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WRWT: Dempsey Hill Part 1

Someone actually asked me through a comment what I earn from apart from advertorials..
And I thought that maybe more of you would be curious.
So the truth is...nothing else! LOL
I don't earn much, I spend less, no branded bags or clothes, but I get by :)

Still in search of something I can excel in and support myself by doing,
but till then I'm pretty much unemployed and extremely idle!

So that's where today's post comes in!

Because I am so hopelessly idle at home all the time,
instead of sleeping my days away hoping for some miracle job I will love (and pays well) to fall into my path,
I'm going to blog a series of posts called Where Rachell Went Today (WRWT),
which is sort of like #ootd or #wiwt.
I'm going to be exploring around places in Singapore which I think would be of interest to most of you -
be it for special dates, pigging out with your friends, shopping trips or whatever :)

I've always seen people complain about how small Singapore is and how boring it is,
or how they wish they could go on a quick getaway to somewhere pretty and relaxing.
But to me, I feel like people today don't take the time to appreciate the places around Singapore enough!
There are still so many places in Singapore to explore, so many things to see.
Sure, we don't have snow or breath-taking mountainous landscapes and all,
but surely those aren't the only things that make a country worth visiting? :)

I actually made a series of videos with my boyfriend before called Tiny Flag where we would explore some parts of Singapore
but sadly, we made only a few episodes and then he enlisted into the army :(
So now, I will continue on this quest (hahaha quest hahaha sometimes I'm quite nerdy ikr) alone - with company or without company!

So here is WRWT: Dempsey Hill Part 1!
How to get to Dempsey Hill:

There will be more posts with the other parts of Dempsey Hill I explored in a span of 2 days :)
Definitely not exhaustive though, because my $$$ also got limit one HAHAH!

I went to Jones the Grocer the other day with my mum and my younger brother!
Jones the Grocer is an Australian origin food emporium where you can dine at, buy atas-looking coffee/ fancy cheese / luxury sweets you don't usually find elsewhere and many more!

Taken from their website, Jones the Grocer
focuses on providing natural ingredients produced by specialist, artisan suppliers and showcases these through the innovative in store cafe menu which you can enjoy in the casual atmosphere of our contempory designed cafes.

For some reason,
many people around me (and myself as well) are very intrigued by places in Singapore that "do not look like Singapore",
which sounds a little funny after awhile because if that place is located in Singapore, then how does it not look Singapore..? :/

But logic aside, Jones the Grocer (or Dempsey Hill in general) is definitely such a place haha!

I'm guessing it's probably the super high ceilings (which we really don't see often in Singapore), or the super attractively packaged goodies sold, or the extremely western vibe exuded by the interior design of the place etc!

My younger brother,
who's always keen in cooking
and constantly whipping up awesome dishes for the family and making us happy and fat
(if you follow my Instagram @pxdkitty you'd know!),
definitely knew how to appreciate the selection of items sold at Jones the Grocer than I did! :p

We've all heard of walk-in wardrobes..
But this is something you won't hear of or see very often!
A walk-in cheese room!!! :O
I'm guessing just like how I'd jaw-drop at someone's walk-in wardrobes, 
hardcore chefs would probably react the same when they walk into this!
*trying to imagine Gordon Ramsay fanning himself in excitement at the walk-in cheese room*.... okay maybe not :/

Some lavish sounding breads! *.*

Not something most of us are used to, or maybe it's just me!
The only types of bread I'm familiar with are Ya Kun Kaya Toast, soft white kopitiam bread, pork floss bun, hap bao (is this counted as a bread?), roti prata..
you get my drift.

Hahah maybe that's why this is one of those places in Singapore that doesn't look like Singapore!

I'm no professional photographer
but if you are one, this place sure has tons of pretty visuals for you to capture!

After checking out all their exotic ingredients,
we decided to grab a bite there because the cakes displayed were so tempting! :)

If you're not hungry, you can actually just check out the place and not buy anything I guess!
But the staff were nice and let me take all the pictures I want, so the least I can do for them is to buy their food haha!
If it were some stingy shop owners who go up to me and tell me "sorry no photography" instead,
I'd be like *flips hair* and walk out right away lol!

My brother took this shot for me and told me to look tenderly at the cakes like those models do in magazines or whatever....
Just like my previous Genting post where I was suppose to smell the flowers but looked like I was STARING at them,
I ended up looking like I was COMMUNICATING with the cupcakes O.O

Red Velvet Cupcake: Pick me pick me! I'm delicious!
Me: Really meh? You're just saying that so that I will pick you, don't bluff me okay I'm not stupid.

But eventually, I succumbed to temptation and ordered a Red Velvet Cupcake, a Chocolate Cupcake and a Carrot cake,
and a cup of coffee/latte each for my brother and mum!
(I'm not a coffee person. I prefer milo or hot chocolate lol so weak!)

We were planning to have dinner after this so we really didn't want to order too much,
but all the cakes looked SO APPEALING it was a tough decision!
So I picked all 3 of my favourite flavours to save myself from the dilemma haha!

Can't believe I'm halfway through the post and no camwhore shots yet!!
Alright here's two!
Enjoy my big face :D

There's actually WAY more where that came from because I'd go on spam camwhore mode the moment I'm seated and given nice lighting,
but I decided to cut the number of pictures down to the very minimum just in case you guys get too sick of it hahah

One MAJOR plus point of Jones the Grocer for me is its unbelievably amazing lighting that makes your skin look FLAWLESS.
Even better than the camera 360 or more beaute 2 app on the iPhone!
No awkward shadows/light that falls onto your face, no oily-looking skin etc!
Plus nobody there bothers to judge even if you're excessively camwhoring because everyone there was matured enough to be doing their own things minding their own business, I LOVE IT!

So if you love camwhoring at pretty places,
go to Jones the Grocer
you will die without regrets, not joking hahaha!

My beautiful and super cool mummy and my lil brother :)
One thing in life I can never be thankful enough for is that I'm extremely blessed with a tight-knit family which is awesome
because my family members are also my best friends!

This is how I usually spend my time:
30% Me-Time!!!
30% with Family
30% with Boyfriend
10% with friendssss

I admit I'm quite a horrible friend, sorry!
Hahah okay I'm honestly not that sorry about it :X

And here are our cupcakes!

As much as I'd love to lie to myself that my homemade cupcakes are the best-tasting in the world,
they paled in comparison greatly the moment I took a bite from the ones at Jones the Grocer.
And can you believe each cupcake was only about $4?
With such a relaxing and amazing ambiance,
I'd be totally understanding if they were to overprice their delicious (plus cute-looking) cupcakes!

But to the management at Jones the Grocer,
if you ever chance upon this post,
please don't raise the price of the cupcakes okay they're perfect as they are now hahaha!!!

The cupcake had an delightful chocolate fragrance, not too sweet
and perfectly complemented by their smooth chocolate buttercream!

But what left the deepest impressive was their Red Velvet Cupcake!

I've tried red velvet cakes/cupcakes from many places before
and I usually order it because of its attractive and stunning colours, for camwhoring with it or taking pictures of it alone.
And I've even tried baking red velvet cupcakes because the all the others I've tasted before doesn't have a distinctive flavour (like chocolate / coffee / caramel etc).
It honestly it just felt like vanilla cake with tons of red colouring to me,
their cream cheese frosting weren't amazing either
and I didn't really understand the hype about red velvet cakes in general.

Until I tasted the Red Velvet Cupcake from Jones the Grocer!
This is simply the MOST AMAZING red velvet cupcake I've EVER had.
It's crazy!
I've never had a red velvet cake which I wanted MORE of.
Their cupcake was sweet, super moist, velvety and sort of melts in your mouth!
And their cream cheese buttercream was soooo good!
I've always been apprehensive about eating/making buttercream for my cupcakes because the rest I've tried are always too oily or jelat.
But this was LIGHT, fluffy and not too sweet!!
The only other time I ate buttercream that was light and wasn't nausea-inducing was in Japan (where everything tasted amazing idk why)!

That's it.
Now everytime I crave for a red velvet cupcake,
I'll have to go all the way to Dempsey Hill cause nowhere else's would be good enough lol!

Their carrot cake was the most pricey ($8.50?) among all the 3 we ordered.
It was nice but wasn't as good as the two cupcakes above!
I found it a little too dense for my liking,
but I guess that just means that they're really generous with their ingredients isn't it! :)

I really hope you like looking at people (I mean me) eat/drink stuff because there are a few of these coming up :X

I honestly am not sure what this was.. probably just regular coffee in a pretty looking cup! :)

Everything with coffee in it just tastes like coffee to me,
I can't tell the difference in taste between espressos or lattes or kopi o - all equally bitter.
Just like how much I loathe everything alcohol and alcohol-related *shudder*

LOL I'm just young at heart and can't get over milo and hot chocolate okay!

I think this was my brother's Latte? :/
I love latte art!
Super cool and I hope to try learning it one day!
But there's just one problem...
I'll need a volunteer/volunteers to drink all the coffee for me cause I can't stand the taste of it hahah!

Can I do like hot chocolate art instead? :)

I don't drink coffee but that doesn't mean I can't PRETEND to drink it for pictures! :p

"Hurry take the picture! The coffee is touching my lips omg damn bitter dskfdsjfdfslk"

Oh but I do love cakes and all things sweet and I don't have to pretend to eat them! :D

And that's it for WRWT: Dempsey Hill Part 1!
There will be more parts coming up so do look out for it :)

Fingers crossed that you guys will like these posts!

Here's Jones the Grocer's website if you're keen to check them out:

Thank you for reading, love you all! :)

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