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7-Eleven - It's A Store And More

Have you guys ever wondered why 7-Eleven is called 7-Eleven?

I actually went to google about their history and this is what I found:

Did you know that loooong before you and I were born, 7-Eleven was initially called "Tot'em Stores"?
And then its name was later changed in 1946 to "7-Eleven" to reflect their hours of operation from 7 am to 11 pm.

And then in 1963, one 7-Eleven store in Austin, Texas, located close to the University of Texas, stayed so busy after a football game, it couldn’t close.
The store just remained open. That night was so successful; the store began staying open 24 hours every weekend.
Soon other 7-Eleven stores followed suit, staying open around the clock.

And tadah, over time, it became the 24 hours 7-Eleven we know of today! :D

7-Eleven is truly a store and more!

With their extensive network of more than 550 stores all over the island, it's so easy to find a 7-Eleven store near your home, school, workplace or even at places of leisure to meet your need for convenience!

The best part about 7-Eleven is that it isn't just limited to meals on-the-go, drinks or snacks,
but also other essential services such as EZ-Link top-ups, paying of bills, CashCard top ups and many more! :)

We often take these services for granted... until our bill payments are due tomorrow (or face a penalty) and we forgot all about it and only remember it at 3am O.O
In situations like this, seriously THANK GOD FOR 7-ELEVEN!
Plus you can grab a little treat while you're paying for your bills too haha!

It's no wonder 7-Eleven is now also the leading convenience store retailer :)

One full cup of Craze Hottis coming up!!
I think most kids LOVE this snack from 7-Eleven cause I used to be super obsessed over it :p

Another feature about 7-Eleven which I really love is how each 7-Eleven branch provides the same efficiency and convenience, but each branch is also uniquely localised!

Localisation (I learnt about this in a Geography module in NUS lol!!!) is the process of adapting a product, brand or service to suit a specific country or region.

And in 7-Eleven's case, while their branches in the neighbourhood areas (which we are all too familiar with)
will mainly sell items such as wholesome meals on-the-go for hungry students with hectic schedules, sanitary napkins (saved my life so bloody many times... see what I did there? LOL), adorable candies for the little children etc,

7-Eleven also has some really special branches at areas such as the one at Palawan beach at Sentosa (selling items from kites to volley balls to tanning lotion) to suit to the needs of the beach-loving crowd! :)

And for today's post, I visited that particular 7-Eleven because I went to Sentosa with my family!
(sorry again for no pictures of my family because they're camera-shy, but I will post more pictures of myself to make up for it HAHAHA)

This is by far the prettiest convenience store I've ever been to!!
Even those I've been to overseas can't compare :p


When I was a really tiny kid (probably 8 years-old), my parents used to bring my cousins, my siblings and I to the beach (it was Palawan beach as well) and we'd spend the night there sleeping in tents!
And my favourite memory would be staying up till 11pm (considered quite late for a kid back then)
and then asking my mummy for some coins and excitedly running to 7-Eleven (cause it was so near the beach!) to buy the instant mashed potato :D
It's one of my fondest memories ever from my childhood and I'm super glad that even till now, the instant mashed potato still maintains that super yummy taste I remember from when I was a kid!

Every time I buy 7-Eleven's mashed potato, I get the same nostalgic taste and it makes me really happy! :D
And it's like by some sort of magic that the powder plus water alone can produce such a good standard of mashed potato!!
I'm still amazed by how that works hahaha

And remember when I said above that this 7-Eleven branch is specially catered to the beach-loving crowd? :)
Check out all their sunblocks, tanning lotions, barbeque necessities, frisbees, water guns, surf boards and more!
With all these awesome items sold at 7-Eleven, you'll never be bored at the beach again haha!

They even have birthday candles, disposable plates and bowls etc
for those who are intending to celebrate their birthdays at Sentosa! :D

Staying over and forgot to bring your own face wash/ make up remover/ conditioner etc?
No worries, you won't have to compromise on your personal hygiene or skin care regime!
Here's a corner full of your favourite brands in travel pack sizes so you don't have to waste money buying the full sized products!
How convenient!!! :D

Check out the spider man toothpaste on the top left hahah!
So cute please I bet it's to convince little boys to brush their teeth :D

Staying over and haven't got any tent?
With 7-Eleven around, you'll have nothing to fear hahah!

Heheh look at this pair of cute pink touristy floral beach shorts!

Feeling hungry?
No problem!
From instant noodles to nasi lemak to chocolate chip cookies to 7-Eleven's house brand of snacks to chicken puffs,
you'll definitely be spoilt for choice! :p

And I bought 2 boxes of this because it was on offer at $7.50 for 2 packets! Yay!!
It tastes like cookies with NUTELLA filling, omg it's soooo good!

Adorable cereal packaging!
I also love the counter made of bricks!!! So pretty! :D

I was also really attracted to this magazine corner cause it looked so inviting!!!
So many magazines, where do I begin hahah!

Looks like something caught my eye... :D

It's my favourite 2NE1 on teenage magazine's cover!!!

Mummy ordered a cappuccino and made me try it,
and guess what!
I really liked it cause I thought it tasted a bit chocolatey and yummy although I usually don't drink coffee at all! :D

But of course, I chose to get the Slurpee for myself in the end! :p
Cause you know... WHO WON'T LIKE SLURPEE??
It's cold, it's sweet, it's nice to chew the little bits of ice, and it's the perfect drink for a day at the beach!

Mixing the two flavours hahah!
I like to make thin alternate layers of each flavour (think kueh lapis) cause it makes me feel like I get to drink both flavours equally at a time! :p

Secretly took a sip before paying heheh oops :x

And before we paid for all our items,
mummy and I got distracted by this random magic candle thingy!
I like to look for novelty items at 7-Eleven cause it's always really fun to play with and I'll end up buying it hahah!

Check this out!
It has no flame, no real fire, no smoke
and all you have to do is to blow to light the candle and blow it to extinguish it again!!!!
And when you leave it alone, it FLICKERS like a normal candle would!!

And it's only $1.90 hahah it's going to be so fun to disturb people with it!
We bought 3 of this in the end :D

Paying for our stuff! :)

Our total bill came up to about $16! :D
So much fun and yummy stuff at such an affordable price, definitely worth it! :)

Oh and for all the smart shoppers out there, this is one thing you cannot miss!
As much as the prices of 7-Eleven's items being very reasonable already, there's always no harm in saving a few more dollars with your purchases! :p
And I'm talking about the 7-Eleven App which can keep all of us updated on their latest promotions!! :)

Just search for the 7-Eleven@SG app on your app store and you can download it for free!

Here are some of the current promotions which I saw from my 7-Eleven App!

And this reminds me... I'm obsessed with 7-Eleven's Crab & Cheese Pizza Bar!!!!
The pizza base is so chewy and it the cheese oozes out perfectly, with a subtle hint of sweetness from the crab meat!!

I actually blogged this post to share with you guys about one of my favourite 7-Eleven branches and their app because I think it's really worth mentioning,
and I'm also submitting this blogpost for the 7-Eleven Leading Brands Blogger Contest! :)

Currently keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that I can win! *ahhh toe cramps*

If I were to win the top cash prize in this contest, I'd LOVE to go to Kaoh Siung, Taiwan!

I've actually been there before June last year with my boyfriend and my family (blogged about it here),
but it gave me one of the BEST holiday experiences ever and I really miss that place like maaaaad and am dying to go back there again!

It was such a laid back place, super stress free, nobody honks at you while you're crossing the road slowly and the people were passionate and friendly!

There's actually not as much to shop or to sightsee at Kaoh Siung compared to the other states of Taiwan, but I think that was what contributed to the whole relaxing experience.
There's no need to rush to a new location to sight see, or no pressure to buy as much of their apparels on sale as possible (because there's not as much shopping to do anyway hehe),
we got to take a cooling stroll by their streets at night and be awoken by their warm but gentle sun's rays.. ahhh~ :D

From what I remember, we spent most of our time last year in the hotel eating! :p
But we didn't order expensive food from the hotel's restaurants or in-room dining..
Our food was actually from...... 7-Eleven!!!!
Yes yes, we flew all the way to Taiwan to look for 7-Eleven as well :p

The 7-Elevens in Taiwan are as amazing as the ones in Singapore!
They sold hot lattes, rice balls, bento sets, awesome canned milk tea, tea eggs etc,
and if you read my previous blogpost on Taiwan,
their 7-eleven also sells super cute stuff like small Doraemon shaped cakes and HELLO KITTY masks too!!!! :D

(it was super difficult to get this in Singapore when the Hello Kitty masks first came out so luckily their 7-Eleven stores had these!)

I don't know if other visitors to Kaoh Siung felt the same way, but to my family,
7-Eleven was literally an ATTRACTION to us in Kaoh Siung! :)
It's a familiar brand name we could trust, and yet they sell food and other products that are catered to their locals,
which made it really exciting for us everytime we stepped into a 7-Eleven hahaha!
We'd sweep through the shelves for a new flavour of rice ball which we didn't see in the previous branch,
we'd get amused by every single new Sanrio character related product that was exclusive to that branch,
my mum and dad loved buying their coffee,
and we never failed to spend AT LEAST SGD30 PER 7-ELEVEN STORE we walked into hahah!
That kinda explains how we "spent most of our time in the hotel eating" :p 

I also chanced upon this post written by a lecturer who went to Taiwan and said that
"The 7-Elevens in Taiwan Are a Necessity - Not a Convenience"
and I totally agree with him hahah!

(A picture of 7-Eleven in Taiwan, using my camera's fish eye effect)

All in all,
I really hope that I can win the 7-Eleven Leading Brands Blogger Contest and go to Kaoh Siung, Taiwan, for a super relaxing getaway with my loved ones!
They've been working hard and I would love to be able to treat them to a holiday hehe! :)

Don't forget to check out the 7-Eleven at Palawan Beach especially by the way, cause it's sooo pretty!
Pleasing to the eyes, caters to your needs conveniently plus at amazing prices,
7-Eleven definitely lives up to its slogan of "It's a store and more"! :)

Will blog about my day at the beach in my later posts!
Thank you for reading, love you all!

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