Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Day It Rained On Our Parade


Stand up for Singapore, do the best you can
Reach out for your fellow man
You've got to make a stand
Recognise you can play your part
Let it come right from your heart
Be prepared to give a little more
Stand up, stand up for Singapore

I love Singapore :)
And we can show our love for our country even if it isn't the 9th of August!

By putting in our best effort in everything we do,
by being considerate to fellow Singaporeans on the streets or on public transport,
by loving our family,
by being polite and compassionate to others,
by displaying good demeanor even when visiting other countries,
by being appreciative for all our country has given to us and willingly contributing back to our country
- these are all efforts in showing our love to our country and our fellow Singaporeans.

The Day It Rained On Our Parade

On the 9th of August 1968,
it was Singapore's 3rd National Day Parade.
The British had decided that they would withdraw their troops.
Tens and thousands of Singaporeans were threatened with unemployment and instability.

As if mirroring the sentiments in Singapore, the skies opened.
The winds blew, and rain poured relentlessly on the parade.

However, no one ran for shelter - students, participants, politicians, and spectators alike.

Singaporeans held their ground - performers continued dancing, solders continued marching, people continued cheering.

That was the spirit of 1968 - of unity, pride and a sense of common destiny.

9 August 1968 marked a defining moment in Singapore's history.
And in remembrance of that day, an interactive Facebook application is launched on Facebook page! :)

What can you expect from the app?
1. Scrollable panorama of The Padang to view the full parade
2. Exclusive photos from the actual 1968 parade in correspondence to the panorama
3. Comic-book style interpretation of the iconic day by Imaginary Friends
4. 7 characters illustrations & stories to provide different perspective of the event

Here's a preview of some of the exclusive photographs of the actual parade you can see from the Facebook application! :)

My favourite has definitely got to be the first picture because you can really see how the performers are going all out - bare hands on the waterlogged field and braving the rain - to make their act go on successfully!

Calisthenics performance in full glory despite the waterlogged field

Flag-bearing contingents preparing to march across the waterlogged field

Also, you can view a comic-book style re-creation of that iconic day using different characters' stories to portray the different angles of the event!

From perspectives via a performer to a soldier to a grandfather and his grandson (spectators), you can truly imagine yourself being present at the parade in 1968, braving the rain with all the different characters!

I think a major plus point of this Facebook app is the wonderful graphics available to help us visualize that iconic day even better!

The character I felt most strongly for would definitely be the soldier's, largely because I too performed for NDP in 2003 before!

A quick flip through my year book back then and all the memories immediately came back.

Although it didn't rain on the actual parade in 2003,
as an entire school, we braved the merciless sun throughout the months of rehearsals!

The frustrations of not being able to remember the steps, the excitement of getting our measurements taken for the costume, the feeling of accomplishment when the school completes a perfectly neat routine as a whole,
and the determination to persevere no matter how tired we were to make our performance on NDP perfect!

Thinking back, after all the effort we've put in throughout the months,
even if it had rained on NDP 2003, just like in soldier's story, our performance for Singapore's birthday would still have gone on! :)

"Rain or shine, this is our pride."

Cedar Girls' performing for NDP03 :D

Initially I'd wanted to put on my golden shiny costume again and take pictures to show you guys,
but I am afraid I have majorly outgrown it already haha!

And also because I went for NDP2012, the experience of being at the parade is extremely recent to me and I can relate to the stories of the spectators on the Facebook app too!

The spirit that Singaporeans displayed during the 1968 parade was truly commendable!
Seeing them (from the Facebook app :p) marching in the rain, dancing in the mud and cheering against the odds,
this is the type of Singaporean pride we should have all the time :)

And I personally believe that the spirit of ndp68 is still alive within all Singaporeans, young and old,
and hope all of us will help keep it alive for many years to come! :D

This year, after the NE show I watched ended, it poured extremely heavily as well!
But guess what happened? :)

Everyone put on their ponchos and walked out of the floating platform to the nearest shelter in an extremely orderly fashion!
Teachers patiently guided the primary school children up the bus, adults gave way to the little kids, the children didn't run nor panic but listened to instructions, everyone moved together in a somewhat synchronized speed,
and still excitedly discussing about the parade!

Although we were all soaked despite the ponchos, our spirits remained high and weren't the least dampened by the rain :D

Of course, this pride doesn't only have to be shown on National Day itself!
We can do our part for our nation by giving our best efforts be it in studies or work or even play! :)

Honestly, being born in Singapore is one of the most blessed things that ever happened to me
Because I grew up in a safe environment and thus was able to create many happy and wonderful memories with my loved ones.
And I will definitely wish for my children, and their children, to be born in this safe country too! :)

Today I spent some time reminiscing about all the years growing up.
Although there were times (during O levels and A levels especially) when I felt stressed up and all, the rigorous education system proved to be totally worth it!

It has molded me into a stronger person who's able to work under pressure, and able to balance out work and play :)

Wooo my VJC year book!

That's me in Sec 1 in Cedar Girls' hahah you probably can't see it but I used to looked so......... :S hahaha!!

So speaking on behalf of my generation of Singaporeans,
I believe that we can keep the ndp68 spirit flying high!

You can count on us, Singapore!


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Good luck!

Thank you for reading, love you all! :)


Hor Zhi Xian said...

My Fav is Seng Chye, he is so young and yet he has a deep national pride. To stand in the rain during the parade and aspire to be a flag bearer.

Zhi Xian

Steffany_١٥٧3 Poh♥ said...

The name of my favourite/most relatable character in the application is: (Ganesh Subramaniam, Staff Sergeant-Singapore Armed Forces)


Sweetie Mango said...

My favourite is Natanya Tan. The little girl who sang the NDP Theme song 2012 Love at first light. She is so cute!

Facebook: Audrey Lurvz Tiffany

Yiko Tay said...

My most favourite in the application is Chia Wee Hoon (Performance)


Peimian said...

The name of my favourite character in the application is Simon Francis, a Guard of Honour from the Singapore Armed Forces (:


Kok F'ng said...

Most relatable character would have to be Simon Francis! I'm in a UG and during my school's Annual parade, it rained. Just like 3rd NDP~ haha
E-mail : .____.

Anonymous said...

My favourite is Mohammed Nazri , a band member. When the storm started, it poured down and all their instruments were wet. And, he said none of them had probably not play in the rain.Not only that, the colours of their uniforms were washing off in the rain.

Email :
:) <3

-Mush said...

my most favourite character would be
Chia wee hoon (performer ,student at chung hwa girl’s high school)
She has a passion to perform at the ndp and i guess it will always be a dream for all the performer to be able to performance for the ndp .


Isabel Wong said...

Chew Seng Chye! Because I'm a student as well who was that age and had similar wishes too! :)

Liting said...

My most relatable character would be:
Singapore Armed Forces

Together as a nation,we will weather any hardship that comes our way.


Anonymous said...

The most relatable character to me is Mohammed Nazri, the band member of St Patrick's school. I was a trumpet players back then, plus my sis participated in the NDP parade before so that was really like a refresh to my wonderful and proud moment of us then!

Ashley Hee said...

my most relatable character is Simon Francis, a Guard of Honour from the Singapore Armed Forces. although i'm from brunei, i still respect all these celebrations in singapore!

ashley hee

Amanda said...

I especially like Mohammed Nazri as I can really relate to him. I can feel the pinch in my heart when I know that the instruments were soaking wet! They're so expensive!!!

- Xoxo nn

Jasmine said...

My favourite character is Chia Wee Hoon as I can relate to her the most!

Anonymous said...

my favourite and most relatable character in the application is: (Ganesh Subramaniam )


wenlinq said...

my favourite and most relatable character in the application is: (Ganesh Subramaniam, Staff Sergeant)

email :

jasling said...

MY favourite/most relatable character in the application is: Chia wee hoon


pxdkitty said...

Thank you everyone for joining!

Here are the 3 winners:




You will be contacted via email for the collection of your prizes!

To everyone else, do not worry if you don't win this time!
There will be more awesome giveaways coming up! :D