Saturday, September 29, 2012

What's in my bag?

Hi everyone! :)

If you're following my twitter, you'll know that I'm currently on a pretend holiday with my family!
That means we're on a holiday in Singapore haha!

So I'm just going to do a random "What's in my bag blogpost" just for fun because I downloaded this Blogger app and I kinda want to see how this works out! :)

Although we're at the hotel for just 2 nights, I still have to bring a luggage along as I would if we'd gone overseas! :)

I currently have 2 bags, one faux reptile skin big bag as my luggage, and a smaller brown bag for me to bring around easily.

My faux reptile skin bag has:
- my hair tongs so that I can still style my hair; some random cheap brand
- a travel size bottle of hair serum because my hair needs lots of this!
- make up remover (with a stopper so it won't spill in my bag) because you should NEVER sleep with your make up on.. There was one holiday where I forgot to bring a remover and my face almost suicided lol
- cotton pads
- a 3 in 1 scrub+wash+mask garnier face wash for convenience cause I'm already bringing so much stuff
- contact lens solution
- contact lens
- pimple cream for pimple emergencies :(
- a comb (with lots of my hair stuck onto it hahaha ikr so gross)

And a pouch full of:
- a bottle of Clarins toner
- my usual cosmetics (almost all the same items as listed in my daily make up video)
- Intense Multi-Vitamins, Youth Spell and Midnight Miracle by Rachel K
- Hada Labo Hydrating Essence

- my camera
- camera and hand phone chargers
- two additional sets of clothes to change into
- a necklace that can match with practically any outfit
- a pair of shades just in case I'm too lazy to put on make up :x
- sleeping clothes (which I'm currently wearing)

And in my smaller brown bag:
- my studded pyramid wallet which I got it quite long ago from an online blogshop
- my hello kitty blinged mirror from Sephora
- Maybelline chapstick to prevent dry lips
- packet tissues cause I can't stand touching anything unclean in public T~T

Alright that's about it!

Hopefully this app works well, we'll see! :D

Will blog more about my "holiday" soon when I get home!

Miss you all, thanks for reading!!


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