spacious enough for 2 people!!

Random stuff thrown onto the bed but looked nice anyway so they deserve a picture :)

Hardworking Yina edited the pictures most efficiently while the rest of us just watched hehe :p

When it comes to relaxing and slacking, I'm the best at it!!!!
Look at me all comfortably snuggled beneath the sheets and using my phone
Ahhh, life is good! :)

And I'm super proud of my ombre nails!!
I'm not sure if you guys know this but my nails are usually painted black and always chipped off here and there (super unsightly),
and I'm not that particular about my nails to be honest.
But SPECIALLY for this Genting trip, I decided to get my lazy ass up and paint my nails into this cheery and fabulous looking ombre combination! :D

Dinner time :)
We had dinner at Imperial Rama, a Thai-Chinese fine dining restaurant!

We ordered 2 abalone sets to share because it's one of their signature dishes if I didn't remember wrongly!

Cooling watermelon juice to keep the doctor away :D

The shark fin's soup was the first to be served!
The thick milky colour shows that the soup's probably been boiled for hours and hours, which means it's super nourishing and flavourful!! :D
And just to our expectations, the soup was sooo heavenly!

Generous amount of shark's fin!

Can't wait to eat!!! :)

Twin Variety King Prawn which came with the abalone set!

Stir-fried Prawns with Butter Milk
Fresh prawns, crispy batter, and it tasted really unique with a subtle tinge of sweetness to it!
The waitress then told us that that sweetness is from the buttermilk :D

I've used buttermilk in my cakes before but I have no idea honestly how it tastes like.. maybe one day I should try drinking it to see if it's really sweet or something haha!

Daily greens!

Otak otak!
Besides the stir fried prawns with buttermilk, this dish left the deepest impression!
I'm a huuuge fan of spicy food and this otak otak was perfect!
I love the soft and smooth texture of it (almost as if it's been boiled?) but I can't put a finger to how they might have cooked it exactly, which makes it so special!!! :)

The abalone!!! :)
Was super tempted to grab the entire piece and just bite a huge chunk out of it, but I guess I can only do it in my own imagination haha!
Super juicy and chewy high quality abalone, major love!

The waitress recommended some desserts to us and we ordered one of each to try!

The restaurant's signature Durian Tempura!
It is sinful but absolutely divine!
Just looking at the durian puree flow out of the tempura when we cut it open... wahhh :D

We went to M Spa again for a massage after dinner!

This time, we chose to do something different because we didn’t want to overly exfoliate our skins!

When they showed us the list of treatments to choose from,
the Chocolate Wrap (80 Min - RM380++) caught our attention!

The Chocolate Wrap is one of M Spa's signature treatments because it features combination chocolate mask that nourishes the skin for a detoxifying and anti-cellulite effect.

The moment we saw “anti-cellulite”, we knew we had to choose it hahah!

Definitely recommended for girls, and especially for the chocolate lovers because the chocolate mask smells sooo delicious!
Plus the wrap treatment with a warm blanket was so soothing I fell asleep even faster than the previous treatment!! :)

Between the Marine Body Scrub and the Chocolate Mask,
I personally prefer the chocolate mask because I smelled like a yummy chocolate cake during the treatment and it was fun! :p

But like I said above, you always need to exfoliate away the old and dry skin before applying a nourishing mask,
so it was quite a lucky that we chose the treatments in this order unplanned! :D

We also had an hour of massage after the wrap, and I chose the Swedish massage again :)
This time I got more used to the massage pressure and could probably choose a more intense one in future!

Quick shot of Zoe and I before we got our massage done!

After our massage, we went to the KTV for 2 hours!

It was at the KTV that we heard Yina's amazing vocals LIVE!!!
She is by far the BEST singer I've ever heard live and you should really go check her youtube channel out or search for "Yina Goh" on youtube! :)

Day Three

And in a blink of an eye, it was the last day of our Genting trip!

To conclude this fun-packed trip, we had an impressive spread of dim sum for breakfast at Good Friends Restaurant!
And this wasn't even the full thing yet!
We ordered more dim sums after clearing this first round :p
Since it was the last day already, we have to eat as much as we can right? :D

Steamy hot char siew bao!

Prawn Chee Cheong Fun
I personally prefer this savory chee cheong fun with prawns/charsiew in it more than the plain sweet one!

Their signature Custard bun!!!
And true enough, it lived up to its reputation!
Best custard bun I've ever had!!

If you ever go to their restaurant, this is definitely on the top of the must-try list!

This little boy at the table beside ours saw me camwhoring and was looking in my direction and I snapped a picture of him!
He's sooo precious!!! :D

After breakfast, another 6 hours coach ride, and we're back in our little sunny island!

Although it was only a short 3D2N trip, we explored so many places, ate so much delicious cuisines. experienced things we've never tried before (the inverted roller coaster, strawberry picking, & massage for me!) and many more!

A huge thank you to Resort World Genting and NuffnangSG for this amazing getaway!
I now have more fond memories of Genting to add on,
and also cheers to Zoe's, Yina's, Sarah's and my new friendship from the trip!!!

If you would like to go on a quick getaway with your friends or family to Genting,
I think the prices are really affordable even for students!
Check out Resort World Genting's website for more details at:

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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