Tuesday, September 25, 2012

WRWT: Dempsey Hill Part 2

Hello again! :)

Have you guys already read WRWT: Dempsey Hill Part 1?
If not, please click here to read it!

So here is WRWT: Dempsey Hill Part 2, where my family and I went for dinner at Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant at Dempsey Hill!

How to get to Dempsey Hill:

We chose Japanese cuisine because we wanted something healthier
and we're always under this impression that everything Japanese is definitely better and healthier because Japanese are always so skinny and gorgeous! :p

But the prices at Rakuichi isn't as pocket friendly to most of us
and I wouldn't recommend going there unless it's for a special occasion, anniversary, birthday treat etc!
Coincidentally, my brother's birthday was around the corner so we took that as an excuse to splurge on good food! :)

And as expected of a  Japanese restaurant,
their food are of high quality, very fresh and thus worth the price.

We ordered the Mini Course, which included 6 dishes:
an appetiser, raw fish of the day, grilled skewer of the day, oyster with mushrooms, fish head miso soup served in a hotpot and sesame ice cream!

We also ordered Wagyu Beef on a hot plate set, mixed Sashimi platter and a Rainbow sushi roll!

A good tip when ordering food at Rakuichi would be to go for their set courses or promotions, which are more pocket-friendly.
With the set, you'll get to try more variety of dishes, and that really appeals to me! :)
If you were to order the ala carte dishes alone, your wallet would probably feel the pinch too :x
But not to worry, the taste and quality of the dishes in the set meals are as good as the ala carte ones!

The fresh seafood displayed in front of the counter seats!
I'm in love with their fresh sashimi!
It's so sweet and fragrant, there's not even a need for soy sauce at all!

Their Wagyu Beef on a hot plate (pic in collage above) was heavenly too.
As much as we didn't really want to order any meat initially, I'm super glad that we did!
The beef came medium rare and it literally MELTED in our mouths!
The meat itself was super yummy even without the gravy!
Beef lovers, it's a MUST to pick that set if you're going to Rakuichi! :)

Sudden big pictures of myself! :p

My lil brother trying to wink like me hahaha so cute!! ;)

We also ordered this mix sashimi platter to share!
Super fresh and feels really healthy too - immensely satisfying :D

Look at how fresh their raw fish looks!
It's almost as if they're glowing!

I've once read online that fresh sashimi (like salmon) will still have the white lines on them
and if there are no white lines on the fish, it means that it's not as fresh.
Not sure how true that is, but so far all those with white lines taste better to me! :)

These are the not so healthy sushi that came with the set :p
But omg, they taste heavenly!

I love that torched mayonnaise sauce they topped each of the sushi with!
Everytime a Japanese restaurant sells this sushi, I'll definitely have to order it.
I don't know what the exact name of this mayonnaise sauce is, but it tastes exceptionally good with scallops and salmon belly!

And for me, I'll always eat the rice first (because it already has the nice aroma of the torched sauce), and then gobble up the fish with the sauce later! :D
It's like doubling the yummy taste!

Can't remember what this dish is called... probably a Rainbow Sushi Roll? :)
We ordered this only because people around us ordered it too :p
*point at other people's table* I'd like to have what they're having too
And it was our first time at Rakuichi so we assumed people who were dining there would know better which are their better dishes!

True enough, this plate of sushi roll was delicious!
The contrasting textures of the smooth raw fish, crunchy soft shell crab, chewy fragrant rice,
and also the abundance of fish roe that provides an extra burst of flavour in each bite.. Too good!

What do you do when a beautiful platter of sashimi is in front of you?

Our total bill came to about $200 for the 4 of us, approximately $50 per person
And for OCBC Credit card users, there is a 10% discount!

Quite a reasonable price for such good quality food and such a relaxing and classy ambiance!

We may have ordered too much though.. because I was BLOATED after finishing all the food haha!

So if you're a fan of Japanese cuisine and have an important date you'd like to celebrate,
do give Rakuichi at Dempsey Hill a try! :)

I'd recommend going in bigger groups (3 or more) so that you can share and try more varieties of food
cause that will make the experience so much better!

Rakuichi Japanese Restaurant
10 Dempsey Road
#01-22 Tanglin Village (Dempsey Road)
Tel: +65 6474 2143

WRWT: Dempsey Hill Part 3 will be a place that most of us (girls especially) will like heheh!
Do wait for it! :)

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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Michhysaurous said...

Hey Rachell,

I think the "mayo" you meant on the sushi is mentaiko sauce ! I love that sauce on all my sushi too!!! ^o^