Friday, October 5, 2012

DIY Aztec Glasses

I'm so obsessed with the armour studded denim shorts and Leopard headband from ItsGreenPea! :)
Amazing quality and tons of exciting designs!
You'll definitely turn heads wherever you go with apparels from
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Blogging with my blogger app using my iPhone again! :D
The app is a little hard to use, and it's definitely not as convenient or efficient as using a computer,
but once you get the hang of it, it's actually quite okay I guess :)

My body clock is so screwed, I'm always super lethargic and super sleepy at the wrong times..
And last night was one of the nights where I totally couldn't get to sleep, and so I started doing random things.

Like grabbing some markers (those with metal casings and when you shake them there's a ball inside... you know? :S) I found to doodle on one of my fake specs!
I have several of these cause I buy them for no reason hahah

And it's inspired by those Aztec glasses I've seen online! :D

The designs I drew were totally random and doesn't have to follow any particular order
I think the randomness of the pattern is where the true beauty of it lies,
which means it's awesome for all of us DIY-ers cause we can just draw whatever we like, yay!!!

Half-way done!

And here's the final product!

I personally think it's not bad hahah
Looks really cheery and all!

So if you've got any glasses (with ugly or no prints on it) you'd like to pimp up, I think doing it this would be a good way to not waste it! :D

Made me feel a lot younger wearing such bright colours around my eyes too! :p

I also tried doing floral nails, from BubzBeauty's Easy Vintage Floral Nails tutorial :)
Managed to paint my left hand within 20 minutes lol really super easy and no professional nail tools required!

The floral nails matched really well with my floral bustier top from which I wore today too! :D

And that's it for the short post for today cause I'm using the app to blog! :)
Thank you for reading, love you all! :D

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