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Denim Diapers

I'm so loving this off shoulder top from CoutureLane!
It's literally perfect and super flattering too!! :)
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My fashion inspiration for this blogpost........ Baby's diapers?

Hahaha yes, I'm being totally serious!

Read on to find out :D

But first, enjoy some pictures of these puffy looking babies' bottoms lol!

I think (okay fine, I know...) I'm a denim shorts kind of person
and lying in my cupboard now I have about 36 pairs of DENIM shorts (not inclusive of crochet shorts, cotton shorts, leather shorts etc)

sorry my cupboard is damn messy :X

And I am extremely particular about buying shorts that have flattering cuttings because my legs aren't perfect like that of a model's :(

If you have perfectly slender legs, good for you because whatever crap you wear will look fantastic on you. (I hate you!!! hahah jk!)
But I'm not one of those blessed with slim legs that go on forever..

On the contrary, my thighs are quite big in proportion to my calves (because I used to have a lot of thigh muscles during sec school and in JC when I trained, but they have now turned into jiggly fats unfortunately cause I'm so lazy now),
and to make things worse, my legs aren't very long cause of my meh height.. T~T

So although technically I'm a UK6, or S size, I can't get small shorts because my thighs are too big to fit those,
and I can't get the shorts too large because I HAVE NO ASS to hold the shorts up.
Wtf kind of body proportion is this right?
I wish gravity could be reversed and my thigh fats would move up to my butt!!!
Yes please I want a perky butt!!!

But having said that, I think it's only normal that we have flaws (like having thunder thighs or lacking in the ass department) because nobody is born perfect!
We're all in this together *sings*
So anyway, for you girls who always can't seem to find perfect pairs of shorts for yourselves,
I found a solution to this headache for myself, and it may be the solution for you as well! :)


I'm not too sure if there's a name for this style of wearing shorts, but I'm going to call it Denim Diapers in this post!

I'm calling it denim diapers because the resulting shape/silhouette from the shorts when worn looks just like a baby's diaper!
It's tightly banded at the waist, puffy and airy at the butt area, and has cuffs at each thigh opening!

Really looks like an adult diaper made of denim, doesn't it? :p

The denim diaper shorts are the perfect solutions to my problem of not being able to find the nice fitting shorts!
Because with the belt, I can always adjust the measurement at the waist,
with the puffy butt area I can have a (fake) shapely and more curvy butt,
and with the loose thigh opening, my thighs look waaaaay smaller, as I had mentioned IN THIS VIDEO some time back! :D

Okay, DIY time!

Check out this pile of old jeans my sister and my boyfriend gave to me!
Okay, they didn't actually give to me. I asked them for it..
Cause while clearing out old clothes from their cupboards, they were about to THROW THEM AWAY!!!!!!
And the cheapskate in me was like,
"No! No! No! Like as if I'm going to let you throw those perfectly good jeans away! Never!!!!!!!!"

And thanks to being stingy thrifty, I have SO MANY new diaper denim shorts to wear (cost = $0 hahah),
and because I have too many of them, I'm giving some away at the end of this post!

It only takes ONE STEP, plus some magic ~*+*~*+*~ to get these denim diaper shorts :)

First, you need to grab a pair of oversized jeans for yourself (preferably your boyfriend's / father's / brother's / male friend's old jeans)

Second, make a rough marking and cut them slightly longer than you would want your "new" high waist / mid waist / drop waist shorts to be (you need some allowance for cuffing the shorts later on)

And you cut it!

Now fold it into half and cut the other side as well so it's of equal length

Looks extremely unimpressive and as if it has a terrible cutting right now, I know..

Which is why you'll need the help of a belt!!!
(you'll learn to appreciate it once you get addicted to wearing denim diapers lol)
My belt is actually a men's leather belt and I got it 3 years ago from a random shop and got them to shorten it for me (they will do this for free if they're nice!)! :)
A belt like this shouldn't cost you more than $20 I think!

And with this miracle accessory plus simple folding up of the hem of the shorts,
here is the previously unappealing shorts you saw above!

And it's free and easy to make!
PLUS, NO NEED TO SHRED IT like a mad bitch

Here are some ways you can pair the denim diaper shorts with your clothes! :)

You can choose to leave your own denim diaper shorts in its original colour,
or even bleach, dye and stud it (click here for the DIY dyed shorts tutorial)!

It's entirely up to you, so get creative!

Let's breathe life into garbage and save the world!!!!!
LOL just kidding, I'm just trying to save my wallet :p

Have fun with your denim diapers, big babies!!! :)

Giveaway time!

I'm giving away 3 pairs of Denim Diaper shorts in 3 different shades!

Unlike my previous giveaways where the shorts are about UK6 to UK8,
these shorts are oversized so it should fit everyone!! :D

How to win?

1. Follow me on Twitter @rachelltan_ 
2. Tweet that you want to win a pair of shorts
3. Include these 2 words in your tweet:
4. You can tweet more than once to increase your chances of winning
5. Your account must NOT be private, otherwise I won't be able to see it

Sample tweet:

*Winner will not be able to choose the shade of the shorts they win, it will be random :)

Giveaway will end on 16th October 2012, 11:59PM, and the 3 winners (chosen at random) will be announced in this blogpost!



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Please email me at with your mailing details and your items will be mailed out by this week! :)
Thank you!

For everyone else who joined but didn't win, don't worry! There will be more giveaways to come hehe! Love you all!!


Good luck!

Thank you for reading, love you all!

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